Laser Time – YOU’RE FIRED

laser time youre fired this is bullshit

Tales of quitting jobs, coping with sudden unemployment, the general depression that sinks in when your livelihood evaporates and how to power through it! Feel free to share your own tales of jobless woe with, too…



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    1. Yeah, I know. But I swear it’s fun! Plus is really had to be said, and we kinda have a bit of a new mission statement here.

      1. Oh, I’m not complaining at all, and you guys have made duller sounding topics incredibly amusing, so I’m not worried ^^

        New goals and missions statements are always cool too. The “out of the shadows” episode which was the first LT of 2013 still clings to my mind because it’s the one in which you revealed your new plans for the site, like teasing the birth of VGA and whatnot ^^

  1. I once quit a job at a Japanese restaurant that I had for 5 years (which is where I also learned to speak Japanese) to go live in England and take up a shitty marketing job there. I needed a change of pace and scenery, and England felt like a good one. The job was shitty, and it took three months before I ended up quitting it because I’d only gotten a month’s worth of pay up until that point. After that I got my three months of pay in and flew back to the Netherlands.

    Had a few writing gigs since, as well as an editing job for a small magazine. All of it part-time. It sucks suddenly being poor. I’ve even been homeless for a month or so before getting everything back together to the point of having some minor work and having my own place again.

    Things are good though, I can’t really complain. I’d just like a more substantial job again to fill some more of my time.

  2. Well, here’s hoping this episode isn’t too depressing given recent events… Otherwise, sounds like another good free stylin’ LT.

  3. Once got fired from tractor supply (have to say the name of the store in a hick accent or its wrong) because I sold some woman dirt instead of goat feed. It was gonna be my last week anyway so I just got a week off before i went back to school. How dumb do you have to be to think dirt is goat feed though? fuq man.

  4. I’ve been unemployed for a year. I have a M.S. in biology and can’t get shit. I’ve had some promising interviews only to get nada and my “contacts” haven’t been worth a damn in helping me. I ‘ve got student loans out the ass (including one defaulted) and it’s a miracle I haven’t just ended it yet. I apply to jobs daily (most not even relative to my degree) and get nothing and would have been better off working at mcdonalds after HS graduation. It sucks and I’m just hoping one day I’ll get something good to go my way.

    Being jobless sucks ass and to all those (including the LT hosts) who are unemployed, good luck in finding a job (no sarcasm intended)!

  5. I’ve never been fired because I’ve only worked crappy jobs where I was too good of an employee to be let go. I have seen an awful lot of co-workers getting fired for the likes of drunkenness, racism, theft and incompetence, though.

    Sorry about the job, Chris. Don’t worry, the money I’m donating to get that commentary pack (and as a general thank you for I don’t know how many years of free entertainment) will surely buy you a pizza or something. Hope you like Canadabucks!

  6. I sadly (?) don’t really have any stories about being fired, or even quitting, because since I never had a passion or a “dream job” I decided to get a degree in Chemistry that would allow me to work and manage my dad’s lab. That means I’ve never been in need to look for a job, and being employed by my own father means I don’t have a fear of being laid off…

    That also means I’m a daddy’s boy, overly dependent on my family, known no real struggle, so I’ve grown overly complacent,bored and slightly depressed. It’s only recently and thanks to my girlfriend that I’m now contemplating quitting the safe shelter of my job and parent’s house to go live in another country, make my own way, and live with the person I love… For all we know that might end up in tears, but hey, it’s either that, or I remain stagnating in here because I have no drive or real reason to improve in anything since I have had everything be provided to me by my parents.

    1. Hu, real interesting position dude. I’m in a long distance thing myself so I know some of your troubles. I’d say go for it if the time seems right and…you know, hoping it won’t financial screw you. A grand goal worth pursuing I’d say. Then again I’m still a college boy so maybe I dunno all the risks involved here.

      1. Thanks man. And well, I’ve been in this relationship for 4 years, and in the last year I had been seriously hesitating whether it was worth risking all my economic security, comfort and material future in order to pursue something always uncertain like marriage an life in a new country. But see, here’s the thing I’ve concluded in the last few months: What worth is it to have all the security and comfort in the world if you still toy with thoughts of suicide every time something barely distressful happens? Does that sound like a happy person to you?

        So yeah, I’ve decided that even if this could potentially go worse for me, It’s certainly worth the risk if it means I can have a more fulfilling life, one I make and choose on my own, rather than living one that was made and handed over to me. Hopefully my insight can help you somehow, though still any decision and conclusion you come to should always come from you, and you only.

