Laser Time Presents: La Ventura Commentaries


The Running Man, Predator, and No Holds Barred are our brand-new, exclusive, pay-what-ya-want Premium Commentaries…

You guys been asking for more Laser Time movie commentaries, and man, these here are some good eatin’! But let’s be blunt: We REALLY need your support right now. Almost everything we do around here, from FIVE regular podcasts, to our YouTube and Twitch channel, is done for free. We don’t have a lot of ads and we’re almost entirely listener supported, so we occasionally offer up premium commentaries to help keep our lights on. The difference in this case is that Dave and I are out of work. You aren’t just helping keep Laser Time operational, you’re also helping put food on the plates of some of your most regular LT contributors. Keep that in mind as you browse the selection of movies you damn sure should be curious about anyway, because Laser Time is officially proud to present:


While it may appear that one former Bodybuilder/California Governor is the tie that binds this here trio of commentaries (or at least two of the three), it’s actually former Bodybuilder/Minnesota Governor, Jesse “The Body ‘The Mind'” Ventura, a man we last fell in love with as he exposed the vast Jewish Lizard People Illuminati debacle on Laser Time’s Conspiracy Bleary Episode. Today this former wrestler/Modern Truth-seeker is headlining Laser Time’s latest batch of Premium Commentaries.

The Running Man
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My God, if you haven’t seen this movie, written by an uncredited Stephen King, you’re in for a decadent 1980s treat! Outside of maybe The Warriors, I can’t think of another classic 80s action film that begs so damned hard for a video game adaptation. Arnold plays a wrongly convicted dude forced to run a most deadly and highly-televised gauntlet of death and Must-See Murder for the sake of his freedom and the delight of millions of people watching. “The Death of Entertainment is The Entertainment of Death!” said the 1980s. And even if their fears were slightly unfounded, the result is gory, hilarious, and unbelievably watchable. Said gauntlet comes with different levels, unlockable rewards and even fucking mini-bosses (including Mr. Ventura as “Captain Freedom”). So if you were wondering where stuff like Smash TV and Gamer took their inspiration, look no further than The Running Man.

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Is this the best action movies of the 1980s? Is Predator quite possibly the best Arnold movie?! All of this can be debated, but one thing’s for sure, the Predator is one of the greatest villains in cinema history, and THIS IS THE BEST PREDATOR MOVIE. Period. It’s easy to forget that the Predator has largely starred little more than forgettable garbage ever since, yet the concept of a jet-setting, human-hunting race of aliens has endured and I have to be believe that’s due to the strength of the original 1987 movie, featuring Schwarzenegger, Mr. Ventura, Carl Weathers, Shane Black and more as an elite military team on the run from the ultimate… You know what I’m about to say.

No Holds Barred
Digital Download
Vince McMahon and Terry Hogan’s sweet serenade to the sweetest of all sciences, with just a dash of Jesse Ventura! And you don’t have to be a wrestling fan to watch this weirdly fictional take on the WWE, just so you know. One of my favorite things about the movie is how poorly it depicts it own fans throughout the film, shown as silver-backed, tobacco-spittin’ shitkickers willing to enter a ring made of old tires at the drop of a fart. Seriously, the makers of this movie sought to hide it from you for over two decades, and only recently made it available for non-bootlegy consumption. Which is fucking great, because their shame is your gain. No Holds Barred is one of the best worst movies ever made, and it’s 1989 aspirations have grown exponentially more funny and watchable in the time since then.

-You can get the La Ventura – SILVER Pack simply by donating ANYTHING Laser Time’s Paypal. In the Silver Pack, you will receive Commentaries for The Running Man and Predator.
-Folks who donate more than $5 will receive the La Ventura – GOLD Pack, featuring commentaries for The Running Man, Predator, AND No Holds Barred as an exclusive bonus
-Once we’ve received your donation, your email address will be added to a Google Drive account, where you may download your commentaries. [NOTE: Google Drive is a bit finicky with non-Google/Gmail accounts, so if you’d like to have a different email attached to the Commentary file than the one attached to your PayPal, please make a note of in the Comments section of your PayPal donation field.]  

