Vidjagame Apocalypse 56 – Non-Canon in DLC


Inspired by the console-specific weirdness in this week’s release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Episode 56 rolls up with a Top 5 about DLC expansions that threw canon to the wind. Then we continue with some talk about the mildly disappointing Ground Zeroes (which looks like a goddamn 11 out of 10 next to the crass letdown of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z), and take a look at some of your favorite mechs.

Question of the Week

If you could mess with any game’s established canon to create your own oddball expansion, what would it be?



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28 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 56 – Non-Canon in DLC

  1. I would break the canon of Uncharted and make a DLC game where a teenage Nathan Drake finds a time machine shaped like a toaster and goes back in time to meet Indiana Jones. Drake and Indy go back in even further to meet Sir Francis Drake.

    Nate takes Indy and Sir Francis back to the present day to find out that world has been taken over by aliens under the dictatorship of current Australian Prime Minister, Tony “Shit Cunt” Abbott. It’s up to the two Drakes and Indiana Jones to stop Prime Minister Abbbott and his army of aliens by enlisting the help of Randy Savage, Lorde, Jean Luc Picard and @Gamer’s Charlie Barrett.

    To take down the aliens, players must use weapons such as lightsabers, machine guns and Dildo Bats.

    Best part of all this takes place before the events of the first Uncharted Game.

  2. While you can play as them in multiplayer, I would like to see an expansion campaign for XCOM: Enemy Unknown where you play as the invading aliens, changing their approach to resources, base management and player variety. Just like when against Exult in the Enemy Within add on, you would have to strike at certain locations to wear the humans down over time, yet also applying the previously seen deadly tactics of the aliens such as the zombie infections, abductions, civilian attacks and even more wild augmentations to your more expendable soldiers.

  3. QOTW: Full Adam West DLC for Arkham City, where for no reason all the dark and gritty Batman characters in those games are suddenly made bright, colourful and fun like the 60s show. The basic gameplay wouldn’t need much tweaking, but the tone would shift completely.

  4. A resident evil DLC where Jill Barry Chris and Leon meet the four from L4D, exposing that it’s the same world. Gameplay is like L4D but special infected are replaced with RE fare, ie Tyrants instead of tanks, Hunters instead of Hunters (some confusion here, but remember your RE1!), lickers instead of smokers, and those fucking things from RE4 that you need the rifle and thermal scope to kill instead of witches… hated those things. Bloaters can just be the giant spiders from RE1… they spit right? Anyways, the final boss is some giant disgusting hamburger abortion blob with tentacles and probably 3 different forms. Rocket launcher finish optional. Achievement for Knife only playthrough.

    1. And when someone complains about it being cold, you shoot them straight in the face.
      And then I at home playing say “Not as cold as the icy grip of death….bitch”.

  5. I want Master Chief to be transported into ancient Greece, mainly so that he can fight actual Spartans.

  6. Also Nick Pino mentioned my pikachu therefore he is now the best host, other hosts take note of his greatness.

  7. Since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a standalone game I would choose that and have the DLC make Rex Power Colt travel to present day where he must find a job while being on welfare trying to find ways to legally pay rent and put food on the table. Enevitably he’d rip someones heart out and go to prison, learning once and for all CRIME DOESN’T PAY, even if it’s in the name of lady liberty.

  8. First username was meant to be read S-my-D.

    I’d like to see DLC for Southpark where you work for Timmy & Jimmy trying to get the bloods and crips to stay the night at the YMCA to stop the gang war (like the episode when they join the crips). Also, dropping the LotR/GoT theme for 90s gangster rap (like GTA SA).

  9. All Games including Lee Carvalo’s Putting Challenge to Ducktales needs an Undead Nightmare DLC.

  10. QOTW: A DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in which Lightning returns Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to GameStop because it’s terrible.