        Another thing, if any time you’re close to this person you’re in an LDR with, you feel different, more happy, and purposeful, it’s probably the right sign. I’ll say that much (:

        1. Dang four years and you’re in a different country, thats pretty awesome. I’ve barley hit the one year mark with mine. I totally get where you’re coming from though. Simply being content with life and not actually happy kinda turns into this slow poison that syphons a lot of things out of you.

          The risks of moving that far are always big I guess. Thats why I find the LT crew kinda inspiring. They almost all moved from their own homes states away to pursue a career that might work but its still risky. But anyway im getting a bit distracted. It looks like the gears are starting to get moving for you. I wish ya the best of luck in your endeavors for happiness BladedFalcon.

          1. Thanks man, and well, it’s not gonna be an instant process anyway XD Even though I’ve finally decide to move forward, I still need to talk with her family, propose and THEN start working on my papers to get legalized. (because you can’t stay for long in the united states without getting in trouble, and even after getting married, the legal process to get a green card and be allowed to live in the US takes at LEAST a year, if not longer.)

            So yeah, bunch of fun stuff that all in all means I’m probably not even gonna be able to live with her until after year and a half or two XD (And even then, I’ll have to study in college AGAIN because my college degree here doesn’t cover all I need to practice legally over there… Now you might understand more why there was a ton of hesitation on my part? ^^;) Hopefully in your case if you eventually do decide to live in one place together, it won’t be nearly as much of a hassle XD

            And again, yeah, it all boils down to finding whatever makes you truly happy. Here’s hoping you can find it as well (:

  7. I was fired mid-last year, from a company whose product many of you have used (rhymes with “Siresocks”). It was awful, one of the worst things I’ve ever had happen to me; it threw the plans I had for my life in the trash, and put me into a major depression that I’m only recently coming out of.

    But it’s made me a stronger person. It’s gotten me to re-evaluate what’s actually important to me. And I didn’t even cheer too much when the bigoted homophobe who got me (and, earlier, my manager—for protecting me from him) fired was forced out because of his bigoted homophobia. I don’t define myself as where I work any more, but rather in what sort of person I am and what my passions actually are.

    So take time for yourself, recently-laid-off Laser Time crew. It never entirely gets better; you’ll always hurt a bit, deep inside. But in the future you’ll hurt less, and you’ll find out what you really want out of life.

  8. I got fired twice for smoking weed in the walk-in freezer of a Sonic I worked at in high school.

    A bit of background: The very first day I was on the job, the burnout cook who was training me asked if I toked, which I replied to in the affirmative, being a stereotypical high school stoner. Later, at a slow point in the afternoon, the fry cook and the manager on duty just looked at each other and said, “It’s about that time”, then everyone headed back to the walk-in freezer in the back, except for one girl who stood guard at the register. Then, the MANAGER took out a bowl, packed it and started passing it around, much to my delight.

    In the following weeks, I learned this was a fairly common practice, and that pretty much every one who worked there was in on it except for one of the managers and the owner. The reason we smoked in the freezer was because it was the only area in the inside that didn’t have security cameras trained on it, and it had its own ventilation system. Things went pretty smoothly for a few months, but one day some moron dropped a bowl on the floor and the owner found it, and then started an internal investigation to figure out who all had been involved. Myself and two other people got fired (partially because I was dumb enough to fess up to it, hoping he knew how many people were participating and would respect my honesty. He did not).

    Ironic sidenote: Less than a month later, he stole more than $15,000 from safes of the 3 Sonics that he owned in the area, and then fled the state.

    Second sidenote: Don’t fucking eat at Sonic. Employees have a service speed quota to maintain (3 minutes or less per order is what they tell you to shoot for), andwe know you can’t see us making your food. I can’t tell you how many times I saw someone drop a person’s food on the floor and just pick it back up and brush it off in the interests of getting it out the door on time.

    The second time I got fired for this was a short while later, after I’ve found my next shitty job as a stock boy in a hardware store. I had told this story to one of my coworkers my age, and I guess word got around because one day my boss asked me into his office, demanding to know if I had worked there, and why I had left it off of the recent employment section of my job application. I didn’t have a good answer for him, so he fired me for the second time that year. Meanwhile, the manager who smoked me up my first day working at Sonic is still working there, over half a decade later.

  9. I was fired from Target about 5 years ago. Basically, Target gives out free $5 gift cards when you purchase things sometimes (games, food, clothes, whatever). A customer left theirs at my register, which I used to buy lunch later that day. Somehow, they found out and fired me two weeks later. I was given an envelope of cash and escorted out the back entrance by security.

