Cheap Predictions: Pick WWE Money in the Bank 2014 results and win!

Think you’re money at WWE PPV predictions? If you guess the most Money in the Bank results correctly, your choice of wrestler theme closing out next PPV’s Cheap Popcast. Read on for Dave’s picks and then make yours!

Hey-o, it’s time for more Cheap Predictions! Firstly, I hope you enjoyed the recent bonus episode about WWE future endeavorings. I’m hoping to put the show on a twice-a-month schedule, so if you’ve enjoyed the increased output, please take the time to rate and review the show on iTunes! Now, onto Money in the Bank!

As we’ve been doing for awhile now, the reader who makes the most correct predictions gets to pick the song that plays at the conclusion of next month’s episode of Cheap Popcast! First, though, a recap of the Payback predictions. I went five-for-seven on the pre-announced matches, because of course I still don’t think Cena and Sheamus won’t win every month. Tron was the only person to pick all seven results correctly, and he chose The Legacy’s theme to close the show.

Here’s how the prediction contest goes. I’m going to make my picks in this here article, and then open up the replies to you awesome listeners. You will then pick a winner (or if you’re feeling frisky, a rare draw/double DQ) for each match (don’t worry about getting the finish right, I’m just looking for winners), and then, just in case there’s a tie for correct predictions, pick a running time for the final match listed (the presumed main event) as a tiebreaker.

What does the winner get? Well, you can make your mark on the next PPV-themed Cheap Popcast episode by choosing the show’s closing theme. Pick the wrestler theme and include a YouTube URL to a wrestler’s theme alongside your predictions (including the running time of the final match listed) and I’ll give you a shout-out before throwing to our episode-ender. Let’s kick off the predictions!

Man, for a week or two, I was worried that we’d drop from two MITB matches last year to zero this year, due to the main event featuring dudes climbing to become the new champion. Fortunately, we’ll actually have a match for the contract this year, but due to the lack of a second world championship, you kinda need a contract-holder to be near-main-event-level already. With that in mind, there’s only really two people with enough momentum to be near-champs, and they both used to be in The Shield. I think it’s too early for Seth Rollins’ heel turn to look like a bad move for the guy, so I say Seth Rollins wins.

Since WWE’s recycling this match, I’m recycling my prediction: Rusev’s WWE career is still in it’s infancy, and he’s got a few more months of PPV victories before anything changes, so Rusev wins.

This feud has been predicated on the two combatants kissing Fandango, and then the jilted female pouring milk on the other. Both women have shown they’re capable of good matches, but I’m guessing WWE slots this as the pee-break comedy match. Only one of the people involved in this match is in an upcoming WWE movie, so I say Summer Rae wins. Then she kicks Fandango in the balls or something.

Stardust has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the last month. It’ll probably be taken down in a hot minute, but the Goldust/Stardust interview on this week’s Smackdown was pretty amazing, and it’s shocking how quickly Cody has taken to this new personality. I hope crowds take to the tag team as much as the internet and we see another tag strap run, but I think they’re safe for this weekend regardless. Goldust and Stardust win.

Oddly, this is the tougest one for me to call. I thought (and hoped) WWE would put more stock in Paige, but she’s been relegated to shows like Main Event and Superstars quite a bit lately. Naomi is probably the second-best Diva in terms of being able to deliver a good match, and she deserves a title run at some point. Though I could see Cameron interfering for a DQ ending out of jealousy, I’m going to predict a minor upset in that Naomi wins.

This is also a tough one, but I feel like The Usos have run out of heel challengers. Heck there’s only one other face team of note that isn’t broken up/injured. I feel like the Wyatt Family needs some success tonight and I don’t see Bray winning the big one, so I say Harper and Rowan win.

I think half of the field can be immediately dismissed, and, oh look, they’re all on the left side of the image above. Cesaro is the closest, but he needs a few more months of buildup. As for the rest of the field, I think Reigns’ first world title needs to be more emphatic than climbing a ladder. Wyatt makes sense if you’re going to put the title back on Bryan somewhat soon, but I don’t think WWE is going to put the belt back on DB until next year. Orton’s a good dark horse pick (and could set up some nice intrigue if he has the belt while Rollins has the case), but I think the WWE is building towards a Cena-Lesnar Summerslam main event in order to goose WWE Network subsciptions, so I say John Cena wins in 27 minutes.


Alright, there’s my picks. Sound off below with your match predictions, (the world title match’s running time) as well as a YouTube link to your wrestler theme pick. Good luck, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Cheap Predictions: Pick WWE Money in the Bank 2014 results and win!

  1. Seth rollins
    Dem eric and luke boys
    And Cena 24 minutes but secretly rooting for Roman reigns

    Love to here Gangrel’s theme if I win thanks. Il add the link when I get off work.
    Hearing it always gives me a Stalloner Boner.

