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    1. I only knew it because HOW DID THIS GET MADE podcast brought it up in the Jingle all the way episode.

  1. I disagree with Diana, black people didn’t think OJ was framed, most of us especially in my family were damn sure he did it. The problem was how soon after the Rodney king incident it all happened. tensions were too high and everyone black white and everyone in between was worried about another set of crazy senseless riots. seriously, we all thought that fucker did it.
    being a black kid in the suburbs with white, Latino, and Asian friends, it was a awkward time for us all.
    is it just me or did this episode have more breaks than normal? I guess considering the topic, taking occasional breaks is ooookay.

    XD this episode is hilariously morbid.

  2. Just started listening to the episode and right off the bat the energy is amazing! Chris if you had to choose between the shield or rescue me which would it be? Ima have to give the slight edge to rescue me due to Dennis Leary and the music that was used so well throughout each episode like all the wild horses when Tommie’s son got ran over.

  3. The last thing Henry says before apologizing for saying that Wilt Chamberlain was in Airplane is that Liam Neeson was in Naked Gun. Next week he’ll be claiming Gedde Watanabe was in Godzilla, or Ricardo Montalban was in Skyfall.

    I wonder what Hollywood would be like if celebrities actually paid for crimes? How many movies would we have lost just because the stars were treated like regular mortals, and weren’t available due to sentencing?

  4. That was pretty great. I feel bad for laughing, but it’s your fault for being so funny.

  5. Controversy be damned, this episode was fantastic, it was everything an episode should be: Interesting, informative, and very funny as well.

    And yes, it was a sensitive subject matter, but I thought it was handled well, the crew wasn’t laughing at the victims, but at the criminals while still making it clear that what they did was awful. And that bit of using Broderick’s lines against him? Fucking hilarious and again, I felt like it was straight up making fun of HIM only, and thus don’t really get Henry’s scared reaction.

    So once again, great episode guys! keep it up!

  6. I knew this would be an interesting podcast when I clicked on to the Lasertime page and immedietely saw OJ Simpson grinning back at me.

  7. Who wants to know about OTHER killer wrestlers?

    Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) shot a man outside a bar in 1983 after a fight. He was charged with second degree murder, but was released because of a lack of evidence. Scott admitted it on an ESPN documentary in 2011.

    Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend died, also in 1983 after “traumatic brain injuries consistent with a moving head striking a stationary object.”. Snuka claimed first that he pushed her, causing her to fall over and hit her head. Then, he claimed that she slipped while pissing on the side of the road. This is now being re-investigated 31 years later.

  8. I really appreciate it when you take a minute to say “the guy from X” throughout this episode, Diana really is a great guest but I tend to get lost whenever you guys go all inside Hollywood.

    God, that lead in to the break, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  9. The only way to get away with it is to take them to Los Santos, do the job, then wait in the bushes till the heat is gone.

  10. I’ve been waiting for a chance to post this. Chris, this is right up Lasertime’s alley:

    When the US boycotted the Olympics, Bruce Jenner put together a pilot for an athletic themed show to fill up that empty airtime. One of the segments from the pilot was a beer chugging competition between 1980s USC and Alabama students. The competition took place in Tuscaloosa, and to make things better the hosts were a creepy Joe Namath and an uncomfortable OJ Simpson. Enjoy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJesRHKK014

  11. FYI on Jimmy Stewarts’ Distinguished Flying Cross: the oak leaf cluster means an additional award. For example, the first time the military gives you a specific medal, you wear it or a ribbon with the color pattern for that award on the dress uniform. If you are given a second or additional awards you pin on an oak leaf cluster for each extra award after the first to the medal/ribbon. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

  12. Really dug this episode, even though it was morbid as all shit. Wonder what that says about me.

  13. this ep was a great way to spend time while doing the dishes thanks guys.
    Can I say that Dianna should be made THE co-host of laser time I extra enjoy ever ep she is on

  14. I was too little to remember, but my parents tell the story all the time. We were visiting Disney Land, in our hotel and my parents were watching the OJ car chase on the news. My Dad figures out where he is headed during the chase and pulls my mom over to the hotel window and they watched OJ and the cops drive by during the chase past our hotel!


  15. Tieing into Cheap Popcast…Jerome Young (aka New Jack). “Young claims to have been a bounty hunter before becoming a professional wrestler, and to have committed four justifiable homicides, although these claims have not been verified by independent sources.”

  16. You guys could probably make an entire episode about actors and actresses in the military. I really dug that part of the episode even if you left out Audie Murphy.

  17. Broderick’s crash was in Northern Ireland so it would have been British currency. The grey area of Ireland strikes again…

  18. For future reference: Even in downplaying his role, you guys overstated Skylar DeLeon’s one scene role as an extra on Power Rangers. He did not play Ernie; Richard Genelle did but he’s too dead right now to defend himself.

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