Cape Crisis #88 – The Amazing Baby 2


As we still recover from Winter Soldier, we talk about Evian commercials, some new footage of Days of Future Past, classic manga, and some deep thoughts on important subjects…


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Cape Crisis #88 Question: What should be the next bit of superhero product placement?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #88 – The Amazing Baby 2

  1. I thought for sure you guys would have made a Simpsons reference…GO! GO! GO! P! P! P! From the Simpsons Miracle on Evergreen Terrace.
    Also Chris, anytime you read Invincible’s dad you have got to do your Jessie Ventura voice. Female on Male rape should be treated as equally as Female on Male or Male on Male rape. I’m sure Bryan Singer would agree. *hey-oh*

  2. “Beast makes a serum that lets him stay human as long as he doesnt get angry.
    Charles has a certain device crafted by Beast that allows him to walk without the wheelchair, but much of his personal arc in Days revolves around his eventual decision to *willingly* inherit his wheelchair rather than to stand at great cost to his physical health.”

    1. “Beast makes a serum that lets him stay human as long as he doesn’t get angry.
      >And that serum just happens to be MTN Dew Baja Blast, now available at Taco Bell.

  3. Superior Spider-Man 31 was pretty much everything you would expect. The only part that made me raise an eyebrow was when Cooper and Mary Jane started talking about Gwen, and they showed Gwen’s face. I expected to see Gwen return at the end as some cliffhanger, but it makes me think Slott has something planned for her return.

    Normally I would say it would be a huge mistake to bring her back, but if anyone can do it I bet it is Slott, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an alternate version of Gwen finds her way into the regular universe during the massive All Spider-Men cross over event.

  4. Dear Henry, you are my favorite thing about this website. Your sense of humor is great and anyone who is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about any form of art is cool in my book. Brett is alright. And chris sucks ass because once a long time ago he said “Black people just don’t tip, they just don’t.” And that little insignificant comment bothered me so much that I stopped listening. But I found myself smiling at Henrys jokes days later so I came back. Henry I bet if you tried advertising yourself you could break off and do your own thing. I run 2 miles twice a day and CAN NOT do it without Cape Crisis.

    1. I can speak from 5 years of experience. They don’t tip. I’m sorry that bothers you, but it’s the truth.

  5. Please bring back superhero spotlight Henry! I like getting to know about characters I knew nothing about.

  6. Yeah… the female on male rape discussion was WAAAAAAAY off the mark and think you are very wrong.

    Still, the rest of the episode of still great as always.

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