Cape Crisis #82 – Entertained By DC


Henry is back in town with tales to share about visiting DC’s west coast office, plus catching up on a ton of comics news, what we’ve been reading, and much, much more…


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Cape Crisis #82 Question: What comic office (at any point in history) would you like to visit?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #82 – Entertained By DC

  1. Chris you forgot to put this entry in the Cape Crisis category, I can’t download it from my RSS feed.

  2. I LOVE YOU HEN-ROD!!!! YOU DA BOMB!!!!! Seriously, I really enjoy your insights and I have bought quite a few trade paper backs based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work!

  3. Animal Man is pretty much done as a solo series soon, so you probably won’t get him flying through space unless it’s in the JL. Also, feel free to skip Forever Evil, it’s pretty bad.

  4. Chris and Brett defended Man of Steel from Henrys reign of fanboy terror, no one sided hate biased rant.
    YAY! :3
    My day is made.

    1. I believe we’re the only two on Cape Crisis who enjoyed Man of Steel.

      It has been really odd to enjoy MOS so much (it was the best superhero movie last year) while everyone else feels completely different about it. Its just like 2012, where I preferred The Dark Knight Rises over The Avengers, even with its flaws.

      Speaking of Batman, I can’t wait to pick up Batman: Arkham Knight for the Xbox One. A massive open-world Batman game that takes place in Gotham with the Batmobile, with Kevin Conroy and Rocksteady returning. Sounds perfect.

    2. Make that the only three people who liked Man of Steel…..

      I get everyone’s complaints about it, but I still really enjoyed it. I feel like it’s the new whipping boy for nerds to complain about. It’s nowhere near as bad as people say it is.

      1. Make that four, and my coworkers and friends make that 7. I don’t feel like reiterating what others have said, so I’ll just say this- Man of Steel made me go and read some of Superman’s greatest stories, which do exist. Kingdom Come, Death and Return, The Last Son of Krypton and Birthright. All Star, Whatever Happaned to the Man of Tomorrows, Earth One, all of the New 52 issues and even some Supergirl and Wonder Woman, specifically the Gail Simone WW run.

        Convincing haters to change their opinions is as easy as convincing someone that the sky is yellow on a clear day, except in Houston, so convincing Henry that MoS wasn’t THAT bad is impossible.

    3. I won’t count myself among those who enjoyed Man of Steel, I do think it’s a bad movie with a lot of inconsistencies and stupid mistakes. However, even then, I don’t consider it to be awful or merit-less, and certainly not deserving of the vile and attitude Henry was giving it on this episode… Specially because from the start I’ve thought Henry hates it for the wrong reasons.

      Also, further proving how much of a fanboy he is… That he called “spinning the earth to reverse rime” not only acceptable, but CREATIVE use of his powers is flat out baffling. Using bullshit techniques that have no logical basis or sense isn’t creativity, it’s stupidity.

  5. Welp, hate to be “that guy”, but Animal Man is ending next month, so Brett’s not as caught up as he thinks he is.

    Also, the Batman story line is called “Zero Year”, NOT “Year Zero”.

    I’ve really enjoyed Forever Evil. The interaction between Batman and Luthor has been a lot of fun, and I enjoy seeing the different villains attempt to work together. Also, the Arkham War tie in, while dumb, has been pretty cool.

  6. I’d have loved to have been a fly-on-the-wall at Image comics (specifically Kirkman’s office) while either Invincible or The Walking Dead was first starting to take off, as They’re 2 of my favourite ongoing comic books. As an alternative answer, I think it would’ve been interesting to have witnessed Matt Fraction coming up with the concept for his Pizza Dog issue of Hawkeye.

  7. For Henry, I’m interested in reading Suicide Squad, what is a good starting off comic to read and go from there?

    1. Hey, so, I know I’m not Henerey, but I think I can answer this. The Ostrander run is considered the best SS series, and the only one I can personally talk about. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s been collected, so you’ll have to get it off Comixology or hunt for the issues. Although I haven’t read the New52 stuff I haven’t heard good things, so I’d stay away, but take that advice with a grain of salt.

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