  2. Seth Rollins wins and is the Snake in waiting
    Rusev wins for Russia but I think it will be a better match than a lot of people are expecting.
    Summer raye
    Stardust an Goldust (Bonus points if Cody does a Shooting Star Press)
    Wyatts By hook or crooke
    Cena wins at 34 Minutes.

    (But I’d like to see depending on how they “Hang” the belts and as bonus option I’d say Cena and Bray might tetter totter on the two titles and “Split them” into two once again.

  3. Seth and Ambrose taking each other out seems like the obvious route so it can’t be either of them. And since literally no one else but Dolph can win since Barrett is injured it his to be Dolph.

    Dolph Ziggler Becomes Mr. Money In The Bank

    Big E pins Russev for a big shock and to start a great feud.

    Summer Rae pins Layla while I go make myself dinner

    Stardust makes my heart soar as he and Gold Dust defeat boring ass Rybaxel.

    Paige pins Naomi due to interference.

    Harper and Rowan defeat the Usos.

    What should happen in the main event is Cesaro winning and setting up a Paul Heyman screw job to cost him the belts and setting up feud with Lesnar.

    What will happen is Cena wins The Championship because the WWE is terrible like that and we have to endure months of Cena in the Main Event again.

  4. I understand everyone going with Cena, especially because of the Summerslam Poster. I don’t think so for the same reason. If it’s gonna be Cena/Lesnar @ Slam, you know they probably aren’t gonna give the strap to a part timer again (I know what your thinking, but Lesnar is not Rocky) and you know a DQ won’t sate the public. I’m going with Kane because of the recent feuding between him and Cena. Next month its Cena/Kane in the main event…Lesnar crashes the party and sets up Summerslam and maybe Bryan is healthy by then to tackle Kane.

    Ambrose and Rollins are the last 2 on the ladder, authority tries to fuck Ambrose, Reigns does the save, Ambrose wins setting up a match for the case either next month or at Slam. (the allows more heat for the authority) Rollins comes out during the championship match and Fucks Reigns once Reigns has totaled almost everyone

    Fandango Loses, the Ladies win

    1. Lesnar is a part timer but he only has to show up once a month to defend his title while Heyman serves as his mouthpiece. Conquering the streak cements him as “the big bad” and Heyman mentioning him every show keeps him relevant without him having to be there. I doubt he has already met his yearly quota for appearances.

      I figured Lesnar would be the one going in as champ if they were to swerve things after the leak, but that would need someone to serve as the one month intermediary champ, which only Orton and Kane would be suitable for. But even then, that’s dumb booking rather than just making Cena champ here and now in his home town (the only place that *might* not boo him out of the building for winning) The fact that they sent that poster out in a newsletter after the leak is what pisses me off. Just because a few dirtsheet readers know about it doesn’t mean you have to make it public knowledge.

      I would love for Ambrose to win, but he’s not nearly good enough in the ring to hold his own as “the guy” any time soon. Unfortunately the same can be said about Reigns, although he is getting better month by month.

      I would also love for Ziggler to win, but Heyman said on the latest TIJ that Vince most likely doesn’t watch RAWs anymore. I have to imagine the winner was predetermined before the barrett/ziggler match. I just hope it’s not rollins because that is way too predictable, and I hate predictablity in WWE booking.

      1. I’m one of those that believe that Bryan is gonna get the strap back for a minute, maybe longer, but I personally hope for Reigns/Wyatt in ‘Mania 31. Short of a heel turn for Reigns, the way I see that happening is Wyatt taking it in November or January from a face. If Lesnar wins, it would mean the end of Bryan’s chances, simply because I’m not sure that wwe could sell Lesnar/Bryan. I know it’s na├»ve to think that they would actually continue with story lines, but I think that the last couple of times Cena/Kane was a build for a July match. I also think that Kane/Bryan at slam makes sense because of the Bryan injury. A lesnar championship takes too much heat away from the authority. Heel vs Heel seldom draws anything and I don’t see an Authority/Heyman alliance nor enough heat coming from a rivalry. If you saw Ziggler Tuesday, you know that his crowd reaction is basically nil so as much as I like his work, i think his chances are about as good as Kofi’s.

  5. 1. Rollins. No idea when he’ll be cashing in but I don’t see Ambrose carry a briefcase around, he’s not that kind of face.
    2. Rusev
    3. Rae
    4. Dust(y)’s
    5. Paige
    6. Harper and Rowan (I hate the Uso’s, they can’t cut a promo and can’t sell and have no idea how to structure a match properly. Sure they’re a tag team but I just can’t stand them. Really hoping for a Wyatt Family victory.)
    7. Bray Wyatt, Lesnar vs Cena has not been stated for the title and the match doesn’t need it. Brock demolishes Cena then and gets his win back, the match really doesn’t need the title. Wyatt can get a nice little run with the rest of the family, and bryan gets the belt back at Summerslam.

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