Terminator 2 Canal Chase Scene recreated in Grand Theft Auto V


This, my friends, is why God made the internet…

I’d say I’m not sure exactly how the hell YouTube maestro John Chapman went about this damn near shot-for-shot remake of T2’s most famous sequence entirely within the confines of GTA V, but one of the best things about video is the outtakes/making-of portion that follows… which I’m guessing is an equally geeky celebration of the movies of Burt Reynolds! The impressive eye for detail had me riveted, by the time I heard the pubescent shrieks of Edward Furlong, I was outright cackling. Seriously, this is great:

Not to be all gift-horsey, John, but if you’re looking for a much more elaborate, far less popular Los Angeles-based follow up, may I humbly recommend this scene from To Live and Die in LA?! My personal favorite car chase of all-time.

6 thoughts on “Terminator 2 Canal Chase Scene recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

  1. Great scene! I can always appreciate hard work like this. Maybe someone in the future could do it in Gary’s Mod, or Mario Kart 8’s Toad Harbor level? They have motorcycles.

  2. I used to do this back in the day. I recorded scenes from die hard with my home alone talk boy and then would put on true lies for the super nes and play the recorded dialogue and pretend I was playing a die hard game. My parents thought it was pretty weird but also genius. I finally got my wish when die hard trilogy was released for the PlayStation and I could retire from recording movies to create my own game experiences. Glad to see over twenty years latter people are still doing this.

  3. I have a question about theTo Live and Die in L.A. chase scene. When they start driving into traffic on the freeway, traffic appears to be on the reversed sides with the opposite traffic on the right side of the driver as opposed to the usual left side. WTF?

    1. Simple answer: when they’ve finished also converting it to Xbox One and PS4. Then all three will be released together.

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