Cape Crisis #97 – In The Name Of The Moon


Chris returns from the south with stories to tell, a Bat-anniversary makes us feel really old, and Carolyn makes everything feel really special in this week’s extra awesome episode…


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Cape Crisis #97 Question: Whats the first comic book-related toy you remember cherishing?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #97 – In The Name Of The Moon

  1. In the name of the Moon I will punish you! Just the sight brings back great toonami memories like this one.

  2. Sailor Moon was kind of my jam during the Toonami days however after glancing at the Sailor Moon Wikia to jog my memories a little I realized that I’m very much a novice in what I know Holy Diver that thing is deep.

  3. HOLD THE PHONES! People other than me played Danganronpa? Fuck your nerd comic shit, I want more of this discussion.

  4. As a child of the 90’s, I saw my fair share of Sailor Moon. I have nothing more to add but I am interested in a reboot of that series.

  5. Was some of the background music in this episode Romantic Soul Music? It sounded like it especially during the QotW it made for a funny juxtaposition.

  6. After listening to this, I miss hearing Carolyn go on tangents like she did when she hosted the old Talkradar days.

  7. A remote control bat mobile, except the control was attached to the bat mobile via a 2 foot wire, so I had to run around with the bat mobile in order for it to work.

    1. She also tempers Henrys feminism with…..actually being a woman.

      “Uhh ever read shojo manga?” Lol

      Carolyn ftw

  8. My favorite toy was the batman animated series batcave. Thing was genius for its time because it pulled out into 3 sections via hinges. It sure beat the home made one I made out of a discarded flobee box,magic marker and a box cutter. Not comic book releated but does anyone remember mad balls? Just curious thanks. Stalloner boner Chris!

  9. I’ll give Henry some cred. He’s come around for me, I used to fucking despise this guy. If he was on a show I wouldn’t download it. Period. Maybe he has grown on me, maybe I just got used to it and let it be. Eitherway, Henry is, well, Henry. But I can see some pros against those cons I had previously.

    Always good to have Diana or Carolyn or ay female really on the shows. I think I’ve really come around on this Cape bullshit. I certainly do not always agree with Henry or even everyone else. But overall it’s pretty good. I think I can take back all my negative horseshit now. <3

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