Bubble Dragon: You Need to Watch This


Fans of Bubble Bobble, VGM, and yes, Laser Time: Stop what you’re doing and press PLAY

For those of you wondering what closed out this week’s Japan-soaked episode of Laser Time, look no further. The song you’re looking for is called “Bubble Dragon” by the band 7bit Hero and it’s one of my favorite personal favorite ANYTHINGZ of 2014. Yes, yes, we’ve all heard somebody add lyrics to an 8bit game song, and/or write an clever VG parody to a more modern tune, but this… I don’t even know how to describe this… A sincere, modern jam made about an 8-bit game, although not necessarily made with it? Shit, I’m flailing…

Thank Bub and Bob there’s a video:

The video, while jarringly heavy-handed towards the end, is a fucking wondrous sight for those of us who grew up traversing 100+ of candy-colored monster mazes (even if your personal edition of the latter chorus started with an “N.”) I want to play Taito everything right now. Obviously, the song itself… it’s like if a blowjob kicked me in the nuts: Orgasmic, gut-wrenching pleasure. See this is why I don’t right about music, I’ll shut up now. You should be watching and not reading anyway… More 7Bit Hero glory here.

9 thoughts on “Bubble Dragon: You Need to Watch This

  1. That was a nostalgia trip, Bubble Bobble was the first game I ever owned, or at least the first one I can remember. Years later when I realised I was the only one in the house who liked games I wondered where the hell that Commodore 64 and all those games came from, turned out it was all my grandad’s, who apparently had a huge interest in technology and “space stuff”, so much so as to be the first guy in town to own a television, he even had Pong.

    I must admit I found the video a bit saccharine though, when I first heard the song I assumed a heartfelt ballad about what you do in Bubble Bobble was supposed to be a joke.

  2. Thanks for the memories. I remember a friend has snow brothers on his nes and he swore it was a sequel to bubble bobble. Sadly I had to inform him that he was wrong and his parents lied to him cause they were poor. I picture my ex friend working at a gamestop in tuscon Arizona and telling any one who will listen that snow brothers was the unofficial sequel to bubble bobble.

      1. Really, didn’t know that. Was it produced in limited quantities or did they get sued like tengen and the black nes carts?

  3. You know, it just occurred to me that I never played Bubble Bobble. Great song! Great job Chris! As usual you just pointed out why you are one of my favorite people on the internet. You are the star of my own personal TV show!

  4. Ugh, really like that song but that video is just kinda stupid. What kind of shitty father freaks out in front of a kid like that right after they both lose the wife/mother combo? Man up you fucking knob or get that kid to a grandparent’s house or something…

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