Cape Crisis #92 – The Batfleck Gambit


A Superhero Spotlight on the pre-Channing Tatum Gambit, “EXCLUSIVE” audio of Ben Affleck from the set of Superman vs Batman movie, Fantastic Four, and more!


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Cape Crisis #92 Question: What X-Man do you think deserves their own solo film?

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #92 – The Batfleck Gambit

  1. I seriously don’t get the Channing Tatum hate from Henry. “So he gets to be crazy attractive AND funny? Fuck you”

    …So, by that logic, shouldn’t he also hate Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman and almost half of Hollywood actors that have appeared in genuinely funny roles?

    I mean, I get the “He has a dumb face” complaint, because I did think so as well when I first saw him, but even after acknowledging that he can be a good actor you hate him because he’s good AND good looking? It jsut doesn’t compute.

    Ah well, I guess I should just chalk it up to good ol’ irrational and dumb Henrage.

  2. Sweet god I love that Batman costume. I’m happy I can take solace in the fact that even if Batman vs. Superman ends up being a giant mess that at least Batman will look cool.

  3. Fuck you to Chris. This is all baby shit garbage, all these movies could be nitpicked to hell. It just seems like some are more nitpicked than others. All you guys and half the internet did was fucking whine about how bad the movie was going to be leading up to it. Then when someone points out that fact suddenly the high horses come out and I’m getting chastised.

    These are movies about men in tights punching things, stop complaining about everything and just enjoy.

    “You don’t disagree with me, you’re just pretending to disagree with me. To seem cool.”
    Yep, you got me!

    1. Well, I NEVER! Look, you clearly have some pent up regarding some of the stuff we’ve been saying, but I honestly don’t even know WHAT MOVIE you’re talking about. Are you slagging us for being “DC haters” or talking about our thoughts on the Spider-man movies? (Either way, I certainly hope my confusions points out the slight hypocrisy of calling us Marvel kiss asses.)

      I don’t recall chastising you anywhere, so I should perhaps caution you about taking our opinions personally. As for ridiculous statements like “Some movies are nitpicked more than others” and “stop complaining about everything and just enjoy” please let me be the first to say WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! Or criticism. Or the reason to do an entire weekly podcast about comics in the first place. I’ve personally spent a lot of time and money (college) focusing on how to articulate why not everything tastes the same, so I’m not likely to stop any time soon. I sincerely apologize if any of this has left you butt hurt

      1. While I agree with some of what G0oseG0ose said it could of been said…uh… I rarely listen to Cape Crisis simply because of everything that comes out of Henry’s mouth. As a matter of fact if he is on another show on this network I’ve been known to cut it off. I despise him. I don’t even know him. Which is fucking stupid on my part. Regardless I love every show on this goddamn site and tend to think Chris may be a God in disguise. But at the end of the day we aren’t always going to agree. Big Bang Theory and Man of Steel are great examples of where I will disagree with him. But the thing is, who cares? So Chris and to his credit Henry aren’t the biggest DC fans. Or for better or worse Big Bang Theory. They don’t HAVE to like any of these fucking properties. It’s no skin off anyone’s back if they disagree with you. Though I dunno how I feel about the statement that nitpicking is why one would have a weekly podcast on a topic. That really only gives me more a reason to continue not listening to this show. If I wanted to listen to Nitpick Crisis I would. I would rather listen to Big Bang Theory Crisis, shit, that show has more than outlived it’s welcome. It is the internet, which, kinda does explain a bit of the disconnect I suppose. I think what I’m rambling about is, G0oseG0ose it’s not that big a deal dawg. I may be a newb here but enjoy the other shows man. I know they cant all suck. Chris is a funny dude. Henry pisses me off, but sometimes he can be funny and he has some good points. See I ain’t gonna just shit on him. Maybe Cape Crisis isn’t for you? I kinda go back and forth on it. We don’t always have to like everything. Maybe Redtube will make you feel better?

        1. The show isn’t about nitpicking, it’s a discussion. About comics. The more comics that get brought up, by numerous people with divergent tastes, the more they get distilled to what the individuals think is important. It’s not nitpicking, it’s the nature of discussion. Perhaps you feel your side is underrepresented, and that’s fair. And PLEASE LET US KNOW. I love hearing divergent opinions because I love talking about this stupid shit at length and that’s what makes for an interesting discussion.

