Marvel: Ultimate Alliance THE MOVIE!


This fan-made supertrailer for the entire┬áMarvel Cinematic Universe offers a tantalizing glimpse at what we can never, ever have…

Take a moment to enjoy every damn celluloid representation of the frustratingly disjointed MCU, up to and including a couple characters we haven’t actually met yet (and with strangely zero mention of Raimi’s Spidey trilogy), in a single, beautiful extended sizzle. I shouldn’t have to tell you it’s unofficial and fan-made as all get out, right? Because if SouperBoyX didn’t go to the trouble of assembling this “off the record”, it’s unlikely the folks at Marvel, Sony, and Fox would’ve stopped beating their pricks up against their cash forts long enough to commission anything similar. Seriously, watch this:

Goddamn, even the Fantastic Four crew look great in microscopically small doses! And now that you’ve watched it, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we FIGHT! I’m fucking sick of these three disparate Marvel universes hovering around one another, stubbornly pretending the others don’t exist, and it sure as shit isn’t showing any signs of stopping. I say it’s high time we TOOK IT BACK. Oh yes, I’m proposing we march right into those Sony and Fox offices, and nobody leaves until the ravaged boardrooms full of sobbing executives have signed back the Marvel movie rights to where they belong. Don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to storm those Burbank buildings and take it from them at “gun point” (you can’t see this but I’m totally pointing at my biceps so hard right now.)






10 thoughts on “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance THE MOVIE!

  1. NEEDS MORE GHOST RIDER!!!! Just kidding. Awesome trailer and great use of music. Crazy how the intro song from sunshine is used and that movie featured Captain America. Awesome parallel.

  2. Hey now Chris! You’re getting WAAAAY out of hand! You shouldn’t talk about bring guns into a boardroom and blah blah blah! SCREW REASON! Let’s take the power back! I’ll be your wingman Chris! Let’s bring down righteous fire!

  3. I will draw first blood with you sir. Lol why don’t they do a blade,ghost rider and punisher crossover movie. Punisher could stumble into a vampire den and get saved by blade. Ghost rider could fit in as a wild card that hurts the effort as much as he helps it. I would retain snipes and jane and recast cage with tom hardy! If he was in warrior shape he would kill as jhony blaze.

  4. Absolutely awesome and I’m with you. Even the cutting was fantastic, like making it look like Wolverine was fighting Hulk. Music too.

    Some small points:
    1. Ghost Rider briefly, but no Daredevil?
    2. Where the hell did he get the Ant-Man, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Days of Future Past footage? I’m pretty sure a few of those DOFP scenes weren’t in any trailers…
    3. I’m so sad Marvel doesn’t have Dr Doom or Galactus. The movies got the look of both right, then fucked up the execution.

    1. Daredevil was at 0:14 grabbing the cross and the Ant-Man footage was from an early concept leak when it was shown at comic con (in 2012 I believe).

  5. That was really good, but I wish it were just a bit shorter. Halfway through the middle it felt like it was just a montage of Marvel movies. It could have felt more real with fewer 1 second clips faded to black, back to back.

    Who am I kidding, I just wish this were real. Something like the Avengers on a massive level? I’d cum and explode, and die a happy man.

    1. I agree and the music was too light in the middle and then too heavy at the end. I would of started with the light; then go progressively heavy to build an emotional response.

  6. God damnit, how am I supposed to go about the rest of my shitty day knowing something like THAT could happen and would be so badass. Son of a bitch. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN

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