Cape Crisis #86 – Turtles Have Lips Now?


Another high energy episode this week, as Henry and Chris discuss important things like the new Ninja Turtles trailer, Chris reading a hero he’s never experienced before, the power of masks, and way, way more…


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Cape Crisis #86 Question: Can a fully masked character work in live action?

32 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #86 – Turtles Have Lips Now?

  1. Inb4 codystoval comes and say the trailer looked great and how everyone that dislikes it or has issues with it is wrong :p

      1. If you remember, what I poster on the reveal trailer article wasn’t completely negative, since it didn’t look like the worst thing ever and I hadn’t given it much thought.

        But now that you mention it… Why exactly should this movie deserve a chance? Exactly what part of it shows promise? Let’s break it down:

        It’s produced by one of the worst commercially viable directors of the modern era, and is also one notable for already ruining another nostalgic series. And yes, he doesn’t direct it… But the guy that is is arguably worse, Jonathan Liebesman, responsible for crap like Battle: Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans hasn’t directed a single decent movie, let alone a good one.

        The cast is mained by Megan Fox, one of the least talented, least liked actress in Hollywood and one that is cast almost always due to sex appeal rather than actual talent. And Leonardo is voiced by Johnny Knoxville, another celebrity that keeps getting work outside of jackass for some baffling reason.

        The trailer itself, while not terrible, gives nothing that is exactly remarkable,the premise doesn’t sound very clever, interesting, or original, the jokes aren’t great, the action doesn’t look mind blowing, and the CGI of the turtles isn’t top notch, not to mention than the turtles themselves have very questionable models.

        Furthermore… Without any real need, they decided to drastically change the Turtles’ origins from being the product of an accident… To being designed on purpose by April’s father (what a coincidence!) and a guy who’s already been confirmed is going to become Shredder… How exactly does this change benefit the story? if anything, it makes it more hackneyed and contrived. This also means the movie isn’t even doing a good job of being true to the source material.

        So… Exactly why does this deserve a chance again? If anything, I realize now that I went too easy on the movie and the trailer before, exactly what part of it stands out or deserves a shot in a market already full with mindless blockbusters without any real substance?

        1. You got your fanboy rage out?
          Now here are some solutions for your bitching
          1. Get over it
          2. Dont watch it
          3. Go watch the 90s version and jerk off since you love it so much.
          4. Watch the third one or tv series and realize this franchise isnt that prestigious.

          Also just a note, I hate the transformers movies, so if this comes out and its bad, I’ll be the first to hate it, probably hate it more than anyone, but until the finished project comes out, all is speculation and conjecture and fanboy hate on your part and I could not give a shit.

          1. lol, u mad kid?

            You’re the one getting but hurt about other people’s comments, not me, there’s nothing I need to get over about.

            Secondly, you’re assuming way too much, I’ve never treated the 90s cartoon as flawless, nor I consider the franchise to be perfect at all. However, it was still pretty fun on it’s own right, and if it’s a product of it’s time, so be it. Whenever you remake something, of COURSE it’s going to measured against the original product, it’s how the world works.

            Incidentally, I love how you call me a fanboy yet you ignored every single of my points which are pretty valid whether you like it or not, and then you proceed to lob insults, make accusations and assumptions then act like you don’t care.. (even though just by responding, you proved that you do)
            All of it being the typical behavior of an actual fanboy 😛

          2. Lol, you argumentative bro?
            Im anything but mad, Im quite calm right now, ive come to expect comment like this from you.
            Also, I wasnt talking about the cartoon tv series, the live-action series
            I can respond to you and not care, just to let you know that you have no good points I care about, the reason I “ignore” them. Cause y’know, I dont care that you hate a teaser trailer, things like that dont make or break a film for me, I have to see much more.

            Also, while on the topic of caring, why do you care so much, I mean really, if youre soooo against this movie, then why even bother complaining about it or wasting your time trying to goad me to be mad or argue with me about it being bad? Your just wasting you time man cause the films not out and I wont have a full-fledged opinion until I see it in full, its kinda pathetic.

