Vidjagame Apocalypse 63 – Superhero Games That Outscored Their Movies


Last week saw the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a movie reputedly so terrible that it’s actually scoring well below some versions of its terrible tie-in game on Metacritic. Or wait — it turns out that’s actually par for the course with a lot of superhero movies and their associated games, seemingly regardless of their respective quality. We take a look at the biggest disparities in this week’s Top 5, then follow it up with some entertaining sound clips starring Kevin Spacey, and your favorite games-within-games.

Question of the Week

If you could make any Kevin Spacey movie into a game, what would it be?



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32 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 63 – Superhero Games That Outscored Their Movies

  1. I’d go for K-Pax, in which Spacey plays an alien from another world. But whereas in the movie he is all inspirational and shit without an apparent ulterior motive. In the game your job would be to APPEAR to be good and kind and inspirational, all a ruse to trick stupid humans into being harvested horribly.

    1. Game adaptations are allowed to take certain liberties so about you kill teenagers and seduce sinners?

  2. It was lovely to have Diana in VGA ^^ Even without having that much of gaming knowledge, she was pretty fun in it!

    Also, whoa, Chris went hard on the Wii U there XD Shame Henry wasn’t there to hear him squirm while Chris shat on the system 😛

    Lastly, Chris, those clips you made combining Mass Effect and Animal crossing with Kevin Spacey where hilarious! Dunno about others, but that’s the kind of weird and dumb fun shit I feel had been missing from LT when you had other responsibilities. More stuff like that would be fun!

  3. I guess the only one that you can really turn into a game that would be interesting is Superman Returns. Just Saints Row 4 Superman to the point where you’re the most powerful thing in the game and nothing can kill you until the last boss fight. I mean, that’s the only way you can do a Superman game, I think.

    Maybe you can do a Se7en or House of Cards in the vein of a TellTale game, or a Moon game where it’s kind of like a survival-horror experience. He did play a good deadly AI in that movie.

    1. QOTW: why glengarry glen Ross of course. Just add mass effect style dialogue wheels and a real estate meta game like managing mother base in metal gear solid peace walker

      1. That’s close to what my answer would be. I’d like to see realtime building/resource aspects, where you’re trying to move land parcels with very few resources. You have to steal leads occasionally to get sales (without getting caught). You’d have to choose one of the loser salesmen– Levine, Moss or Aaronow, and your goal is to do well enough through sales, manipulation or outright theft, to ‘go across the street’ or eventually start a new office with Ricky Roma.

        And if you win the steak knives, you can use them.

  4. I’m liking this uncensored Chris. That Wii U tangent was hilarious (although I don’t agree with the 3DS being lumped in with it). But I thought I heard that Nintendo wasn’t allowing same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life.

    1. Correct. Nintendo’s response when petitioned was pretty much “Thanks for your suggestions!” Nintendo is doing their best to remain neutral on an issue that they really can’t remain neutral on when they’re making a game about simulating relationships.

    2. Correct. Nintendo’s response when petitioned was pretty much “Thanks for your suggestions!” Nintendo is doing their best to remain neutral on an issue that they really can’t remain neutral on when they’re making a game about simulating relationships

  5. QOTW: I’m not much a movie person, so I don’t think I’ve seen many Kevin Spacey movies. So with quick googling I found the perfect answer. For maximum confusion I would make an Austin Powers: Goldmember game (wikipedia says he was in it, SO IT COUNTS), I barely remember anything about that movie or the franchise in general, and in an effort to further confuse gamers I’d make it play like Bayonetta for absolutely no fucking reason.

  6. I’d like a Saints Row Game where one of the voice options for your character is Kevin Spacey that is actually voiced by Kevin Spacey himself. He could say some of his famous quotes from every bit of work that he has done while you swing Dildo Bats at Cops.

  7. In regards to Tomadachi Life Chris has the situation backwards. They removed the glitch and have said that they don’t want to be involved in the issue.

  8. I think a “The Usual Suspects” game made in the style of LA Noir could be pretty cool.

  9. Strangely cathartic to hear Chris speak out unrestrained after clearly hold back for so long.

  10. According to IMDB Spacey was in something called Gorilla School, and I want that as a game. I know nothing about it, or how it would be a game, but I imagine it’ll be the only thing starring Kevin Spacey that is made by the people behind Petz.

    Chris was so salty in this episode and it was pretty great.

  11. I’d like to see a game based on Moon, but I have no idea what it’d be like. Maybe something like Dead Space, but without the space zombies

  12. As much as I’d really like a SCUMM-like version of a Moon game, a bunch of people beat me to that answer already. (and someone made this mockup:

    As for my actual answer, I’d like to see a Shenmue style open world game based on “Pay it Forward” where you walk around a lot, do a bunch of nothing, and watch the kid from The Sixth Sense get stabbed. It can use Kinect so it can show you how loud you are “Booing” over the credits. It could have an skill tree that only advances when someone you’ve payed it forward to pays it forward to someone else. So the game would consist of you reminding people to pay it forward in dialogue trees.

  13. Not to be a jerk, but I don’t listen to Cape Crisis very often because I don’t want to hear my favorite heroes get the shit kicked out of them every week. Can we not do this in VGA too?

  14. Speaking as a token sports fan, I was a bit annoyed to hear you guys chime in on the Donald Sterling situation only to find that you (particularly Diana) were so uniformed as to the current success of the Clippers as a team. Normally love her as a guest, so I can bear with it, but I just wish that on the whole y’all wouldn’t try to speak on subjects you’re not so caught up on. Otherwise, loved the show as usual. You guys are back on the upswing!

  15. Kevin Spacey playing a video game: the video game.
    It’s your average everyday genetic shooter. The twist? You must mash all the buttons randomly as input, somehow managing to hit everything but the right thumb stick.

  16. I like the se7en adaption idea where the player is John Doe. There’s an enormous amount of potential to backfill the story of Kevin Spacey’s anonymous character and how he perpetrated his horrible yet thought provoking murders. I imagine the game starting a year before the events portrayed in the movie where you first stake out the sloth victim and subsequently capture, imprison, mutilate and keep alive for an entire year in actual game hours during which time all you’re allowed to do is view pages of the bible and listen to nine inch nail remixes. After a year of this the player is now conditioned enough to continue onto the rest of the game consequently ending with your martyrdom. Either that or K-PAX where you play a dialogue driven choice type game like The Walking Dead. It would contain over 16 hours of previously unheard recordings of Kevin doing his insane baby voice impersonations. He’s an amazing actor don’t get me wrong and does incredible movies but the make no mistake the man is a sociopath.

  17. True Lies for the Super Nes was awesome. I wanted a die hard game so bad at that time that I would play it and pretend it was. Die hard trilogy hd ps4 anyone? The die harder segment would make an awesome ps move game.

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