    I recently quit my previous and final retail job for Bose this January. I turned all of the wallpapers on every desktop. laptop, and ipod to a photo of myself using boxed product as a skateboard in the parking lot. I then googled the songs that get stuck into people’s heads the most (WebMD says it’s the Chili’s Baby’s Back Ribs song), found a 5 minute loop of it, downloaded it onto our store’s music server, and changed the ID tags to an inconspicuous “.” so that it would blend in with the menus of all the networked sound systems. Now whenever I drive by the store, I take out my phone and set the song to repeat.

  10. I’ve technically been fired once, but that was because I was too lazy to formally quit and didn’t show up to my shifts. I’ve been laid off twice, but the writing was on the wall for about a month for both instances and I had plenty of time to prepare. It’s still a shitty and humbling experience, though.

    I’m glad that you’re trying to make LT a full time endeavor. I’m hoping that it can be to the point where you guys can live off it. I’ve liked the paid content so far, and wouldn’t mind seeing more of it. Perhaps more guest appearances? I loved the Legacy Music Hour and your friend that lived in Japan episodes.

  11. If I can make a suggestion, I’m not sure how the retro video game scene is where you guys are at, but one thing I’m been stuck on youtube for a while now is video game hunting videos. Not sure if time permits for you guys, but it would be nice to have like a once a month video of you guys scoping out flea markets or retro game during the weekends and show what you guys picked up. Also not sure how big you guys are into game collecting either, but I think you guys can make a successful youtube channel.

  12. Around the first time I quit my first job at Office Depot I had been playing Final Fantasy XII. My friends and I had been making jokes about the part in the game where you run around screaming “Im Capt Bacsh of Dalmasca”. So on my last day I changed my shitty clip on name tag to Capt Basch and ran around the store introducing myself as Capt Basch of Dalmasca and giving them all 40% off discounts :3

  13. I’m still in college so I don’t have too much to go on here. Other than helping out my parents with their work and baby sitting, the only real job I’ve had is working at an Old Navy. There’s a long funny story there having to do with the store being robbed right in front of us. Anyway it was a seasonal thing and since I wasn’t trying to shove Old Navy cards down customers throats all the time I was laid off. I did gain some appreciation for the worth of money and how long it takes to make anything with minimum wage.

    Also hooray early lasertime!

  14. Anything audio I’d love to support. More movie commentaries, I’d watch twitch streaming (especially if you got your audio set up better), maybe some Let’s Plays or something? (not that the internet needs more of those, i guess)

    The podcasts and the movie commentaries are my favorite.

    The articles you all write are pretty good, but your whole appeal, for me, is the banter.
    Basically I’ll listen to anything you guys release that features Henry or Chris.

    Thanks for all the content, i’ll be donating soon for that sweet hate pack!

  15. I grew up idolizing George Carlin, so when he said “I’ve been fired a lot, you can tell”, I related. In my youth I’d been fired from practically every chain in my hometown. Loblaws, Mr. Sub, Canadian Tire, Randy River, The Source, The Beer Store, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Subway… I could go on. I think I have a problem with authority.

    as an adult I’ve had a moderately stable career, but nothing where I’ve ever felt the security of knowing some dick wasn’t going to one day walk up to me me and say “Get the fuck outta here!”.

    I feel for Chris, Mike, and many of Future’s staff that got the axe lately. life’s a cunt.

  16. I would love to hear an episode all about acapella’s. I loved it so much when you guys did that in the episode called Shame Songs Too. Please consider this for an episode topic.

  17. I’m filling out job applications as this downloads. That’s a good omen, right? RIGHT?


  18. I stupidly quit my job back in 2006. I was a supervisor in a machine shop. I thought, hey I can make a lot of money elsewhere. Guess what? 4 months later I took a job in the maintenance department of a private school. 7 years later I’m still there and still making less money than when I was at my old job. I’m currently working to get certfide in Cisco networking so I can make more money in IT somewhere. Hopefully this will pan out. I cope by listening to Lasertime network podcasts and hoping for the future. I wish you the best Christopher. I don’t know you personally but I’ve come to really like you and hope that you do well in life. I have bought T-shirts from your store and have contributed to your site. I hope it helps. I care about you and want you to succeed in life.

  19. I remember there used to be a TDard Saturday, I’d love it if the Laser Time Network (or VGA specifically) had something similar with the hosts. I know it’s not webpage content, but I’d love to do that sort of thing.

  20. In 2012, my firm underwent some financial layoffs. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but the nature of my work (attorney) introduced me to a lot of new people throughout my career. That networking was key to finding another job. Though I was able to find a different position a few months later, the time leading up to that new opportunity was stressful. You guys will find something else.

  21. I’ve been reading GamesRadar since 2005, but it really started to be something I connected with once TalkRadar started. I’ve followed the various personalities from TalkRadar onto several things, and I just want to hear from them, the topic isn’t really that important.

