Vidjagame Apocalypse 67 – Kids in Peril


After last week’s child-endangering double-whammy of Watch Dogs and Among the Sleep, we thought, “Hey, that looks fun,” and decided to focus this week’s Top 5 on games that put kids into life-threatening situations, often for no other reason than to provoke an easy emotional response from the audience. Then it’s on to the disappointing Murdered: Soul Suspect,  a smattering of pre-E3 news, and your favorite non-Mario kart racers.

Question of the Week

We’re taking next week off for E3 — so when we come back, tell us: Which game, announcement, reveal, or moment was your favorite?



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17 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 67 – Kids in Peril

  1. I liked it when that guy in that game shot that other guy who had a family. Was really profound and a great step for games as an art form.

  2. As a gamer who waits for many games to drop to $20, I debated picking up Heavy Rain for a while. But that dialogue is so cringe worthy, I wouldn’t be able to take it serious. You guys had me dying of laughter with those accents.

  3. You can relax Chris, because you were totally right.

    Yoshi’s Island was NOT called Super Mario World 2 in Japan.

    It was called Super Mario: Yoshi’s Island, which makes it a core Super Mario Bros. game about as much as Super Mario RPG is…

    As far as Japan is concerned, the Super Mario Bros. series goes:

    Super Mario Bros. = SMB1
    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels = SMB2
    Super Mario Bros. 3 = SMB3
    Super Mario World = SMB4

    And while not officially, I personally consider New Super Mario Bros., Wii, 2, and U to be SMB5, 6, 7, and 8.

    Personally, I hope with the next NSMB game, they pull a Mario Kart 7 on that shit and just call it Super Mario Bros. 9.

  4. Speaking of David Cage a good Kid in peril moment was in Beyond: Two Souls, where a teenaged Ellie is almost brutally gang raped at a bar. While it’s very untastefully done and literally involves a pinball table ala The Accused, the fact that later on in the game it shown to still have adeep effect on Jodie was very touching, she cries after a failed attempt to have sex and it was quite moving and showed childhood “adventure and experiences” can still have an effect and got me thinking of how kids in game would turn out as adults.

  5. Weird that Mikel mentioned Tempest not too long ago because Sony’s new Entwined game looks like it’s current-gen sequel.

  6. I think Mortal Kombat X was my favorite part of E3. Game looks amazing and violent. The banners floating around E3 with Scorpion and Subzero reminded me of the add campaign for 3, when they had the weird symbols on the posters(ying yang, lightning bolt and skull.) MK3 was my first ps1 game so the series holds a special part in my heart. Runner up was rainbow six but I fear that it wont look or play nearly as good as it is being shown in the demo cause that looked ps5 or 6 nuts. P.S. as a balding man in his 30 I keep my hair short and seeing Ed Boon living in denial hurt me. I think if he shaved his head he would look bad ass like Arnold Vosloo aka imhotep from the mummy.

  7. The Crackdown 3 reveal is what really got me excited. I have so far not felt a need for an Xbox One…but this is the first announcement that has really made me feel like I need to buy an Xbox One!

  8. QOTW: I was excited by the Ratchet & Clank Movie teaser trailer. It’s not because I’m that much of a Ratchet & Clank fan in the first place, but it’s because it looks to be the first video game movie that faithfully represents what the game actually is on the big screen. Hopefully, if it is successful (and good) enough, it could be the catalyst that causes other video game movies to try harder and maybe we can finally get some good video game adaptations.

  9. QOTW: Ori and the Blind Forest looks amazing. I love the art style and the more I learn about the game, the more I want to play it.

  10. Pretty much loved the entire Nintendo presentation. Obviously the Zelda “trailer” and everything Smash was great but that Yoshi? DAMN. Looking to get wooly up in here.

    I should say that AC:Unity looked pretty cool. Really enjoyed the trailer and the multiplayer demo, though I should say I’m sleeping with a team member so take that how you will.

    Mass Effect anything, even that barely glimmer of whatever makes me happy. And just so many new things.. gah!

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