11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis Special – Batman: The Musical

  1. Aww yeah, I remember this episode, it was totes funny. Brooding gay Batmans singing musicals was super funny. “There are things that happen only in the Dark!”. Good memories can’t wait to get a load of this one again.

  2. This is still my favorite episode of any podcast on the Laser Time Network. It is just unreal. The songs made their way on to my iPod for a brief time in a weird mix of irony and fascination.

    This is the episode I always share with people to get them into Laser Time/Cape Crisis, etc. So great. Hopefully this re-post will introduce it to some new listeners.

  3. I want to give it another listen, but with every video game podcast I normally listen putting out, like, 3+ episodes this week, I just can’t make the time.

    Still, I downloaded it again in iTunes, that counts towards your something-or-other right?

  4. I UNIRONICALLY enjoy the songs from the musical.
    If anybody would like a MP3 of the gotham nights opening and the batman parts hit me up on @thelast9breaker on twitter.com

  5. Ah, I paid good money to see this show in London. Awful. Almost didn’t go back after the interval for the second half. Wish I hadn’t…

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