    I followed Dan Amrich to KOXM and One of Swords, even though I’m a Playstation guy, and don’t play many Activision games. I kept up with KOXM when Dave took over, even though it was kind of boring at first, but when he joined the Laser Time crew it got more interesting. Dave has some of the best jokes on the shows he’s on, when he’s not hosting and having to be on point.

    The other guys have had me for a long time, and I hope that being freed from the ties of corporations lets us hear a bit more from them. I’d like a mailbag sort of show, with all the guys if possible, so we listeners could ask questions and get answers right from the guys. Twitter is too much of a maze, in my opinion, and getting to hear other listeners’ questions can be really interesting.

    How much diversity has there been on the Laser Time network? There have been a handful of women, but I can’t think of any black or other colored people. I guess Cheryl counts. Henry sounds gay sometimes, but other times he doesn’t, so I guess no LGBT people that I know of. Not that we need to have unneccesary guests crammed in, just because these guys who are friends are all white guys.

    1. I think that diversity should be celebrated, not enforced. Diversity for the sake of diversity seems kind of counter-intuitive, don’t you agree?

      Also, you forgot about Christian.

      1. The white guys on the shows literally come from all corners of our very large country, and the middle, which gives them a lot of diversity, even if it isn’t color. It feels a bit too San Franciso-y to me sometimes, though, a little too liberal-minded and PC even for my mostly liberal views.

        1. As for the San Francisco-y feel, I totally get that. Not sure why. Maybe it has to do with the mood/mindset of the show?

  22. Chris, I will throw heaps of money at Laser Time if the Brett Bot makes a fabulous return. That is a promise.

  23. Oh, and hey, I think this has been the first time I had heard about the LaserTime Twitch channel, had I known about it before, I’d would have followed and joined the streams form the start XD Well, better late then ever, no?

    Anyway, awesome show, still sad about the layoffs you guys had, but it is very uplifting to hear you guys (specially Chris and Dave) Being so positive about this, and wanting to do more with the site.

    As for what would I like to see? Well, I think that you guys should just do whatever you feel like doing more, that seems to be a big part of why many have stuck with this crew for so long. I know that even when I disagree or get annoyed by some ramblings or out of topic conversations, it is still that kind of natural “chat about whatever you feel like” vibe that has kept me coming back for more. Though I also enjoy hearing about your reactions of new an upcoming popular media, even when I disagree.

    For example, I’m kinda surprised you guys haven’t talked at all about the casting news for Episode VII would like to hear your thoughts about it, or at least get an article from that XD

    Anyway, whatever happens, I’ll be here to listen and support whenever I can (: Oh, and having BrettBot back (heck, having most of the old soundboard back…) would be amazing, just putting that out there 😉

  24. I’ve actually recently quit my job working at a banquet hall, and the manager was a huge micromanaging dick. I’ve worked there for 6 years and am the most senior worker by a mile. While quitting, I’ve convinced/coincidentally put in my 2 weeks within 2 months of every other senior worker (6 of us) and as a result there’s no one left to train new workers.

    Jokes on us though, our shitty manger got fired before our final shifts….

    Thankfully I’ve finished university this year and actually have a job in my field, so hopefully I don’t absolutely hate it like I know some of my classmates do.

  25. First thing is first, i hope you save the streams and post them on the site. I work full time half way around the world so i always miss them. The WWE one was hilarious.

    Other than that, more commentaries. They are great, just got internet connected at the new house so ill be buying them this weekend. Fun to watch with a friend drunk as hell. Also speaking of those. i had issues with my google account and cant access the old drive folder for the old commentaries, either it is closed or you have to invite me again (

    Maybe start doing some more weekly features or contests in the vein of tdar as listner interaction seems to go over really well whenever it happens (shame songs pt2.) Stuff like art contests and just give out some stuff that you had laying around or maybe offer a seat via skype for a segment on the show for the winner or highest donor for the month.

    Also maybe outsource some of your work to listeners by creating an actual page on the site for user things like their own podcasts, reviews, features and such. Just have a link to a page where you guys can approve user things you like which are uploaded that way you have a constant stream of new features.

  26. I love the commentary tracks, and would be all for a monthly subscription model for those alone. Actually…

    The motherfuckers at Wreckless Media Radio have a $10/mo VIP service that gives hardcore fans every last bit of possible content, as listed here:

    Classic Videos of Brian, Greg, Bryan, and everyone else from years and years ago that started us off as entertainers
    Videos of WMR Parties
    Bonus Shows
    Prank Calls
    Original Music
    Random Audio

    I know that WMR is wildly different in a lot of ways, but I could see some form of this service working for Laser Time.

