Announcing Laser Time’s Block Karty!


For one stupid week, you pick what stupid game we play. LET’S GET THIS KARTY STARTED!

I’ve talked some shit on Nintendo, and especially the Wii U, but I can’t lie. Mario Kart 8 has basically become my Phantom Menace. And fortunately for me, the reviews have been up for a while and don’t seem to make me nor my expectations look unfounded. Maybe that’s just the unemployment talking, but I’d happily camp out in a Target midnight launch line of slobbering hics, pissing into Mountain Dew: Code Red bottles all the while, just ‘cause I’m stupid excited to Blueshell fools online in the purdiest looking Mario Kart, possibly Wii U game, we’ve ever laid on. I can’t help myself. Nintendo’s wonderfully dumbass racer is in now fused to me DNA…

And yeah, I’ve got a bit of free time. So behold: It’s the week-long Laser Time Block Karty! And no, I honestly don’t care if you’re not interested. You’re just wrong… but you’ll learn. Because each and every day up until Mario Kart 8 is on our hearts and hands on May 30th, I’m going to be streaming a stupid ass non-Mario Kart game chosen by you guys at 2pm Pacific on the Laser Time Twitch channel. If you miss it, I’ll probably archive it over on the Laser Time YouTube channel. But what am I saying, you’re already subscribed to both right?!

Who knows, there may be prizes n stuff? So whuddya say? What Kart game are we streaming today, my little chickadees?!

And yeah, this poll is based on the few games I know I can play and readily stream and I’m ridiculously open to suggestions over the next couple of days. Lemme know!


22 thoughts on “Announcing Laser Time’s Block Karty!

  1. Is this going to have a theme each day (eg: kart games)? If so, old Disney platformers because those were greeeaat. Or Looney Tunes. Whatever, as long as you fools talk about some damn cartoons.

    I’m with Mickey’s Speedway because Disney and because I vaguely remember the demo but The Muppets will do 😉

  2. What is wrong with you guys and your sense of fun??? Where’s the joy in watching Chris n’ company play decent, competent games? The true comedy would stem from making him play the truly horrible ones… like the smurfs racer…

  3. The only Kart Racer I care to see is “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am”, all other Kart Racers are pretenders to the throne.

  4. It may not be a cart racer, but if you could stream any F-Zero game, that would be awesome to watch. Preferably F-Zero GX, but you need Brett to be there for that show for sure.

  5. One shell’s red and the other’s blue,
    when you play the Muppets Karty Cruise!

  6. Loving all the new enthusiasm Chris is putting into the LT network. I’ll happily watch as much as I can this week

  7. Having Diddy Kong Racing in this poll is like when WWE asks the audience whether they want guys to wrestle a Submission Match, a Two-Out-of-Three-Falls Match, or a STEEL CAGE MATCH.

  8. Any chance you can get some Blur in there? Its pretty much a Kart racer. Also the designer is my room mate and he’ll get a kick out of it.

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