Laser Time – Backlog to the Future

laser time episode 122 backlog

What haunts the pop culture obsessed? The ghosts of all things unwatched, unplayed, and unread. Laser Time digs deep into the backlogs woes in hopes of finding a solution with special guest Tim Turi! Come commiserate, won’t you…



26 thoughts on “Laser Time – Backlog to the Future

  1. You know what, this is a fucking great idea for an episode. I mean the whole concept of a backlog seems like such a dumb first-world problem but it sucks anyway, especially if you consume multiple media types.

    1. I know it’s first world problem-y, but shit if it doesn’t affect most of us, damn near everyone listening to this, no doubt. I swear, there’s probably something psychologically damaging to constantly feel like you’re falling behind with something, and that backlog only gets bigger and harder to manage the older you get.

      As a side note, I kinda always like to hear from other people on things like this. If enough people bitch at me, I can occasionally be shamed into certain expediting viewings…

      1. You’ve really gotta watch Redline (the 2009 anime film, not the Eddie Griffith film of the same name). It doesn’t matter how you feel about anime or that the story is a clusterfuck, it’ll only take an hour and a half of your time and it’s an absolute triumph of animation that took seven goddamn years to make.

  2. Just finished listening. Pretty good episode but just reminds me that there is so much crap I still have yet to watch… I did however watch all the Twilight episodes during my freshman year of college so I will be checking out that podcast Tim suggested.

  3. Ah awesome idea for an episode. Id almost want a sequel with a different cast just to see what everyone elses backlog is like. I’m only half way through the episode at the moment but I hope you guys get to video games, thats whats paralyzing me to oblivion at the moment. I almost rather replay old games than start on that back log.

  4. I still have a TalkRadar backlog that lasts from 1-88.
    I can enjoy all the reviews of Uncharted 2 and Damnation I want.

    But seriously, I’m about to finish the First Season of Game of Thrones. It gets even harder when Season 4 has started :/ Damn you Purple Wedding!

  5. The only backlog I struggle with is video games. I’ve kept myself from wanting to watch TV. I don’t watch movies often. If I do watch a movie I’m playing a handheld video game. I’m never pining to read books, so I can casually read books at a pace unaware of what I haven’t read.

    I’m some kind of freak who only cares about video games. My video game backlog, however, is hundreds of games long… I have a list of all the games I want to play on every console… At the rate I’m going I’ve found I might not make it through it all before I die.

    1. The only reason I haven’t gotten a PS4 yet is because I have a pretty big backlog of PS3 games I have to get to. My OCD won’t let me buy the PS4 until I’ve finished the nearly 100 games I’ve downloaded over the years.

      1. I’m still working on the PS2!!! 🙁

        I don’t have a PS3, however I think I’ll finish my PS2 backlog this year and finally get a PS3!!

  6. Great idea for an episode! I too feel the shame in not playing/watching essentials of media. I did just recently finish Dune though and I highly recommend Chris to start. I’m glad to say I do NOT have a backlog on Lasertime episodes.

  7. I dont feel obligated to watch movies made before the 90s but thats because Im more into effects than “acting”.
    But I loves some old universal films, especially monsters.

  8. -Woah where the hell did Grimm come from?

    Also if you dont want to play a game but want to experience it why not just watch a lets play?

    1. It’s the Portlandia theme, which is “Feel it All Around” by Washed Out. Check out the rest of their discography, pretty fantastic stuff.

  9. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Spaced are not BBC shows, they were made by a station called Channel 4, it’s not the first time I’ve heard show mentioned on American podcasts that were not made by the BBC. Do Americans think that the UK has only one TV station?

  10. When Henry said that they don’t permission to use the Star Wars theme is very wrong. They did have to ask permission, on the commentary on the DVD, Simon Pegg says that he was very surprised that Lucasfilm said that it was ok for them to use music from the movies.

  11. I LOL’d when it turned out Chris and I were at the same place in Game of Thrones. The second to last episode of that season was the last time I hooked up with the chick I was watching it for.

    I started watching The Wire but I couldn’t get into it. Is it worth it to watch the last seasons?

    I don’t really have a backlog since I’ve been watching movies on a separate tv while playing video games for the last 10 years(started when I watched Easy Rider four times while playing through Voodoo Vince on original XBox).

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