WWF In Your House vs WCW Nitro vs Laser Time

HOGAN vs HORSE: FIGHT! Join the guys from Laser Time as they relive two wrestling relics for the PlayStation 1 in one epic video

Hey, guys! In case you missed the livestream we did of the polygonal mess, WCW Thunder, and ultra-weird Mortal Kombat wannabe, WWF In Your House, here it is on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Yes, we know. The audio blows, and the archive isn’t of the *ahem* highest standard… but we did this like a billion years ago. Just for shits n’ gigs! We’re posting it now for two reasons:

1. People kept asking
2. I’ll undoubtedly be doing some live streaming here and there during my down time. Or didn’t you hear

Any hoo, this is your reminder to follow Laser Time on Twitch. And subscribe to us on YouTube! And the equivalent on Facebook and Twitter for that matter!!! I personally would love to do more of these here live streamyz… once I figure them out. But once I do, I’d kinda like to go through my backlog with you guys, and that includes co-op and multiplayer. What do you say, got room for one more Twitch broadcast in your life? Lemme know, I’m open to suggestions… Until then, like, follow, all that. But seriously, if you like something, seriously SHARE IT!



11 thoughts on “WWF In Your House vs WCW Nitro vs Laser Time

  1. I remember being there for this one good times.

    Glad to hear there is more streaming in the future for lasertime.

  2. Yay, I love this video you guys did! I love Hogan vs. a Horse and Grimm’s analysis of Vader’s and Goldust’s idle/taunt animations.

    Excited to hear about more streams and I will definitely be watching!

  3. Woah, I nearly missed this one and it was hilarious (GOLD DUST KICK!!!). I would defiantly support the Twitch channel going further…

    …although I may need to sign up there to first.

  4. Livestreams were one of my favorite things from GamesRadar and I obviously love listening to you guys just make fun of stuff and go through nostalgia so the more the better.

  5. This video was amazing. I lost my shit at the reactions to goldust/vader animations. I hope you guys never stop making content, because as long as you do, I will keep watching. Sincerely appreciative of all the work you guys put into entertaining the masses.

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