27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Villainous Themes

  1. Just in time before I head off to work!

    Thank you, thank you! Very much looking forward to this one!

  2. Great episode

    haven’t commented in a while but i still appreciate that you guys keep doing this show.
    I hope to meet you guys one day and shake you hands….
    or anything else you’d like

  3. This was a great show. I would however, like to offer up some suggestions. First off, the Theme of Aku from Samurai Jack. It has a xylophone sound mixed in with drums that make you imagine Jack running through a forest being attacked by a shadow monster. Good stuff. Next, the theme Blumenkranz from the Anime Kill la Kill. It is a J-Pop song, but it is kinda haunting at the same time. Both are great, give them a listen.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhcTesRFq0 Blumenkranz
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWFy09vlYuw Theme of Aku

  4. Fun episode. I remember Spector Man Henry, glad I wasn’t the only one that that theme song stuck with.

    ALSO… The Dr Claw/MAD theme song! C’MON!
    so brassy and intimidating, yet villanously victorious.

    nyaa haha hahaaaa!

  5. Still kinda learning the ropes of the site here. So, I assume it’s more common to post in the comments section of each episode rather than in the forums? I was looking for the forum thread of the latest episode and didn’t see one.

    Very fun episode. I think Bret is right; an episode of VGMpire with the same theme would work really well. Ganon’s theme is obvious; Bowser’s is probably more debatable, though I think it would be “Bowser’s Road” from SM64/Galaxy/Galaxy 2, and more.

    I’m glad that the Joker’s Theme from B:TAS got mentioned, because really, ALL the villains on that show had memorable themes. Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Clayface (whose theme really captured the tragedy of his character)… It was fun hearing their themes either right away on the title card, or at least when then showed up in their reveal as the baddie.

    Anyway, fun stuff, good choices for the most part, and I look forward to the next episode.

  6. Pretty fun episode, although I’m a tad disappointed that you guys didn’t even mention the “A freak like me” song from the “Spider Man: Turn of the dark” musical, specially considering that you did an episode about it not too long ago, and well… That song is essentially a villain singing about how evil he is and stuff, fits kinda perfectly with the theme of the episode, I thought 😛

  7. I listened to this one in unique conditions. I’m studying abroad right now in England and I had a flight to Berlin last week. I took a bus to get there that took off 10 minutes past midnight and had one drop off point in a small city named Southampton and I had to wait an hour and a half for the next bus. The whole city was dead, it was one in the morning, and I just walked around the city by myself listening to villain themes as I waited for the next bus, never coming across another person. I know I’m going to be reminded of doing that every time I listen to this in the future. It was sort of creepy, yet kind of awesome (the ringing bells for Vegeta’s theme certainly created an interesting mood).

  8. I think this episode came a week too early. You could have talked about “I’m Number One” from The Muppets Most Wanted

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