    Right now the site’s articles and features stand for themselves, but I think as a website Laser Time could provide content more frequently yet less formally, similar to

    Just some ideas… take care everybody 🙂

  27. Not a single Vince McMahon “You’re Fired” clip? Missed opportunity boys, missed opportunity.

    1. I guess I should include my fired story as well, even though it isn’t really a getting fired story.

      As a junior in high school I got an internship writing for a local paper. It was mostly movie reviews, and sometimes a sports game, it wasn’t really anything special. So after about a year and a half of doing that I see that the same paper has a help wanted ad for a freelance reporter. Immediately I email my contact at the paper and say I would like the job. None of them took me seriously, but I convinced them to hire me.

      My first week I had interviews with 2 new restaurant owners, and I had to cover two high school games and have articles the next day. It sucked, but I did it. The guy I was working under even sent me a strongly worded email saying I wasn’t doing my job when I didn’t include detailed descriptions of all 17 goals our hockey team scored. (Im not kidding either). I almost quit right there, but I didn’t.

      But even with that I finished writing and waited for my next assignment, only it never came. The editor of the paper, who clearly hated the fact that I actually was getting paid by him said to contact the other freelancer in my town. Saying that she would give me stories to write. She never talked to me, and the editor stopped answering my emails.

      To this day I have never actually been told I’m fired, and for all I know I might still be employed there. So that’s my story of being a jurnoloist for a week.

  28. My first suggestion for Laser Time 2.0 would be to give me access to the Hate Pack – seriously, I donated $20 a week ago and have been requesting access for my gmail ever since…!

    I think interaction with the community is a good thing, where possible. I missed the recent streams, but I’d love to check them out if they were saved, for example. I actually do visit the site once or twice a day, mostly to check out what people are saying on each episode – that could be encouraged more with audience interaction?

    I really dug Cartoon Christmas, and feel like that sort of format for things – perhaps more generally – could work here. I liked doing that one I wrote over there, for example, and if you could get people to write about their favourite things, that could be fun.

    Also, and this seems obvious, but perhaps the best approach is to be experimental for a short while – so the sort of things you like, and see what people best respond to?

  29. Sorry about the recent job loss yet I will also have to sadly say that I might have to skip this topic this week, may hit too close to home. I would say I am financially stable but the whole system somewhat frustrates me nonetheless. I have been open to freelance for awhile but now is the time to buckle down with something more “stable”, problem is the market is kind of desolate currently. I’ll have to come back to this episode again in the future though, when I’m feeling “rich”. Sorry.

    That being said, I do also need to get around to donating, not because you guys have recently been creating incentives but I think it is long overdue for as I’ve been listening since the beginning of TalkRadar and I more than appreciate the content you have put out over the years. Highs and lows of life, it’s always great to fall back on some interesting and always funny podcast banter.

  30. First off, my condolences to Chris, Dave and Mikel. Being unemployed stinks.

    I have 3 stories to share…

    Back in 2000, I had graduated from film school, but was still working a joe job at the college I’d attended. Fortunately, I got an interview to do extras casting, and met my future boss at the production office of the film she was working on at the time. Not only did I get hired on the spot, but I met Denzel Washington. The new job didn’t start for a couple weeks, but I quit the joe job immediately, with no notice, because there was no way in hell I was working another day there after all of that.

    Next up, I got laid off from said extras casting job (temporarily, fortunately) when the film we were working on got shut down. The story goes that not only was the lead actress pregnant but had not told anyone, but Vince Vaughn was on a bender and Don Cheadle was supposedly getting tired of his shit. Plus there was a change up in the executives at the production company, and they sunk it as soon as they could. I was actually pretty bitter about that one for a while.

    Last story – about a year and a half ago, I was working for a talent agency and absolutely hating it. My boss was crazy, the hours were nuts, and my co-workers were difficult. I had been there for almost 5 years and, against my better judgment, was in training to be an agent. I had no money saved, my wife was pregnant with our second child, and I got to a point where I just couldn’t take it any more. I quit. Gave 5 weeks notice, ended up staying 9 weeks (ugh).

    But now I have an awesome job at a great company and it’s all for the better.

  31. After college, I took an assistant manager job at Gamestop. Worked at two locations in two years, had a new location opening in 2006 that I was aiming to manage. Then I made a huge mistake, letting a couple of employees return a bunch of their gaming systems and games because they hit troubled times and needed money. We spanned the returns over 3 months, hoping it wouldn’t alert Loss Prevention. It did. I was fired and sent to jail for “stealing from the company”, as were the other two associates. I’ve never done anything illegal. Don’t do drugs, don’t speed, and I went to jail overnight. In court, the judge and prosecutor told me to work with the associates, return the $1,000 in “stolen” money, and I’d just get probation. We did it, but the prosecutor admitted he thought the case was unfair, cause Gamestop kept the returned products and was going to resell them, getting that money back regardless.

