Here’s Your New Batman


Now Batting… Ben Affleck! Your first look at Bruce Wayne from Zack Snyder’s Superman vs Batman movie…

I don’t have much of reaction to this other than a gently simmering fondness. Perhaps its the sedated, monochromatic artiness that teases more specific revelations, but ahhhhh… feels just like a warm bath of Batman right now. For one, it looks pretty Frank Miller, from the the Fat Bat logo to ears shortened to lengths we haven’t seen onscreen since the Adam West days. And if I project my own nerdy fondness, I’d like to think Bat’s windshield is borrowed straight from the Tim Burton Mobile I loved as a tyke! Here’s a bigger shot directly from what’s looks to be a very sponsored tweet from Zach Snyder himself (seriously, can he just do that?!)


My Bat Boner is significantly bigger than the one I filled watching last week’s trailer for Fox’s Gotham series. What say you, Batfans! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll undoubtedly bring ’em up on the next Cape Crisis!






31 thoughts on “Here’s Your New Batman

  1. Very, very Frank Miller.
    It does look like they’re shooting for a more comic-y feel than that of the Nolan Films.
    My Bat Boner has certainly returned, but it’s a cautiously optimistic erection..

  2. Baffleck looks buff as hell and the costume department really nailed the Dark Knight Returns look. Really promising!

  3. Awesome, they found the right mix of staying true to the style of the comic and looking great in real life. Who knows if the movie will be good, but I’m digging the costume.

  4. The shorter ears still throw me off a little bit, but otherwise I really like the new costume. It feels far less stiff than the one Bale wore and the Batman logo on the chest looks nice while also being subtle.

    Also, just on look alone, I’d say Affleck most certainly makes for a better Batman than Bale and most of the older ones already. Now if we could only hear how he plans to mask his voice…

  5. Does anyone else think Jason Statham should have been Batman?

    His Batmobile could have been his foot.

  6. Honestly might be the best film batsuit to date. That suit is NICE. We are getting some good news on the DC movie from finally.

  7. The cowl and gauntlets look good, but it’s a bit Hulked out for me. Pretty sure they’ve added veins to it, which is a bit weird.

  8. Personally, I love what little we’ve seen of it. Like pretty much all of the costumes from Snyder’s films, it looks like a really good representation of the source material and has no issues just being a superhero’s suit. Affleck’s chin is great for the As for the car, it looks like a good mix between the Nolan car and the Burton car, and I’m pretty pleased with it. This is making me more excited for the movie, though I’m hoping the writing is better than it was in MoS.

  9. I love the overall look of it but I hate that it’s textured like that, surely they could convince us that the tougher material of the suit is just below the outside design instead of making the suit itself so rough.

  10. Looks pretty cool, also did anyone else notice what looks like the joker’s face in the smoke near the rear tyres or is that just part of the car?

  11. I do like what I see so far. I can’t wait to see some sort of trailer for this movie. And Gotham looks like it could be really good (just looking at the trailer). It would be nice to see more DC movies/shows. I’ve always been more of a marvel fan but i’m excited to see what they do.

  12. Tiny ears look like Adam West…which considering this movie is going to be a circus is about right, but why the FUCK are they releasing images 2 YEARS in advance? What hype does that build? No one is going to remember this by fall let alone two years from now.

  13. Damn, the Batmobile looks great! As goofy as the Burton Batmobile looked, I missed the sleek design. The Nolan car was cool, but it looked like it belonged in the real world. This one looks like it came out of a comic book. I’m digging this so far.

  14. I don’t know, something about it just doesn’t feel right to me.

    I’m guessing they went with the “Fat Bat” logo so they can line it up with Superman’s S in promotional material.

  15. I really like the costume. I just hope it ends up being grey and blue. I always liked that color scheme more then the gritty all black leather suits.

  16. Okay hear me out. The picture is in black and white to hide the fact that the suit is blue. That way they can get another “reveal” out of the costume.

  17. Looks awesome!!! The ears are perfect and the bulky-bat is just like in the comics. You can get the sense that he would beat the shit out of you. The large symbol is perfect. Hopefully they will pull from the dark knight returns and quote that his enemies will aim for the chest instead of his head.

  18. Love the bat suit. Fucking adore the Bat Mobile. Also, it that really Affleck in the suit? He’s built like a bloody tank! Good Gym work Ben!

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