LT – Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons

[WARNING: Classic Laser] Naughty, sexual, and other highly suggestive/mature gags that soared over the heads of children…


Want more Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons? Peep the companion article for a lot more visual examples.


18 thoughts on “LT – Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons

  1. not that I mind, but what’s up with the repeats? and last weeks ep was banked from a few months back if I’m not mistaken.

    1. Chris’s grandmother died, so he’s in Florida for funerals and stuff. Also E3 had most of the Lasertime Crew in LA unable to do podcasts.

  2. I think the repeat is because Chris had to fly home because his Grandmother passed away. I think we can all let that one slide!

  3. Very kind of you to post something during such a stressful time, Chris. I wish there was something I could do to help ease your burden.

  4. Quote from Chris: “…Talkradar, the show I still do with you guys at Gamesradar…”

    Oh, man this is an old episode. All the feels!!1!

    But seriously, a gaping hole in my heart where Talkradar once was. And now, even Coop is leaving Radioradar! This, Firefly, Giant Bomb’s current flux, and Heroes season 1 have basically taught me to never love again.

    1. Coop leaving GR is rough. that one surprised me. I know Hank and crew can handle it, but Coop’s personality will be missed

  5. HenereyG is incorrect to say punching wasn’t allowed on BTAS
    “Like X-Men, the program was much more adult oriented than previous typical superhero cartoon series. In their constant quest to make the show darker, the producers pushed the boundaries of action cartoons: it was the first such cartoon in years to depict firearms being fired instead of laser guns (only one person has ever been actually depicted as shot; James Gordon in episode 49 was seen to have a gunshot wound after the firefight was finished), Batman actually punching and kicking the antagonists, as well as the existence of blood (such as Batman having a trail of blood from his mouth); ”

  6. All this Talk Radar made me think of Tyler Nagata? I loved him on the early podcast (Talk Radar 97 H- Games) but haven’t heard him on the Laser Time network yet.

  7. As I sit here at 2:30 in the morning, playing some Bravely Default, and Watch Batman:The Brave and the Bold, I come across Episode 43.
    In this Episode, the Birds of Prey are trying to get Batman’s Memory back, as he thinks he is a gangster. Needless to say, Shenanigans happen, and they find them selfs center stage. Que the Music Number!

    Wait, did they just infer that the Green Lantern (One of the two, for they show two, sometimes at the same time) isn’t very big?! ok, Flash finishing first Joke… Thought It might be Wally or Berry (again, they like to have “family” reunions)
    Canary isn’t so happy about the Arrow possibly being a womanizer (Or maybe gay? Questionmark?)
    Aquaman and his small fish.
    Wait, Plastic Man is the big one?! Well, um, I guess it makes sense.

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