The International Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has the most new footage ever


Groot speaks, Rocket laughs, Marvel dorks ejaculate…

A new trailer has popped up on the Marvel UK YouTube page, so let’s all secretly take a gander, because this trailer clearly isn’t for Americans. Only the most egregious crumpet-thumping Britos will find anything remotely appealing in this international trailer, so for the rest of us classless Yanks, there’s always this version.

7 thoughts on “The International Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has the most new footage ever

  1. If they keep releasing trailers I’m gonna just keep watching them with no self-restraint… so I kinda hope this is the last one until the movie is out. It looks so good that I don’t want to spoil myself anymore.

    Also the impression I got from Groot is that he’s basically Brick from Anchorman.
    “I’m Groot”

  2. First thing that strikes me about this trailer is how much more dramatic and serious it is in tone compared to the “US” trailers… Are the makers of these trailers implying that the UK lacks a sense of humor? 😛

    Anyway, movie still looks awesome, but framing the narrative as your typical “a ragtag team of underdogs is now the universe’s only hope…” made a groan and roll my eyes a little.

      1. I’m perfectly aware of that, it’s just noteworthy here because the previous trailers did the opposite of this one, offering a lighter, more playful tone and selling the Guardians more like a Firefly sort of crew, rather than framing them like they do in this trailer. Had this been the very first trailer for the movie, I would not have said anything, as it is, the contrast with the other trailers is a tad jarring.

  3. We are on the verge of our own Star Wars! I’m 32; so I didn’t get to see it in theaters. Serenity was my Star Wars but this may replace it.

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