Video Time! The Top 5 Child Endangerment Games


What’s the easiest way for a game to put up emotional stakes? Put kids in peril! Hey, it worked for Steven Spielberg. Seriously, though, you want to watch this.

Remember when we did a Vidjagame Apocalypse Top 5 about games that put kids in peril? We liked the concept so much that Chris and Mikel collaborated to make a video version! Watch and enjoy:

15 thoughts on “Video Time! The Top 5 Child Endangerment Games

  1. Great video and the proof is in the pudding. I showed some guys from my work and converted them from Giantbomb. I think im going to ease them into the action figure sex act segment.

  2. These videos are so damn fantastic and well put together. Excellent job guys!, more of this please!

  3. Can’t say enough good things about the Telltale Walking Dead games, easily in my top 5.

    Dunno what tags you used on this video but the related vids are mostly real child endangerment stories. Art imitates life!

  4. The fact that you guys did this for free and it is easily better than 90% of gaming websites and better than what X-play used to do is pretty crazy. Keep it up! Maybe when NBC/Universal remembers they own G4 they’ll hire you guys to resurrect X-play…

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