    In any case, I screwed up and did something wrong. I was fired and scared. My parents were so disappointed in me, my girlfriend left me, and for 3 months, I struggled to make ends meet. I had insomnia, loss of appetite, my nerves were a wreck; just depressed. But I found a job in my degree field, it led me out of the tiny town and into a city, where things have improved ten fold. But I will never forget those 3 months. I remember playing through Final Fantasy Tactics 6 times in that time span. Six god damn times.

    1. Also, as a request for content and going along with movie reviews, is there any way you and Grim could incorporate Shit Lords into the website? Maybe copy something a little Red Letter Media-ish with their best of the worst series?

        1. 100% behind this. it’s already branded, we all know the term Shit Lords, and would love to be a part of it.

  32. Really excited to see where Laser Time goes in the future.

    I’ve got no fun quitting or firing stories, disability’ll do that to ya. I could give you tips on how to fill the free time but most of it would involve listening to your own podcasts so…..

  33. I was recently the victim of a wave of layoffs over at my former workplace. I’m not as upset about it as I should be, mostly because I was under the same predicament that Chris was in: what once was a great job was just making more miserable every day I was there thanks to a new hire who was effectively my boss. I couldn’t quit, however, because my Mother was under my health care plan and she’s currently undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney failure. Luckily, that same week my father got a new job at a high profile tech company (they made a movie you guys are boycotting), and ended up getting a better health care plan than the one I had at my previous job. It was just a matter of some annoying phone calls to get her under my Dad’s new plan, and everything sorted itself out there. Good news on that front.

    I kind of think it’s a good thing, though. It gives me a chance to really go after a writing career that I’ve been wanting to pursue for a long time now. Friends tell me I’m a good writer, but self-doubt has always put me down. “I don’t think my work is good enough,” or, “I still feel like I have a lot to learn,” are some common phrases I use when I talking to friends about my writing.

    Well, I’m giving it a shot now, starting to produce and direct a script for a feature film I’ve been working on for a long time now, with a bunch of friends and film school rejects (it’s a modern day adaptation of Rashômon that takes place in Los Angeles, if you’re interested). And I’m still going to pursue my written work over at Front Towards Gamer now that I finally have more time. Honestly, I would love to get the opinion of some kindly strangers–the Laser Time Community seems like a friendly bunch of critics–that wouldn’t mind looking glancing over some of my movie and game reviews.

    Lastly, thanks for doing this episode. It kind of game me the motivational kick in the ass I needed to hear in order to pursue the things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It was a way better episode than the Star Wars EU idea that I had in the forums, lol.

  34. I work as an artist in the games industry in Canada. At least, I used to work…currently on my second round of unemployment. Laid off both times. The first because the game bombed and the studio closed down – I was jobless for about nine months. The second because the company decided to close it’s small games division to focus it’s resources elsewhere, and that unemployment has lasted just over a year so far.

    I spend pretty much all my free time working on my portfolio, to stave off anxiety and stress. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever work in the industry again. I’ve heard that the longer you are unemployed, the less appealing you are to employers. A year is a long time…am I already unemployable? My life is basically on hold – my girlfriend and I are starting to think marriage, a house, kids, but none of that can happen until I’ve got a little job security. And I’m starting to wonder if I can build a stable family life in this industry at all – it’s unpredictable, and there’s always potential layoffs around the corner.

    As time goes by, I more seriously consider some kind of career change. They say a lot of people switch careers at least once these days, and I’m in the age range where it tends to happen. It’s an appealing thought, to go back to school for a year or so, get trained in something with better prospects and more security. I love what I do now. I just can’t seem to get paid for it.

    1. Eerily similar predicament to my story.

      I held a senior video editor job for 16 years when I got laid off in June 2012. Was one of 18 laid off in the network but there were all these open projects. I was back working for them as freelance for the next 18 months as an associate. Well, in January of this year, they evidently got tired of paying my taxes and there’s been a huge slowdown in video this year for some reason that they decided to bench me. I do have other clients but my former employer accounted for about 80% of my income. Fortunately, I was finally making the money I should have been and really squirreled away a lot of savings (even though I should be putting some of that in my IRA but I’m still too scared of the unpredictability of freelancing, I’d rather keep it on hand).

      It’s been a really slow few months and if I never get asked back to my old company, I’m in some trouble. All the job postings are either asking for someone who doesn’t exist (knows 17 different programs, can shoot and write, etc.) or am severely overqualified for as they only ask for 2-3 years experience, read: CHEAP LABOR. I’m starting to think about a career change myself but I hate school so much. Well, maybe now that I’m older I may find I like it. At least the wife has a good job and benefits I can take advantage of.

