VGMpire Roundup – What ya may have missed!


Just in case you haven’t 1) Subscribed to VGMpire through iTunes or 2) Popped by the main site for a couple of months, here’s what you may have missed since the last time the show graced the LT homepage.

First up is Dave’s trip through the MGS series, starting with the PS1 classic that changed the way we view game narrative…


This look at the Mystical Ninja series summarizes over 30 years of historical hi jinks, from the arcade to the N64.


Celebrating Episode 64 with a look at two terrific gems from Rare.

See even more on the main site!

5 thoughts on “VGMpire Roundup – What ya may have missed!

  1. You guys should figure out how to set up automatic updates – unless I’m checking every website in the “Laser Time network”, there’s a high chance I’ll miss an episode. Also, I’m pretty sure duplicate posts (the same update on two websites, that is) don’t combine the comments.

    1. Comments don’t duplicate, they’re totally separate sites. The best rule of thumb is to either visit VGMpire every 2 weeks, or just subscribe. Both are pretty simple to do 😛

  2. Wow I’ve been meaning to listen to the MGS one for a while but had no idea about the Rare episode! Looks like I got me some driving music for tomorrow 😀

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