25 Mario Kart Clones in TWO MINUTES


From the good, to the bad, to the downright shameful, get ready to see more recognizable characters in a single sitting than you ever thought possible!

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Mario Kart 8. Tomorrow. BE THERE!


9 thoughts on “25 Mario Kart Clones in TWO MINUTES

    1. Really wanted WWE in there, but there’s never a single moment where you can recognize a single wrestler. Not even in the cutscenes. May as well have used footage of the Undertaker monster truck

  1. I think Motor Kombat needs to be acknowledge. It’s by no means a good game but not a kick in the balls either. You get all the MK characters and they get to drive karts. I compare it to taking a shower with a strobe light. Showers are fun but add a strobe light and it’s amazing. Trust me

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