      Of course, my mind could be changed if a month-long gig comes up soon…

  35. Im still confused as to what chris was doing at gamesradar when he had nothing to do?
    what was he doing?

  36. I’ve quit every job I’ve ever held in under the same principals i don’t eat fast food or watch soccer, “i’m better than that.” My management position in the summer of 08 was no different. I won’t say say their name but it rhymes with pizza butt. Anyway, our new upper management was trying to make a statement by cracking down on food loss. They were periodically pulling our sales history and playing 20 questions on any discounts i might have given.

    I came into work on a Friday ( a busy day in the pizza butt industry) welcomed by several men in suits. I don’t know if i was being fired or what but i didn’t stick around to put up with it. Said “hello, i quit!” and threw my name tag into the oven. I later learned i was to be “dressed down” for giving and employees free cheese sticks when they didn’t work over the mandatory 4 hours to receive them. I’m told the store was chaos after i left.

    This isn’t the real story though. I had just graduated college and my mother began dialysis treatment. Between working full time at a broken store, interviewing/networking and taking care of my mom, i just couldn’t take anymore bullshit. Doesn’t matter how serious your voice is or how many pieces your suit is comprised of you cant convince me cheese sticks will break a billion dollar food dynasty that has sent their fucking logo into space.

    I used the “free time” to tend to my mothers declining health. She passed away later that year and my father 3 months later. I was alone, job-less, penny less, swimming in debt and on the verge of a suicidal breakdown. Online communities really helped in keeping me social during that period in my life.

    After reentering the work force into lower position I had left ( pizza cook), living with social degenerates and literally spending weeks only able to afford white rice i quickly learned I am not better than anything. Well i was still better than (most) crime and performing sex acts but not much else. That is when i sold everything i owned and moved to the big city in hopes to find some kind of new opportunity. I’ll skip the boring stuff and just say i’m now gainfully employed at a place where i’m not treated like total garbage.

    I don’t know what the take away of my story should be. The next things always better? Believe in yourself? Move to the big city cause no one understand you in your small hometown? Make laser time a bigger and better community because somewhere their is someone who is currently my position and needs you because no else is going to give a SHIT ENOUGH TO COME TO FUCKING RESCUE!!!… *pant pant* I don’t know, but i will say this : DO a laser time on board games you played while growing and family disputes it may have caused? remember the crossfire commercial? The simon commercial with the masked rider? When my sister punched another girl in the face for saying i lied during the game of clue? That time I lied during a game of clue and my sister punched some girl? I could go on and on!

  37. This should really hit home for me as I currently have a job, but since losing my last job have felt that I’m making no progress. That would be because it’s just a normal kinda job that’s not in graphic design. It sort of feels like my degree hasn’t really gotten me anywhere, while in truth I just don’t live in a good place at the time being. And I admit that going off on my own is a scary idea. Luckily, I have a few like minded friends with the same idea lately, so soon I can get out of this place and LIVE.

  38. I once hid a remote control fart machine in a conference room to play a prank during a meeting. Unfortunately, the board of directors met in that room first, and the controller in my pocket kept going off as I at at my desk (I did not realize this). They saw from the building cameras that I was the one that put it in the room. I never even had a chance to grab the machine as they escorted me out.

  39. My suggestion would be a music podcast. Grimm seems to know his shit so maybe he could helm it. You could talk about new albums, classic albums, maybe do like a “Shittiest pop song of the week” segment. You could talk about nostalgia love like the shame song lasertime episode. I just think that if the laser time network is meant to be a cultivation of all our shared interests, then music is the only thing that’s really missing.

    You guys are awesome, thanks for making me laugh.

  40. Hey! I pitched this as a topic on the forums a few months ago. I’m guessing it was a coinkidink though.

  41. Well, I know you guys all have journalism backgrounds and such but why don’t you guys ditch the text format and do video reviews and lists?
    Like the blunder lizard stuff Brett is doing should all be videos, he’s talking about something you have to see in motion.
    Videos, videos, videos. Even if its just you guys voice over stills its better than nothing, and the internet has swiftly moved in the direction of video over text. Not because people are lazy, but because we feel more engaged when the pictures are talking back to us. It’s fun.
    You have a great personality, live stream games, and do commentary on them. Old new and even the obscure. Sure its being done, but you and the LT gang have the natural ability to do it WELL.

    Also… gonna say it again. Patreon. Not kickstarter, not indiees gogo, PATREON.

    And a show about animation.

