Cheap Popcast #26 – Payback, Betrayal, and Love


A larger-than-usual Cheap Popcast brings Dave, Henry, Grimm, and Chris together to talk about Payback and weird 1990s Monday Night Raw wedding proposals, while Dave takes a few minutes to talk about this week’s Raw breakup.

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #26 – Payback, Betrayal, and Love

  1. Also just so you guys know apparently Russev beating the shit out of the black wrestlers is to give a storyline reason for a new Nation of Domination.

  2. Fantastic episode. The comparison of Rybaxel to bulk and skull was amazing. Shocked to hear you guys were down on the Barrett/RVD match, I thought that it was phenomenal. Same goes for Legends House. I didn’t know really any of these guys besides Mean Gene and Piper, and I hate reality shows, but Legends House is legit amazing. Especially the episode with the LARPing. Was sad to hear you guys dismiss it. The episode with the make-your-own-commercials was a fairly boring and forced one, I beg Antista to give it another shot.

    I hope the Rollins turn leads to Rollins/Orton as tag team champions. I was, like Grimm, sad to see Big E get fed to Rusev. He deserves better. Ziggler too. Seeing him lose to Del Rio was one of the biggest “fuck you’s” to fans I’ve ever seen. Vince must really hate that Ziggler refuses to lift weights. Also, for the record, I have the network and it works just fine on PS3, no hiccups or lag ever, so it’s not broken on all consoles (also might be dependent on your internet connection.)

    @spadesslick dirtsheets should never be taken as 100% fact. while the booking is strange, I just can’t see them doing that in the PG-era, it’s too much of a racial subject. It could be mere coincidence that Kofi and Xavier/Truth were fed to rusev, seeing as they’re jobbers and all the other jobbers were part of other storylines. Big E being fed to him struck me as more of a “this guy is the same size as Rusev and is fairly reputable so people won’t consider it a squash match” kind of thing. However if they pit Henry against Rusev, then we’ll know for sure they’re setting it up. But in the end, if it takes 5+ people to take down Rusev, it makes this new nation of domination seem pretty damn weak. And let’s be real, a faction made up of Henry, Big E, Truth, Xavier, Kofi, and Funkadactyls isn’t really going to dominate anything.

    My biggest complaint as of late is that their booking is just way too easy to tell who is going to win and who isn’t. I get WWE wants to protect new talent, but they’re booking things entirely too predictably.

    Lastly, as much as I love Cesaro, I don’t want to see him win the MITB match if it’s for the titles. Jumping from losing a US title match to winning the WWE WHC seems way too quick and unrealistic, even if he is Cesaro. Also, if they’re slating to do the whole “dbry loses to lesnar at summerslam then cesaro takes the title from lesnar, splitting up the heyman guys faction” route, I don’t like that either. I’m a fan of all 3 men, but lesnar should be booked like superman cena for at least another year or two. Losing to Cesaro makes him look weak even if Cesaro is strong as hell. Cesaro hasn’t even really beaten any main eventers outside of Orton in the past year, has he? I hate those superman pushes…. plus he doesn’t even need that briefcase to get a title shot, give it to someone who actually needs a push, Vince. My dream MITB match with the current roster would probably be Rollins vs RVD vs Sin Cara vs Cody vs Ziggler vs Big E

    Hopefully this wasn’t too long of a post. I just love me some wrasslin. Could talk for days. Still want a fireside chat episode with Henry just breaking down WWE’s behind the scenes “tricks” that fans don’t know about

    1. Welp, I guess I stand corrected. Dirtsheets are saying they’re looking at rusev vs henry at MITB. While it’s not fact, it’s got a good shot of making it. Can’t believe they’re going to have Rusev go over on Henry like that. Once he inevitably loses to Cena he will become the next Del Rio – a heel WWE overbooks that nobody reacts to

      The rest of the dirtsheet-rumored matches are going to make for one real shitty MITB PPV if you ask me. Some of those matches we’ve literally seen on RAW for free.

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