Vidjagame Apocalypse 54 – Basic Cable


In case the title didn’t give it away, this week we honor the arrival of South Park: The Stick of Truth with a Top 5 about other games based on basic-cable TV shows, and somehow manage to mess even that up by including a network show! Can you imagine? Also, Anne busts out another “guess the game by its Steam reviews” game, and we give a listen to some of your favorite victory sounds.

Question of the Week

If you could make any TV show into a game, what would it be?



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39 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 54 – Basic Cable

  1. I would like to turn Community into a game. It’ll play like The Simpsons game where it’s a giant metafest full of Video Game references only a little more subtler than The Simpsons. It’ll mostly just revolve around paintball and/or The Floor is Lava.

  2. Magnum PI. Make it a GTA style Game with missions and stories, Higgins can help, has access to TC Chopper and The King Kamehmeha Club!

  3. I would make a PROPER Spartacus: Blood and Sand game, (Not that free to play piece of shit.) which could mainly focus around managing a Lanista’s house of Gladiators, putting you in charge of selecting which kind of Gladiators you want to focus and train more to become your main stars, which you use for fodder, and which you flat out send to the pit to die and make a quick buck from it.

    Of course, that’d be only an aspect to it, the main meat of the game would be to be able to play in the shoes of most of these gladiators, with a combat style similar to that of Dark Souls, which is based around properly reading and evading/parrying your opponent’s movements before striking, and you fighting style and weapon of choice would be informed by your title and race.

    Keep surviving battles and pleasing the crowd with your gladiators, (By doing something similar to what Shadow of Rome did: rile the crowd up by doing spectacular, gory kills, and then throwing chopped limbs from your victims at them, for example.) and you get more money, influence, and slaves willing to go in bed you. (No doubt to be implemented with an awkward sex minigame.) And eventually, maybe enough clout to start your fight for Independence and kill the Lanista that raised you, and thus finishing the game.

  4. Venture Bros. 4 player beat-em-up ala Castle Crashers or Scott Pilgrim. Pixel graphics would be an absolute plus.

  5. Batman – the 60s Adam West show. Half sidescrolling beat ’em up, half point and click adventure (complete with ridiculous non-sensical puzzle solutions.) Bright colours and wacky characters would make for a really fun game.

    Seriously, this has “7/10, but fans of the show will love it” written all over it.

  6. QOTW: Clerks the Animated Series, it could be done in an oldskool format like Willy Beamish or the Dragon Slayer arcade game. Playable characters could be Dante & Randal, and Jay and Silent Bob could be unlock-able or expansions. Bosses would include: That Big Bee by the dumpster, The Discreeto Burrito, Plug, and I suppose Leonardo Leonardo would have to be the final boss. There could be hidden Easter Eggs like Jay singing “Fuck Fuck, Mother Mother Fuck Fuck, Mother Fuck, Mother Fuck, Noich Noich Noich….” and so on.

  7. Holy Crap… In all the podcasts I listen to, whenever a musical segment occurs I like to image the hosts are doing a little dance for a minute…


  8. QOTW: Honestly, I feel like Hannibal would make for a great game. You could play both Will Graham and the serial killers he empathizes with, as well as Hannibal himself. As Will, you’d be playing an investigation game similar to L.A. Noire or Heavy Rain, and while you’re investigating you also take over the role of that killer which leads to heavier action. The Hannibal portions would deal with stealth kills like Hitman as Hannibal feeds his psychotic needs while maintaining his public identity as an upstanding citizen.

  9. Okay, that punchline for this week’s Racoon segment was simultaneously retarded and POSSUM at the same time, I couldn’t stop laughing XD

    Also, yay for the return of the steam reviews quiz! I didn’t praise it enough the first time around, but that was super fun and entertaining! definitely hope it becomes a semi-constant feature ^^

  10. I would like a game based off of Archer as a 2D action/adventure sidescroller using the same voice cast and animation style of the show, in the same way that South Park The Stick of Truth was able to emulate the look and feel of an episode of South Park. You could switch off between different characters from the show and have them go off on missions that are tailored to their character traits. It has to have “Saints Row” levels of crazy, over-the-top ridiculousness.

  11. QOTW: Red Deadwood Redemption sandbox with sheriff detective work and thuggish beat downs, complete with an upgradeable profanity meter.

  12. QOTW: Lost – A randomly generated point ‘n’ click adventure that never ends.

    Alternately, a broken, buggy QTE game based on that old canadian spiderman tv show. Watch out for door handles!

  13. QOTW – The A-Team game. GTA clone except that every car wreck, no matter how big or explosive, has the bad guys crawl out of the wreckage holding their heads in implied defeat. The shooting mechanics would have all shots miss not matter how close you are and cause bad guys to run away. If you are being shot at, the game would force you into cover. Most missions would involve some kind of crafting to create a new weapons or vehicles using what ever is nearby including bulletproof sheet metal. You can swap characters including Triple A or Carlos (yes, I know my shit when it comes to the A-Team). And Random encounters with Col. Decker. “Smith! This is Col Decker! You are surrounded”. Then a car chase insues. I love it when a game comes together.

  14. I would love a Highlander game based off the tv show that was on in the 90s, man I loved that tv show!!! Maybe have it in present day and have a flashback missions. The gameplay could be a mix between assassins creed and have some RPG elements like mass effect. I really need this because I remember reading about a Highlander game in game informer, but the later finding out it is canceled. So this would make my day!

  15. QOTW: The Adventures of Pete & Pete would make a great old school RPG. You control both brothers individually through their respective story arcs, and also have both in your party when their stories cross. Their friends would join as guest party members, and you would battle classic villains like Endless Mike, Pit Stain, and Papercut. And let’s not forget the ability to summon Artie, the Strongest Man in the World.