This offer is good until JULY 31st! Pay what you want for Running Man & Predator, Pay over $5 and get the additional No Holds Barred. Get it?! Apologies for any added complication, but we will be standing by to ensure you receive your commentaries. And that includes problems you may’ve experienced with previous commentary packs, which you can find at Laser Time’s Bandcamp Page. For further questions, hit up Chris on Facebook or Twitter.

58 thoughts on “Laser Time Presents: La Ventura Commentaries

  1. Not gonna be able to donate much this time around. Times are though when you’re about to become engaged >>;

    Also, I’m pretty sure once I donate this time, I will FINALLY get the commentaries of the hate pack, because I haven’t gotten those YET.

    And also… I think this is the last time I donate to get commentaries. At least, until the crew gets their shit straight and use a more convenient way to do it. I’ve heard a lot of people offering better, easier suggestions, and nothing has changed. So I guess it’s up to us to change first.

      1. But this is fairly easy for 98% of the people who do it. It’s the other 2% who have the weird issues (learned last time that Norway blocks Google Drive – WHO KNEW?!) Almost everyone has a Paypal account and an email. We’ll get you straight, I promise.

        1. Well, but would it be that much of a hassle to set up, say, a patreon account for those of us who DO keep getting issues regularly? I mean, the service has been recommended by many already, and I doubt it’d cost much (if any) to use.

          Even if it’s just a few of us that keep having issues, having an extra choice wouldn’t really hurt, would it? You can still use the current method for those that like it that way, and others may donate more often or easily thanks to the alternate method.

  2. Have you thought of setting up a Patreon Chris? It will still provide the whole pay what you want thing for these commentaries, but you can add bonuses for those who donate a certain amount, kinda like the tiers for kickstarter. I know a Youtube channel that uses Patreon, and of his higher tier Patreons that donate, they get to do a Google Hangout every month or something. Just ideas.

  3. So weird i was watchin The Running Man last night thinkin it needs an LT commentary! Il donate again but i never received the Hate pack last time round and tried to contact chris numerous times so i really REALLY hope you guys come through this time!

    1. I’ve been trying to keep up with people’s issues, but a lot of people dont get back to me in a timely manner. What happened last time? LET’S MAKE THIS RIGHT!

      1. Hey chris I donated on the last day before the shutoff point but i never got the commentaries, emailed you and tweeted you a couple of times but i never got a reply. Ive donated before and got the Shield and Xmas commentaries just fine so im not really sure why i never got them last time round, it was pretty frustrating. But hey i love the Commentaries and the LT Network im not holding any grudges

  4. If I do my thing and give the right amount of cash. Can I go under the name Bo Dallas? I can still use my real name. I just want to crack a Bo Dallas joke. It’s an aesthetic thing.

  5. I must have some sort of future-sight when I added paypal money to my account last week. Will donate as soon as it transfers over.

  6. Just donated brotha, cant wait. “Whats that smell?” “Dookie.” I added a note with my new email address cause the paypall email is old hope that’s not a problem. I never did get the other ones if you could send em that be awesome thanks.

  7. Omg the universe has come to a point where I actually want to watch No Holds Barred again…fucking astounding. Can’t wait to hear the predator commentary!

    BTW I setup a recurring monthly $10 donation, does that count? I’m gonna donate 5 bucks for the pack anyway, just curious how us auto-donators fit in to these premium content releases. Now that I mention it, bet it’d be cool to come up with something just for folks who setup a recurring donation of a certain amount per month. I’d kick it up to $20 with the right incentive(oral)(kidding)

    1. If your donation occurs between now and July 31st, I would assume it would count. The auto-donations probably show up the same when Chris is going through the list of donators and sending out links.

  8. Running Man is like a video game, in the days when that meant that it was cool, not that it had a bunch of stupid action scenes that don’t seem right in a movie.

  9. The NZ government is fucking around with my student loan, so I’m not sure where I stand financially. Hopefully I can find a way to pay for these before the cut off time.

