Cheap Popcast #23 – Ext-weeme Rules


Dave, Henry, Brett and Grimm talk about the unexpectedly extreme parts of WWE’s most recent event and the history of smaller wrestlers, while Dave adds his personal thoughts the next night’s Raw.



8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #23 – Ext-weeme Rules

  1. I think WWE could have did a great spot in the Cena match if the little kid slammed the door into Bray’s head, took off the robe to reveal he had Cena shirt on. Then Cena could hit the AA for the 123 that shit would have been more hype than MARVEL at EVO.

  2. Maybe it was because I was there live but I thought the Daniel Bryan match vs Kane was more fun then you guys are giving it credit. I mean it wasn’t an all time classic but it did its job. Now yeah continuing it beyond ER that’s a bit more unnecessary and questionable.

    In the 2nd segment you guys really dropped the ball. I mean where was the talk about the minis in the pre attitude era to the end of it. Sure they weren’t on the main shows alot but the occasional mini Mankind or mini Vader appearance like the 97 Rumble preshow when Kane made them scatter. Or the history of the small guy imitator being bought out by a heel to make fun of them. Like Edge and Christian with the mini Hardyz, Jericho bringing out mini Goldberg, or Undertaker chokeslamming his mini version. Plus there was the weird time period where the WWE started up a Junior division on Smackdown.

  3. Personally, I quite enjoyed the Daniel Bryan vs Kane match. The backstage brawling and destruction is something that’s been missing for a while, and the whole forklift thing is exactly the sort of delightful absurdity that I enjoy in my wrasslin’.

  4. I have to say, what a complete dick Henry is saying that Jerry Lawler’s art is not very good. I’ve seen his art and its very good. Lets see you do better, you fucking moron.

  5. Loved this episode; keep up the good work brother. What happened to Gangrel? Is he still wrestling? Maybe do a supernatural episode? Undertaker, brood etc.

  6. Loved this episode; what happened to Gangrel? Is he still wrestling? Maybe do a supernatural episode? Undertaker, brood etc.

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