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    1. Thank you for defending Ghostbusters 2, by the way. The first movie will always and forever be my favorite movie of all time, but I think the second movie catches too much shit.

    1. I know right? Not hearing any of the guys, particularly Chris….Even Henry….He’s growing on me. lol Anyway, being on Laser Withdrawal has been driving me nuts.

  1. I’ve got two video game examples from my youth (more like teen years):

    Shadow Man 1 and 2
    Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 (I don’t count Tron Bon since that is a sideshoot and not an actual game to me)

    If I think of more vidgya gaemez examples I’ll post them… because I don’t watch movies lol

    1. Ugh. Now I have to go play those again. I never liked Shadowman 2 as much. I loved 1. I really did. Played it for a long time. Many times. There is actually a huge fan community as far as Legends goes though. Some have made fan games and are all but trying to harass Capcom to make a sequel lol.

  2. What about Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux? You guys were already taking about Airplane!. Damn, that punctuation is weird since all those movies have exclamation points in the titles.

  3. Zone of the Enders 1 & 2

    The first Game is very mediocre, bit ZoE2 is a legitimately great game that was sadly ignored by most. Rumblings of a third game appeared in 2012 but soon died because no one gave the HD collection a try 🙁

  4. Henry, the one who frequently calls anything that has to do with race racism, says that Wilt Chamberlain is in Airplane, instead of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and no one corrects him.

    I can’t believe Pee Wee wasn’t mentioned, either.

  5. Fuck ya, I was just saying that I can’t hear Bonnie Tyler without thinking of Short Circuit 2. First movie I ever heard saying “pissed off”

  6. Very good subject for an episode. I really enjoyed it. It was on the shortest side, but I understand hosting cost money and that certain subjects only warrent so much discussion.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for the episode.

  7. Great episode! This shouldn’t count but the Tim Burton Batman films. There was only two and both featured Keaton. Maybe technically counts; since the other two featured a different lead,director and tone.

    1. For official sequel did any one mention the french connection? If not, they both were great movies. Popeye Doyle Santa suit nuff said!

  8. Some of the best games ever, and probably the best Two and Through game series, the Chrono Series (Chrono Trigger and Cross).

  9. great podcast. missed some great films though. 2001: a space odyssey and its sequel 2010: the year we make contact. the superior film being 2001.

  10. “I Need a Hero” used to remind my of short circuit but now I can only think of the last mission of Saints Row 3. Thanks for the Laser Time Chris and company!

  11. This is what I love about Laser Time. I don’t personally know anyone apart from a few of my nearest and dearest who would even care to delve this deep into the merits of Short Circuit 2. Thanks, too, for including the main theme during the break.

  12. Henry was delightfully off in this episode. Wilt Chamberlain in Airplane!? Anne Murray in Grumpy Old Men? Fantastic.

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