          Just because your opinion is different doesn’t mean I don’t respect it, nor you. We’re not here to stroke anyone’s ego, and I personally feel free to be more honest than ever. While I certainly say some ignorant shit about things I know little about (hi, Big Bang Theory!) it’s still coming from a place of sincerity. No, we don’t HAVE to like anything, but I personally approach everything hoping to. When I don’t, I’ll tell you why.

          Oh, and Hank’s the fucking best. I know of no other person who as knowledgeable, and educated in every area of pop culture than Henry Gilbert. That, and the reasons you think you “hate” him (his opinions, moral stances, etc.) are actually what make him invaluable to a podcast discussion. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

          1. I see. Duly noted. I don’t know that I was clear enough to what I was responding too. I actually agree with most of his moral stances. His “fanboy” side is what irks my nerves. Other than that I don’t truly hate him. Henry is a fine boy. I’m sure he would look cute in a bowler hat. Anyway, I have a thing with people who get so passionate about something because they think they are the end all be all of any one topic. It’s not that I have an issue with WHAT we disagree with. It’s the how far one is willing to take it. I guess semantics and I have a love-hate relationship. I was also responding to both you Chris and Goose dude up there. I suppose I could of directly stated as such. I apologize.

            And for clarity I think clearing any animosity may be a good idea, that as much of the misgivings I have with Henry, I don’t want to kill him or anything. Who I view as obnoxious in some ways but important for the reasons you, Chris, have stated. I get it. I can’t disagree. Those misgivings are hard to let go. Maybe, like Goose there, I too should take my own advice and calm the fuck down. For example: I am not above ruining a several year friendship over someone’s rant about a movie they hated. Just a few carefully chosen words and I lose my shit. It’s not that I take it personal I just view it as a sort of righteous pretense. Frankly, maybe I shouldn’t have been friends with the after all. Perhaps my choosing of them was the wrong choice. Or maybe I can be a cunt.

            Anyway, there it is. I want to add more actually. I want to add that Lasertime is by far my favorite podcast. The network is awesome. And every show is good. I just don’t always like how Henry approaches some of his arguments and tries to validate bullshit. That’s all. So I choose to ignore it entirely. I have started listening again to this show and it’s easier to tune him out when he does it. Though it seems maybe I took some of it personal or it wasn’t that big of a thing. I actually haven’t heard it doing it since I picked the show back up. I actually wanted to hear more about your personal bullshit as you stated elsewhere that could only be found on this show. And as far as the honesty goes, I wish people would be more honest. No complaints here.

            Oh yeah. For the record, I quit watching Big Bang Theory regularly some time ago. I think it should of ended 2 seasons ago. It’s “every group” sterotypical (it isn’t just nerds) humor only lasts so long and I couldn’t keep up. I have since caught up on it but it feels like it’s trying too hard now. You guys got me on the Community train years ago. Too bad it set sail into the sunset. I hope this post helps? Thanks for responding, you didn’t have to.

    2. Welcome to the internet, where people have opinions and you’re free to disagree with them.

      You’re not, however, entitled to be a colossal asshole about them. Not here, anyway. You can go rant on the Laser Time subreddit that ten people use.

    3. I think you should listen to that section of the podcast and pay closer attention to the tone with which the guys were talking about your comment. They bore you no ill will. It’s all in good humor pal.
      If it makes you feel any better, I’m as big a Spider-Man reader and fanboy as Brett and Henry, and I sort of liked the movie.

  4. I dont know who youre talking about henry but i dont follow you on twitter or even really use it.

  5. Henry, could you do a GR piece on regionally delayed releases or something?
    Now that you know how we feel when and EU/AU/NZ release date is a few days or a few weeks after the US release.
    Still no smt 4 or kinect voice commands here in NZ…

  6. I liked the chanting during the first Electro fight. It really made it seem like he was a crazy guy finally snapping because his hero forgot about him.

  7. I want to add one more thing: I liked this show a lot. Also, Chris your goddamn Andre impression is just beautiful. Beautiful.

  8. Psylocke (Played byKo Shibasaki 37 ronin) movie would be awesome and feature Polaris (Played by Katee Sackhoff) and Dazler ( played by ellie Goulding.) The villain of the movie could be Stryfe (Played by Kevin Durand wolverine origins blob) because he has an awesome voice and is a very unique actor.

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