7 thoughts on “Quick Mario Kart 8 Tournament TONIGHT

    1. If I can’t make it today, my username is the same as here if anyone wants to play in the future.

  1. I dont think i will ever buy a wii u, but damn this stream always makes me second guess that

  2. great time. I’ve got tomorrow off work, so this was a great surprise when I was already half drunk on rye this evening. my gf joined in too, even though she doesn’t really know what twitch is.

  3. Bloody facebook. This post didn’t show up in my newsfeed until just now!
    All of your streams are early morning for me, I wasn’t expecting one to pop up when I’ve actually got time to watch. Oh well, I hope everything went swimmingly.

  4. Hopefully I can get in on one of these sometime, keep us updated on when you are planning them and I will try, looks super fun.

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