Cape Crisis #83 – Funky Flash, Man


We’ve got a special four man cast this week, where we talk about corrections, omissions, Walking Dead malaise, Chris’ crime problems, very little about Man of Steel, and how good (or not) the TV version of Flash looks…


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Cape Crisis #83 Question: Read any good web comics lately?

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #83 – Funky Flash, Man

  1. The more I see the Flash costume the more I like it.
    Also, Arrow is awesome and gets better and better with every episode.
    Can’t recommend it enough.

    1. Yep, agree on both counts. Arrow started off a little lackluster in places but by the end of season one it had turned into a great show, and all of season two has been utterly amazing. If you guys truly consider yourselves “comic book fans” rather than “Marvel fanboys” I suggest you start watching it. The only spoiler I want to bring in: “yes, Deadshot comes back.” His supposed “death” in episode 3 almost put me off the show, but luckily someone told me that spoiler and I gave it another show – and now it’s my favourite show.

      Seriously, and remember your reaction to Thanos in The Avengers Brett? Arrow Season Two Episode 3 “Broken Dolls”. The end of that episode, specifically one name that gets mentioned, had the same reaction from me.

  2. Im gonna be the guy, does Homestuck count as a webcomic? Cause yea. Other ones I usually follow are paranatural, nimona, cucumber quest, johnny wander, boxer hockey….

    I probably follow more webcomics than actual comics.

    1. yes. it does count.
      it doesn’t always keep to the traditions of print, but only because it doesn’t have to.
      but first and foremost it is a comic, on the web. plus it can be printed. yep.

      also… i love nimona, it’s fun.
      and boxer hockey is fun too, when there’s time for an update.

  3. i LITERALLY just saw that flash pic and I immediately came here to see if a new cape crisis came out and if there was anything to be said about it. downloading cast… NOW.

  4. I used to be deep DEEP into webcomics for most of my teens, but have fallen off in the last few years, but here are a few.

    It’s been gone for a few years, but I always loved Mac Hall. It was beautiful and did the whole dudes in a dorm thing better than anyone without being trite or stupid.

    Eegra will forever be the best video game webcomic.

    But I mainly wanna recommend KC Green’s older series Horribleville. Before he did Gunshow he did a bunch of random things, but Horribleville was his long running journal comic. It was a fantastic look into the mind of an artist and probably the most personal thing he’s ever done. It was gag-y, just like Gunshow, but the jokes were all about what it’s like to be a struggling artist. This was of course before he was one of the biggest cartoonists on the internet.

  5. I pledged on Kickstarter for the Stripped film. I think that was back in 2011! Took awhile, so I’m not surprised some of the info is out of date. Haven’t seen it yet, still waiting for the DVD.

  6. It’s funny, in some ways Girls is like Archie, at least a lot of the archietypes (sorry) are there.

    I used to read the letters to the editor in the back of Archie digests when I was waiting in line at the grocery store.

    “I don’t get why Archie wastes his time with Veronica. She totally doesn’t deserve him, and Betty totally does.”

    They probably haven’t changed at all in 60 years, still tormenting poor little girls all this time.

  7. johnny wander has been my favourite webcomic for a long time. i’ve even bought two of their yearly anthologies and a shirt over the years. for the past year or so they’ve been doing a series called Lucky Penny, but usually it’s a full-page goofy autobio style. the writing and art are really great and really cute, and every single page is so well done.

    i did a google search for some examples and all the most popular ones are about cats. uh.

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