          3. Also yeah I guess your behaviors more like that of a troll than a mad fanboy, maybe a mix of the two.
            Whichever it is, get over it, cause I dont care.
            And if you cant, deal with it
            (puts on shades)
            and dont call me out so you can go on petty hate rants about ninja turtles of all things.

          4. *Chuckles* yeah, you obviously don’t care, that’s why you replied with not, one, but TWO posts 😛

            Look, dunno if you haven’t noticed, but I like to argue, not necessarily to troll people, but because I’m bored and it’s fun to just chat about pop culture and shit. It’s the reason we keep posting here, guys like you and me.

            And really, if I was only a troll, I’d never say anything positive, I tend to act antagonistically at you because our differences of opinion, though usually you sometimes have something smart to say, right now though, this is just sad.

            So yeah, don’t worry, I’m leaving you alone for now, it’s fun to argue only when something smart is being talked back to, but when it turns into a brat whining and fussing about it’s just annoying.

          5. *sighs* Look, I apologize, the lasts posts I have acted like a dick. I don’t mean to pick up a fight, so for what it’s worth, I apologize for acting like an asshole. You probably don’t care but regardless, I wanted to type it. I don’t want this to become a routine, even if i may have made it one.

  2. Having just rewatched The Dark Knight Returns, I was a little frustrated with Tom Hardy’s Bane. He did fine, It’s just hard to give an emotional performance when your mouth is covered 100% of time. And as far as I know he was rewritten in post a dozen times and they could dub in whatever they wanted.

  3. “People didn’t really like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer, so what should we do?” First Movie Executive

    “Let’s tell everybody Johnny Knoxville is Leonardo!” Michael Bay

    “My God, what have we done?” Second Movie Executive


    I’m desperate to talk about the movie, and it’s frustrating to not being able to say anything because all you chumps living in the US haven’t watched it yet. Waiting a whole week for the next CapeCrisis is gonna feel like forever -.-

  5. 100% certain you could dub in the Transformers for the Turtles and the movie would not change… this is not a good thing.

  6. Dont blame me for not knowing Fullmetal Alchemist characters…
    Whatever losers (puts on sunglasses and drives off)

  7. Wasn’t there a big stink about Optimus Primes lips? Funny how that works. Big ups to Henrey for the Hawkman knowledge. Also you guys should check out Teen Titans Go, they had a flat out BLATENT reference to Scrooge mcduck, and duck tales in a recent episodes where they become rich.

  8. I’m having no luck finding any trace of this alternate Catwoman art – anyone else know where I should be looking?

  9. Chris, I can say as a long time Invincible fan, you are saying Viltrumite correctly.
    Also henry? Corsair ain’t dead anymore. If you were reading the last few issues of guardians of the galaxy or all new xmen, you would have seen him.

    “genteel decorum”,haha, good one codystovall.

  10. I love you guys, but if I was listening to this purely for comics I would probably be tuning out. I know you guys prefer Marvel to DC but the degree you guys shit on DC is a little too overbearing to a guy like me that gravitates towards DC and only reads a few Marvel books. The level of talking down to almost makes me feel like I should somehow be ashamed for liking DC, which I know is not how you mean to come across but that is the vibe I at least pick up.

    Also can the recommendations of the week stop being Spiderman 60% of the time? I know you like Spiderman Hank but I would like some deeper cuts than that since I really have no interest in delving into Spiderman. Your non Spiderman suggestions are usually really interesting though which is why i’m just throwing my voice out into the ether.

  11. Henry, I’ve also been hoping against all odds for an actual good Spiderman game. I’ve actually been playing Shattered Dimensions lately and am of the opinion that a significant amount of the current mold needs to be tossed. The game does some interesting things with a few semi-open environments and cool art, but so much of it sinks down to pressing X over and over again. I have to say, if your primary way to beat guys in a Spiderman game is to stand on flat ground and punch, you’re doing something wrong. Sadly, that’s been the case with every Spiderman game I’m aware of (even the decent Spiderman 2).

  12. Actually there were two Jim Croce songs that were pretty similar, one was Bad Bad Leroy Brown, but the one where he says “You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape” is called You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.

    Did you know there used to be a chain of Croce’s branded coffee shops? Never ate there, but there was one at the mall in San Diego near the convention center.

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