Join us for a Super Time Force Live Stream this afternoon


Come along with Chris and Dave as they put Super Time Force to the test! Stream begins at 4:30pm Pacific Time over on LaserTime’s Twitch Channel [UPDATE: YouTube archive is now embedded for your viewing pleasure! Apologies for the audio quality, the audio corrects a bit a view minutes in]

11 thoughts on “Join us for a Super Time Force Live Stream this afternoon

  1. Dammit! you decide to make a stream the very evening I’m gonna have to go join a “March for peace” in my Mexican hometown. Yeah, things are this lovely down here -.-

    Anyway, maybe I can catch a bit before the end? if not, at least I’ll watch the archive! (:

  2. Man I love these, just wish my internet could actually hold a steady stream so I could watch. It’s probably difficult to upload somewhere but it’d be cool if these could be saved to youtube or something.

    Keep the good stuff rolling!

  3. Well that was fun. Thanks for bothering to do this again. Now it’s time to go see Godzilla and hopefully not hate it.

  4. Sorry I was not able to watch it live but I am in the process of watching it right now! Always nice to see Dave! Wooooo!

  5. I couldn’t be there live. I was already in the theater for Godzilla when it started. I’ll definitely watch the video if it gets put on youtube.

    Your FAPs are great

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