The final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer meets the Present!

x-men days of future pasrt trailer final laser time

Whoa, they’re actually divulging some plot this time? Neat!

This is probably the best look at Bryan Singer’s return to The Academy we’ve had so far, and that’s factoring in that Fox chose accompanying music that conjures a shitload of marketing memories from Godzilla ’97. We get a pretty damn prolonged look at some Sentinels, hear the dulcet tones of Tyrion Dinklage/Jennifer Lawrence, and a reveal that this may very well be the Wolverine’s show.

Yes, Quicksilver still looks stupid, but a little less stupid than ever before. Besides, this trailer, coupled with the opening footage revealed on the MTV Movie Awards (see below) sure as shit has my panties in a twist. It’s highly unlikely we wont be talking about this on this week’s Cape Crisis, so chime in with your thoughts below.


7 thoughts on “The final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer meets the Present!

  1. Still no Cyclops, and I still fear this will be the Wolverine show. I’ve been saddened by the X-Men films enough to never get excited.

    1. Also would it kill James MaCavoy to cut his hair and shave? The wheelchair/baldness is who Prof X is man seriously.

  2. Looking great, although I am equally intrigued why Xavier is walking after the big deal at the end of First Class of him being crippled.

    And what do supervillains have against football stadiums anyway?

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