  16. If I had to choose a T.V. Show to make into a game, it would be Roseanne. I would want it to be created by Telltale and that is pretty much all I have to go on, but I know that it would be an amazing game for fans of Roseanne. My second choice would be American Dad, because it is sweeeeet… And my final choice ( even though it is already a game) would be an open world Pokemon game for the home consoles, preferably XBox 360 or PS3. I love all of the 3ds Pokemon games, but I think that a whole hell of a lot more can be done with this show as a game.

  17. Star Trek the Next Generation baby! I’m aware it’s been done before but it was so long ago no one remembers. I would like TellTale to make it.

  18. QOTW: I’d want a Breaking Bad game as mentioned, but with a karma meter that would just be one big gray bar in the corner of the screen.

  19. I would love to see a game based on the the most recent Battlestar Galactica series. It seems ripe for a Mass Effect style RPG. I was watching the series before playing ME2 for the first time and it was very clear how much that show had influenced the style of Mass Effect. So I would even be happy if the game was nothing more than a reskinned Mass Effect, I would totally play that

  20. I would have to say literally just the news. imagine going to a super fuckin dangerous place like Ukraine currently and just spinning it out of control and terrifying the idjuts in the south (no offense the south)

  21. QOTW: I would love to see Adult Swim Games put out a Superjail rougelike, as the show presents itself as a complete clusterfuck of violence, which I think makes it the perfect IP for such a game. The player would take control of Jacknife in his attempts to break free from Superjail. Baddies would be other inmates, while Jailbot, Alice, and those weird twin guys could make for some fun boss battles. Not sure how you could implement RPG elements, I guess different tattoos would grant the player abilities, and you can work your way up from a measly toothbrush shiv to a respectable spoon dagger. And if you manage to break free, Jailbot (all bosses would have to survive) immediately catches you, and brings you back for NG+ with the difficulty ramped up.

  22. I think a pretty decent Stargate game could be made in theory, it could be kind of roguelike in that every time you step through the titular ring you end up on a randomly generated world with a decent sized place to explore and potentially find alien technologies, or new civilisations to make contact with, or enemies to avoid while fleeing back through the gate. You’d have to play a generic SG team member to account for any permadeath sensibilities though.

  23. QOTW I would turn Firefly into a Mass-effect style planet hopping 3rd person shooter. Each member of the crew could be taken on the away missions and has a unique ability or talent ( River is a melee fighter supreme, Simon can heal, zoey and jayne are weapons experts etc). There would also be great minigames where you play stupid futuristic holo-billiards, fence with dandies, and choose the tightest pants possible for Mal.

  24. QOTW: “Supernatural” (based on the first couple of seasons) made by Naughty Dog where I hunt down or investigate monsters last of us style.
    A Invader Zim game like Destroy All Humans
    A game that has all my favorite cartoon network characters in an rpg like paper mario the thousand year door.

  25. QotW: Easy question!

    Gargoyles! An open world game where you glide around New York Batman-style, fighting robots, fairies, cyborgs, evil wizards, genetic monstrocities, mythical creatures, the Illuminati, etc.

    And of course, Keith Motherfucking David!

  26. QOTW: I’m surprised that no one has mentioned this one, so I’ll just say it: The Legend of Korra.
    Granted there have been Avatar: The Last Airbender games made in the past that just weren’t well received, but Korra can definitely work under the same veins as the Batman: Arkham games since Arkham City. She could use her bending to travel around the city during a time of crisis and help Lind Bei Fong to not only bring order to Republic City, but also help to solve other crimes/situations. If Nickelodeon would just allow this to happen and allow whichever developer that would do this to have all the time to make this a great experience, I would be all down for it. If we can get a bunch of games that legitimately makes us feel like Batman, Spider-man, and even a Ghostbuster, we can certainly get a game that can make us feel like the Avatar.

  27. Supernatural would be perfect for this.
    A GTA style crime solving game with monsters would be wonderful.

  28. QOTW: The X-files would make a perfect La Noire style open-world game. You could play as a random FBI that gets put on the X-files division after a few obligatory tutorial missions to introduce you to the gameplay mechanics. You would travel America investigating unexplained and potentially supernatural cases. The crime solving would work similarly to La Noire with gunplay being used only sparingly, as it is not done that often in the show. Scully and Mulder would make great bonus characters with an extra dialog choice during an interrogation. As Scully you would have the option of “stubborn skepticism” and as Mulder the option would be “I want to belive.”

  29. I’d really want a survival horror game Based off American Horror Story, preferably the Asylum season or the upcoming amusement park based one. Mainly because most of the times the cast sees something horrible they have to run away because there are no weapons.

  30. Dexter.

    No need for a plot tie-in, the mechanics of that show, alone, would make for a fun game. It’d be like L.A. Noir, only you get to brutally murder the criminal while evading the police, yourself.

    Investigate crime scenes, play “blood spatter” mini-games, mislead the police to the wrong person while vetting out the real murderer for your table. Lastly, get the murderer alone, tranquilize them, and them revel in your kill as you explain to them what they did (based on the evidence you gathered earlier).

    Careful, though, kill the wrong person and you will be in violation of “Harry’s Code”.

  31. Chris was very wrong when he said that Nolan North never disguises his voice in anything, how about David from The last of us, Romeo from Halo 3 ODST and The Penguin from Batman Arkham City and Arkham Origins. There’s no way you could know the he was The Penguin until you seen his name on the end credits.

  32. Tru Blood. Hot coffee style.


    Also legend of Korra, similar to Jade Empire, rpg with martial arts, dialogue trees and interesting party members in an interesting world.

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