Cape Crisis #94 – Wrong About Quicksilver


We’ve got a ton of new developments to discuss with Marvel films, plus Original Sin reactions, a new superhero spotlight, and we end with a spoilerific conversation about Days of Future Past…


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Cape Crisis #94 Question: Share your Days of Future Past thoughts!

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #94 – Wrong About Quicksilver

  1. Still think Quicksilver looked kinda goofy, but he was fantastic in the movie. I really wish he had a bigger role. A bit sad there was no mention of Scarlet Witch, but oh well. Here’s hoping he gets that bigger role in Age of Apocalypse!

  2. Quicksilver was a genuine surprise to me. I’m glad that Bryan Singer seems to still be able to hit it out of the park

  3. spoilers: I was surprised at some of the violence in this movie. Not complaining, I think it elevated the movie for the better. I am specifically talking about blink Geting empaled three times, sunspot getting his face burnt off, iceman Geting the forward down forward low punch fatality treatment and colossus getting torn in half. Lighter note I was really surprised to see James marsden back as cyclops.

  4. walked into the theatre too late, had to sit in the front seats, thought the 3D would make the whole film look like globs of shit, but surprisingly the 3D was exceptional at that range. I’ve heard people say they could take or leave the 3D conversion on this film, but it was above average and super immersive for me.

    as for the movie, tremendously great. I underestimated everyone involved. Fox has let me down in the past, but I should have known Singer would bring it home.

    what’s up with Magneto quoting James Brown? that got a big grin out of me. and did the Wolverine vs rebar scene remind everyone of the dream issue back in the 90’s when magneto rips out the adamantium?

  5. Yea I just watched it yesterday and I left incredibly impressed. Quick Silver was awesome and my friend mentioned that he kinda had to be left out of the movie or else he would basically be the trump card that basically wins everything. I loved how humanizing it was, I guess I’m just used to the rest of the marvel movies where nothing too brutal happens and the heroes are for the most part alright. I loved how it wasn’t stuffed with action either. I dunno just very impressed.

  6. They really made the future X-Men look weak, also if anyone should’ve been killed it’s Wolverine yet they made him the star of yet another X-movie. This movie really disappointed me the characters I wanted to see didn’t get enough to do.

  7. I haven’t had the time to watch X-Men: DOFP yet so I can’t talk about that yet.

    However, I really believe that the Ant-Man situation is a bad move by Marvel. If the reports are true about the rewrites (probably are), then this is the biggest mistake Marvel Studios have ever made. Especially with the reports that they’re trying to get the director of We’re the Milers and Dodgeball to direct Ant-Man now that Edgar Wright left.

    I’m a BIG Edgar Wright fan, and I own all of his films (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, and The World’s End). Edgar Wright’s films, like you said Henry Gilbert, are dense, packed with a lot of jokes and a lot of style. For me, Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers and this rewrite fiasco has made me really bummed out, as this could have been Wright’s first major success. But this fiasco has also made up my mind that I will not watch the Ant-Man movie, period. Wright was my ONE and only reason to watch Ant-Man. With him gone, I’m gone.

    I have seen all of the Marvel Studios film, but I’m not a huge fan of them like many people are. The films range from very good to okay to disposable. Iron Man, Avengers, and Captain America 2 are my favorite Marvel films, but I would pick any of Edgar Wright’s films over them. Plus, Thor 2 was just decimated by rewrites and reshoots, and while it was okay, it wasn’t a great movie. Captain America 2 worked out fine with the Russo brothers, but again, the director of We’re the Millers and Dodgeball could be directing Ant-Man, not the man who directed Shaun, Hot Fuzz, Scot Pilgrim, World’s End.

    It has been one week since the news broke out (nice job by Marvel spoiling the news over Memorial Day weekend), and it still bumming me out. As I said on Twitter: F#*k you, Marvel.

    Sorry for the long rant. Great show as always Gilbert, and now to find the time to watch X-Men.

    P.S. This video shows why Edgar Wright is one of the best:

  8. Hey guys, a little off topic but I’ve got a comic rant:

    After reading all the old Guardians of the Galaxy comics (and related tie-ins) I thought I’d check out some the the new ones that just started getting published last year (3 years after the previous run ended). I read the first one and it was pretty good. After that, though, it just kind of went off the rails. It seemed to be continuing the story from the previous comics, but little things were changed, and some things were changed for no apparent reason. There were also some pretty major changes (like a character that was killed was all of a sudden alive with no explanation or even acknowledgement). So, I start doing some searching online to find out what’s going on and if this is just all me being confused. Maybe I missed a few books…

    Nope, apparently this is all standard fare for an author I’d never read before: Brian Michael Bendis. I guess Bendis has a reputation for bending (haha, see what I did there?) the previously established lore to fit the story he wants to tell. I can understand a bit of that, but maybe at least pay some fan service to why you’re doing it? Plus, most of the writing just wasn’t that good. Anyway, I really hope that the upcoming film takes more cues from Abnet and Lanning than from Bendis. Oh, and I guess I’ll be avoiding Bendis books in the future…

    I’m curious what other’s thoughts are. Are there Bendis books I shouldn’t avoid (maybe he’s better if he isn’t working of someone else’s continuity?) I see that he also wrote Age of Ultron and you guys have complained quite a bit about that one…

    1. Gotta disagree with you there, Cody. As the Rifftrax guys found out, it’s no fun to do an amusing commentary over intentionally funny movies.

      For the next commentaries I want more films they’re experts on but would hate on. Batman & Robin for Henry, Star Trek Into Darkness or Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for Brett, and something unbearable that’s Disney for Chris… suggestions people?

      1. Brett and the rest actually liked Star Trek: Into Darkness, and I don’t disagree with them. So I very much doubt they’d release a hate commentary for it.

        As for something Disney that’s unbearable for Chris… hm, Atlantis? XD I dunno, but it’s generally agreed that that one is the worst animated Disney film released up to date, no?

  9. I want to believe that neither professor x or magneto wanted to take quicksilver with them because he’s just a kid.

  10. I thought that DoFP was one of the best X-Men movies ever. Mainly because of the whole undo-ing of the events of The Last Stand. I thought every actor played their roles well especially Hugh Jackman,Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender. I was totally caught off guard by seeing Cyclops and Jean Grey at the end of the film which made me walk out of the film happy.
    My one complaint is that there wasn’t enough Quicksilver but I am hoping he returns in the near future (providing that Disney is ok with it). Overall, this movie has restored my trust in the franchise and Fox and I hope that Singer stays on as the director forever.

  11. Even though I’m only a casual X-Men fan, but I loved it. Quicksilver indeed looked silly, but I had high hopes for Evan Peters’ portrayal having enjoyed him in American Horror story, and thankfully it all came together in the end.

  12. i thought i had already listened to this episode, but when i decided to do reruns this week a discovered i hadn’t listened to this one yet.
    this ep had a really good super hero spotlight in it, really shed a lot of light on ol’ A-Poc.
    i knew a little about him, but he hardly ever showed up in any of the comics I read.
    very good episode, tho… what was wrong with brett? he seemed a little down.

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