Cape Crisis #96 – Talking To Fish


We’ve got a ton to talk about, including DC’s film plans, Aquaman’s history, the death of Casey Kasem, and even a bit of E3 reportage…


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Cape Crisis #96 Question: Who from the cast of Game of Thrones should play a comic book character?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #96 – Talking To Fish

  1. Two LaserTime Podcasts on the same day?! IT MUST BE NONDENOMINATIONAL WINTER HOLIDAY!

    (also you already used “Talking with Fish” as a title of CapeCrisis 28, the last time Aqua Man was relevant, oops)

  2. Hmm, not sure about how I feel about Chris on this episode.
    Also, I’m fucking FROM Calgary and I don’t even know about that Spider-Man comic from last week’s QOTW.

    1. Really having a hard time sympathizing with Chris’ unemployment woes as he joyously blows pot smoke in his cohosts faces.

  3. Those Canadian Spider-Man PSA comics were the first comics I ever had – I got them before I could even read. My dad is RCMP, and was a school liaison officer, so it was his job to hand out these free Spider-Man comics to kids. I remember being kinda scared by the comics, the cover to issue 2 is pretty freaky, and issue 3 had Ghostrider in it, who was very scary to my 4 year old self.

    1. I remember the cover for that “Skating on Thin Ice” issue of Spider-Man to be kinda freaky when I was a kid.

  4. high five Ben! my grandma was a teacher. that must be how I got them. I have 2 others in the series somewhere. I had the one with Ghostrider but can’t find it these days. 2nd issue was the big toothed worm monster right? that image is burned into my brain for life.

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