This Week’s Best New Releases: Godzilla vs Mars!

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Veronica Mars gets a movie, Borderlands goes portable, and much, much GOJIRA! Shop new and cheap releases and support your pals at Laser Time.

Look at all this new shit! All recently released and available to buy from the most trusted retailer on the web! And we recommend you do, because each time you use one of our Amazon links below or on the righthand sidebar, kicks a small commission back to Laser Time and helps us keep the site up (or eat, if you’re not aware of certain recent events.) Kind of a scant week for notable new releases (although there are TONS of low-priced Universal Collectors Steelbook Blus being re-released today) so we’re going to include some Cape Crisis comic book recommendations and good ol’ vijagame deals and pre-order bonuses below. Happy shopping, and thanks for your support!

Veronica Mars
I’ve not seen much of the Veronica Mars show, nor the recently released movie, but as one of the first (or at least the most notable) Kickstarter funded film distributed by a major studio, I strongly recommend fans support the shit out of this. It’s a shining example of a beloved property getting a just and fair Resurrection in spite of complete disinterest on the part of its corporate IP owners. Normally its up to dumbass executives and tasteless bean counters to usher projects into existence, but through the beauty of crowdfunding, fans got exactly what they wanted, at whatever price they were willing to pay upfront. Better still, I’d like to think this also means that those aforementioned dumbass executives and tasteless bean counters made less money on the endeavor as a result of their cowardice, with more going to the creators and fans who cared enough to make this a reality.  Also, Kristen Bell’s pretty cute.

Borderlands 2 [Vita]
The most cherry choice amongst my my ever growing backlog is goddamned Borderlands. I dug what little I played of the first game, but life, my former full-time gig, and work on Laser Time took me away from one of those most charming new additions of the last generation. Judging by the response I see this game get at PAX, it looks as if this is the first game I need to sink my teeth into during my time off… and I’m actually thinking of doing it over a live stream. Anybody up for some co-op? Wait, sorry – more on that later! The game has made its way to Vita, and I’m going to guess it’ll be one of the last Western games to do so in physical form.  Which I say as an avid lover of a Vita, mind you, but there ain’t nothing more useless to me right now than a blue Vita box and game cartridge for my portable game system. The Vita, combined with PlayStation Plus and big ass memory card, is absolutely the best purchase a gamer can make right now. PERIOD. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (FREE GAMES) and Borderlands fans can purchase the Vita in a coozy little bundle.

Godzilla vs Ghidorah/Godzilla vs Mothra
If you’re one of the beautiful people who’ve already purchased Laser Time’s HATE Pack Movie Commentaries, you probably owe it to poor Godzilla to see him in something that more worthy of his name. In honor of the upcoming American film, some beautiful bastard has rereleased HD versions of some of Gojira’s greatest hits in reasonably priced two-packs. In addition to the one in the thumbnail, you’ve also got Zilla vs MechaGodzilla/Space Godzilla, Vs. Destroyah/Megaguirus, Final Wars/Tokyo SOS double packs and more!

MLB: The Show 14
CRACK THE BAT and what not! I won’t pretend to know spit about baseball, nor care about its fully licensed, virtual forms, but I do believe this is weirdly the only game featuring game official MLB teams, rosters, etc., coming to next-gen systems this year. Take a victory lap around the bases, Sony fans. America’s game is now in the full control of the Japanese!

Blazing Saddles: 40th Anniversary Blu-ray
Hands down, the best thing Mel Brooks has ever done, IMO. The standard Western setting means it still works as if it were made six months ago, the flick is still fucking hilarious from beginning to end, and its wonderfully offensive approach to race relations remains pretty goddamned bold. Also contains one of the greatest fart scenes ever filmed!









listed roughly in order of release date

Wolfenstein: The New Order
-$10 in-store credit
-Early DOOM Beta access with pre-order
Watch Dogs
-Pre-order for exclusive Signature Shot Pack with unique Biometric Rifle and Viceroy’s Outfit
Murdered: Soul Suspect
-Pre-order for exclusive Digital Strategy Map
UFC 2014
-Pre-order for FREE day-one access to playable Father of Mixed Martial Arts, Bruce Lee!
Elder Scrolls Online
-Pre-order for free Explorer’s Pack featuring Scuttler vanity pet, four bonus treasure maps, and the ability to play as any of the nine races in any Alliance
Madden 15
-Pre-order for Madden Ultimate Team content, a $15 value
-Pre-order for early Beta Access
Dragon Age: Inquisition 
-Deluxe Edition includes Flames of Inquisition ArmorWeapons Arsenal and Armored Mount
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
-Pre-order and receive access to The Dark Ranger
DriveClub – PS4
-Pre-order for Amazon exclusive instant access to the high-powered Mercedes supercar, access to the RUF RT12 R super car, and a driver level boost
Last of Us Remastered
-Pre-order and receive tons of free content including 100 Supply Points (XP) for use in Factions mode; Bonus Joel Skin for use in the Single Player Campaign (must complete the game once to equip); Bonus Ellie Skin for use in the Single Player Campaign (must complete the game once to equip); Increased Crafting Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign; Increased Healing Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign; 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign; Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade
-Pre-order for free Monster Expansion Pack

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Best New Releases: Godzilla vs Mars!

  1. been looking for a good excuse to play borderlands as well and also Kristen Bell is smoking cute

  2. Great little feature about the new releases. I need to give Veronica Mars a chance, most (if not all) of the series is on Amazon Instant Video, Free w/ Prime.

    Borderlands 2 on Vita reminds me I need to open my Xbox 360 copy and start the damn thing. I’ve even bought DLC for it, and I haven’t opened the game.

    Thanks for posting this, Chris.

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