  10. Oh MAN, the SHIELD & Christmas commentaries were a lot of fun, and I managed to convince a few friends to all donate for the Hate pack, even though we planned to(and did) watch them as a group. What a MISERABLE bunch of movies you guys put us through last time – it was SO MUCH FUN, and now, anytime Marky Mark is in a movie, you can guarantee at least one of us will call out, “Go Sawx!”
    More than once.
    I will be taking part again. Love the work you guys do, and I hope you get all the success you deserve for the talent you have behind your podcasting network.

  11. Sad and ashamed that even though I’ve been listening since TDar 70, this is the first time I’ll have donated to you guys. Feels good to finally have a credit card — guess I’ll just have to be extra generous to make up for it! I hope you never stop Chris, not until you ascend to the next plane of existence, becoming a being of pure pizza.

  12. Subzero, now….plain zero!
    cant believe you didnt go for a schwartzeneggar trifecta with terminator

  13. As a side note folks, the commentary pack acquisition process goes a lot smoother if you set a gmail account as your primary email on your PayPal.(rather than just adding a non gmail into the donation comments) At least for me it helped, anyway.

    1. I have a gmail account on my PayPal account and I am still having trouble downloading the commentary pack. Would you mind giving a step by step instuction? I download it from the email and tell windows to download it to iTunes and then it brings up iTunes…and nothing happens.

  14. So will if I buy this will I actually get it? I never received my Hate Pack Commentary because it was sent to a different address than what I requested…..sent several emails, fb messages and posted several places on the site about it too without ever hearing back 🙁

  15. You guys do another Hate Pack on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Spider-Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness (or Nemesis) and Home On The Range (you know the one I mean Chris, needed a nicely terrible Disney movie for you) and I’ll be there with open wallet. It’s much more fun to hear you guys talk over bad movies you know a lot about.

    Or failing that, how about a Love Pack on your favourite ever movies? Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Transformers: The Movie, X-Men 2, these kinds of things.

  16. will deinately donate, not sure if i can get the no holds barred film in uk but ill try.
    please you guys have gotta do on eon catwoman, elecktra and X-men the last stand 🙂 would donate £50 for that

  17. I ordered this and the hate pack, and had no trouble getting them at my Yahoo address. Hooray for being in the same country as the things you want to pay for!

  18. I won’t be donating this time, as I still have not received the Hate pack.

    I tried tweeting Chris ( and ), put comments under several Laser Time articles explaining how I hadn’t received them, hunted Chris down on Facebook ( ) and even started a thread on the forums to try and resolve it ( ). The only response I got was a three word “will do, eventually” – no follow up.

    Thankfully a lovely forum member came in to send me the commentaries directly, but I was very disappointed to never hear anything from Chris to try and sort this – even a response explaining the problem would have been something.

    Best of luck with these commentaries, I’ll listen if they come on Bandcamp.

    1. Man, that shit makes me sad. I remember talking to you about it, and YOU WERE SENT THE COMMENTARY PACK. I didn’t follow up because somebody clearly gave them to you. C’mon man, I tried!

      This is not a bad system. Distributing them is done manually and takes some time, but figuring out why ONE person cant open a file takes a billion times longer. We found a territory that blocks the site and its downloads in the Netherlands, but I swear for the 1% of people who experience issues, it’s user error 99% of the time. Can’t stress this enough: WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS AND CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM FOLDER.

      1. Just in case I was wrong about this, I found the link I had been sent and tried it to see if you had tried to give my gmail access, and this is what I got:

        You say you talked to me about it, I don’t recall this at all, beyond “will do, eventually.”

        I did eventually get the pack – a full 6 weeks after I donated, after a fantastic forum member stepped in. Nothing was done in those 6 weeks.

        I’m happy to continue to support Laser Time by listening and occasionally telling friends, but I won’t be donating again. This definitely wasn’t user error.

        1. I’d agree with this.. I have the same issues as cooper. Sent 2 tweets ( & to Chris and an email to about giving access to my gmail cause i have an old hotmail tied to my paypal. Chris did reply to that one, but the instructions were to click on the link to the google drive that I dont have access to…. Also, i dont have FB so I basically ran out of options..

          still have yet to get the commentary and have given up.

  19. I swear you guys were watching Predator at 1.10x speed. my copy could not keep up with your commentary, as hard as I tried to sync it up. Running Man lines up fine though.

