Cape Crisis #89 – Punch A Fascist


The boys wax nostalgic about classic video games based on comics, how hard they are to play today, potentially shifting ethnicity, and other sundries…


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Cape Crisis #89 Question: What are your favorite old comic book gaming memories?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #89 – Punch A Fascist

  1. My memory of comic book themed gaming was playing “Spider-Man and Venom – Maximum Carnage” on the SNES and hearing the soundtrack that was obviously composed on a synth keyboard with the endless guitar riffs that kept looping regardless of what stage you were on. And it was also INSANELY difficult considering it was a home console game, it felt more like a coin eating arcade port as it forced you through a gauntlet of beat em up levels. And the rare chance when you discovered any health was a godsend. And I remember being terrified the first time doppelganger appeared on screen and seeing this hideous, David Cronenberg-esque creature appear and beat the shit out of you. And I also remembered the cutscenes being interesting because they embraced the comic book panel style well.

  2. So youse guys are just going to ignore the whole creepy Brian Singer thing then? Seriously guilty until proven innocent and all but it kind of merits a mention.

  3. Kinda surprising the topic of classic comic videogames hasn’t been as big of a focus as this episode yet. Either way, love this topic.

  4. So far even though Nova got off to a rough start I have liked the way that it’s starting to unfold as well as the fact that he is able to hold his own in the new warriors which so far has been one of my favorite new comics of the year. I was pissed when they cancelled scarlet spider and was glad that they not only brought him over but kept his bad attitude.

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