  11. Soured by the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 I would change the ending where Shepard gets to meet with each one of his squadmates and love interests before he dies, say like in a dream. Sort of like Extended Cut but instead of a stupid party it’s the 1 on 1 intimate experiences of the friends and lovers from all three games. With this freedom you could have Shepard run across the sand with Liara and a small little blue Asari, make sandcastles and stare out at the sun across the sea. Meet up with Jacob for drinks at the Citadel, basically like how Bioware did Garrus’ scene and get to visit Tali on a future Ranoch which was all built up after they created their cities since they took back their homeworld. Tons of potential there, mainly just an epilogue which is more than just a text paragraph or shiny pictures.

  12. I want a Fallout expansion where the Lone Wanderer enters the Garden Of Eden Creation Kit, and visits the land of Tamriel! In typical Fallout fashion, your confronted with a choice: Bring peace to the lands with new technology, or V.A.T.S the shit out of everything?

  13. An alternate universe where God Of War’s Kratos isn’t a totally unbearable asshole would be lovely….

    “I’ve fought bigger”
    – He says with a wink and smile after caving in Hercule’s head…

    1. Oh my god just thinking about it is so throttling,

      Kratos saunters in, shoulders swaying easily with the posture of a man at ease.
      “KRATOS I WILL NOT LET YOU DEFILE MY KINGDOM ANYMORE” stutters Hera in a drunken stupor

      “you make it sound so dirty!” Kratos chimes while giving a innocent shrug and a wink.

      Ugh..I hate it..but I NEEEED it.

  14. I’m thinking of having something along the lines of having a Non-Cannon story for Dues Ex Human Revolution in which Adam Jensen has to deal with the virus outbreak that spawned the events in the original Deus Ex. Instead of the virus killing millions of people, instead it could go the opposite of what (spoiler warning!) Bob Page wants in that the virus actually increases human intelligence and makes them stronger, faster, the whole Captain America thing. Bob Page could then use this mistake to his advantage and take credit that it was always his intention to enhance the Human Race and make it so that dependence on cybernetics is a thing to be ashamed of.

    As Jensen you come to the conclusion of using a virus to do this makes absolutely no sense and the DLC is you investigating Bob Page’s real intentions and then ultimately revealing through the Journalist AI Eliza Cassan to the public that Bob Page was originally using the virus to commit mass murder. The end of the DLC is you infiltrating his fortress and either choosing to take Bob Page out or listening to his ‘reasoning’ and accepting an offer from him.

    This DLC could also explore Jensen getting royally pissed at his girlfriend Megan Reed for having involvement with Bob Page and explore his feelings of having been betrayed by the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. You could even make it to choose whether or not you decide to take her out too.

  15. QOTW:I’d love to see an extra mission in Metal Gear Rising that puts Raiden in the place of Ryu Hayabusa in the recent Ninja Gaiden games. It’s not really because I find it too bizarre or canon breaking, but mostly because I’d love to see how platinum games reprograms the Ninja Gaiden enemies. The enemies in Gaiden are already great, but I’m curious to see how their attacks and abilities would be changed for Rising’s Parry and dodge system.

  16. The Ninja Turtles , Shredder, Splinter, Casey Jones, etc. in Street Fighter IV. Shredder and his foot clan are established as the North American cell of Shadaloo. With his seizure of the last TGRI ooze, Shredder works with Bison to create mutant super soldiers and accidentally transforms Birdie into Bebop. The turtles, of course, are out to stop them.

  17. QOTW: I would like an Oddball expansion for AC4 that messes with your ship’s cannons so that they fire Halo Oddballs instead of cannon balls.

  18. With that part about Twitter and getting Henry to change his name, I don’t think I should be chiming in since my username is random nonsense as well (as is noted every time you try reading it on the podcast). I just looked for a letter combination that I thought looked cool and had no meaning to ensure that it was never taken on websites, but that has amazingly somehow backfired (there are a LOT of DOCCON variations on PSN alone).

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