    Also, I’m an trained animator Chris, I have experience in motion graphics as well, and the entire current adobe creative suite. Sorry to put it here I’m not on twitter. Hit me up, dude.

  42. You need to make shitlords a podcast, make it kind of like “the Best of the Worst” that RLM does. Also, you should use patreon to fund the site, I’m already paying for a bunch of stuff i love through that site.

  43. Funny thing about RLM is I only found out about them through you guys and I can’t help but draw comparisons (shitlords/bset of the worst) as well as they also now have premium commentary tracks. Also have to say the Hate Pack was well worth the donation! Also you really might wanna research more about tax on pay pal. It really doesn’t sound right they you are taxing it as a gift. Here’s what a google search came up with.

  44. I was “let go” from a summer gig as a corn detasseler. basically, my job was to pull off the tops of corn plants so that they couldn’t breed. It was June in central Indiana and the job was for 2 weeks. I was asked to leave on the first Wednesday. I was the lone white kid in a field of 20 adult male migrant workers.

  45. A few show ideas-

    Have any of you guys ever played pen & paper RPGs? Did you know any kids that were into them or Magic: The Gathering when you were in school? I cannot recall one episode where you discussed any memories of either.

    Do another porn fanfic dramatic reading episode. Henry was so uncomfortable when you did the first one.

    An episode about cartoon appearances of live people. Jackie Chan, 3 Stooges, Sonny & Cher & Batman..

  46. absolutely loved this episode. talking about expanding, what’s the future of Laser Time. all things your fans have a ton of investment in. just look at this comments page.

    I’ve been thinking of ways LT could branch out, but it always ends up being “more podcasts”, and that’s not really the direction you want to take it right now. you need to find a way to make a living on Laser Time. it’s your baby’s and it’s too fucking good to not support you on it’s own.

    all I can think of is Shame Songs, the bi-monthly podcast.

  47. I think you guys talking through some ‘real life’ experiences made this one of the most interesting shows to date. Great job!

    Also, I would pay hard cash for Henry to do a ‘Newsroom/Sorkin Hate Extravaganza.’ I for one never get tired of hearing him sound off on those topics. Pure audio gold.

  48. Great episode, guys! It might sound strange to hear this but this was probably one of my favorite LTs in awhile (not that the past ones haven’t been great, as well). I laughed a lot during this episode and it really reminded me of why I like/d Tdar and LT: because I love listening to you guys! Seriously, Brett mentioned how difficult it must be to listen to all the podcasts each week but I make damn sure I find time to listen to each and every one of them!

    If I had to suggest something “new” for LT it would have to be video streams, either of games or just you guys talkin’ about shit (maybe live Q&As/discussions?) Just listening to you guys is a treat and I really enjoyed the FAPs you used to do so I would love to see streams and stuff. I’m sure everyone would agree with me that anything involving you guys talking about stuff would be worth watching.

    P.S. I’m sure a $0.99 or subscription podcast/video/whatever wouldn’t do too bad, either.

  49. Great episode guys, very truthful. The thing they don’t tell you about leaving a job (whether it’s by choice or by layoff) is how much of your life is invested in a job on a personal level, besides the money, even if you think you hate it. A lot of your friends are there, whether you realize it or not, and you won’t be seeing them nearly as much anymore. I once quit a really good job to do my own thing, perhaps foolishly, and in the following days it hit me how much of my previous life was now missing. It made me a bit depressed for some time.

    And also… MERCHANDISE!

  50. Hey guys, I’ve been hoping for a loooong time for you guys to do a Magic the gathering episode. I would love to hear some bad beat stories, thoughts on new cards, even bitching about card prices!


  51. I have been fired once and it really really sucked cause I was Deputy Sheriff and making a killing while not really doing much (Stationed in Correction.) After 2 years I was pushed to patrol and at the wise age of 27, I decided I didn’t like patrol (Working) so I asked if it was cool if I didn’t do patrol anymore and go back to Correction (Party time.) I waited for two years to get a response and it was not the one I expected. I was fired without cause and my unemployment was denied by my department and I recently purchased my first home ( Time to eat my gun jk.) Well eventually my unemployment was reinstated with back pay but ultimately my lousy union attorney managed to fuck my case into the ground after 3 years of litigation and I am currently working for an Indian Casino (Hell on earth) making half what I used to and hanging out with the same people I used to arrest (Co workers awkward.) P.S. I used to play games radar while I transported inmates to and from court; so I introduced and possibly converted many hardcore killers and 2 time felons to Boneswa and Duke Lombardi’s comedic sty-lings.

  52. I was literally fired 2 hours ago. They said I was forwarding company emails to my personal email. I dare anyone to come up with a benefit I would gain from doing that. The corporations are all, corporation-y

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