  20. Never got ” Hate ” still donated for ” La Ventura. ” C.Ant, I hope you read special instructions, cause Pay Pal won’t let me set my gmail account as primary. And I’m not spending an hour on the phone with Pay Pal… fuck that.

    1. You don’t need to do that, just add your Gmail or preferred email address in PayPal’s Note/Comment field.

    The Commentary programs are to encourage donations in exchange for something more tangible than a promise. We want the shows to always remain free, and we do this just to incentiveize the support LT so desperately needs. The fact that these comments are (IMO) suggest an unusual amount of dissatisfaction is real bummer for me. I hate to sully any sense of trust with the very people who support us.

    Perhaps I’m a bad customer service rep. But to be fair, tending to the 1% of people takes an agonizing amount of time, involving numerous back and forth messaging, verification, and that’s assuming we get an immediate reply. Also bear in mind, that’s in addition to the successful manual distribution of the 99% of commentaries (plus the daily writing/editing/producing/talking duties I perform for the site everyday.)

    So what I’ve done today is secretly declared a ONE-DAY-ONLY AMNESTY for EVERYONE complaining that they haven’t yet received the HATE pack commentaries. I’ve gone through a backlog of emails, tweets, comments and FB messages and added you all to a brand new download file – NO QUESTIONS ASKED (For you commenters, it was sent to the email attached to your Laser Time user name) Check you inboxes, and most importantly, non-Gmail addresses need to check their SPAM/JUNK folders. I can’t make that any clearer, yet 99% of the time, that’s the issue.

    Obviously, we make mistakes. But this is also a bit of a test: If you can’t receive the commentaries again, please understand, you’re in the minority, the problem is on YOUR end and there’s not much we can do about that given the size of our little operation here. (For example, in the time it takes me to help ONE kid in New Zealand is living in a dorm behind a firewall, we could’ve prepped and recorded a new episode of Laser Time. Which would you rather sacrifice?) If you STILL can’t download the files, you probably shouldn’t participate in this program specifically. Your donations are ALWAYS appreciated and encouraged, but we’re just dorks, ya know, not necessarily tech support.

    We’ll be happy to offer you a refund, or possibly a free Bandcamp download, because maintaining your trust is immensely important. We would never, EVER try and cheat you out of anything. That’s antithetical to everything we are, and everything we’re trying to do here.

    1. You rock Chris. I can’t imagine how much work that had to have been but it shows that y’all really care about your listeners and have the best intentions. It’s why I’ve listened every week since the early Tdar days. Keeps up all the awesome work! I’m literally buying this commentary pack as I type this (with a new account to avoid the prior problem) because I for sure want more 🙂

    2. Just to make it clear Chris, I received the Hate Pack perfectly! I still think there must be an easier risk-free way of doing all this, but I’m very happy with what I got – and bought the Batman Returns one straight afterwards. Can’t you just sell them on on Bandcamp?

    3. Are you happy with people like me helping people who couldn’t get the commentary tracks provided that they were able to prove that they donated the correct amount within the right time frame?

      If so, I’m happy to put aside some time each week to do so. I’ve loved your work for many years and don’t want to disrespect you in any way.

    4. I tell you what, man, I feel bad about my comment earlier (I still think the communication issues are a problem, but I feel like I was a bit of a dick about it,) and I apologise. Gonna donate $10 as a peace offering, of sorts. If I don’t get the commentaries this time, I’ll let it slide – I get you guys aren’t trying to screw us over.

  22. I’d like to say i have had zero problems with any transaction I have had with laser time, past or present. You rock Chris.

  23. Couldn’t get the Predator one to match up at all, even when I cut up the commentary to sync up with certain points it would still go out of sync again. The other commentaries I have got have been fine.

    1. Yeah, I also just tried the Predator commentary and it got out of sync very quickly. Disappointing, but I doubt Chris can do anything about it. Glad to hear the other two work though.

  24. CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: I received the new commentary batch this morning at the right gmail address with no problems. Thanks guys!

  25. I am having problems downloading the La Ventura commentary pack. I got it emailed to my gmail account. When I go to download it, I requested it be downloaded to my iTunes and then my laptop opens iTunes…and nothing happens. If anyone can help give me directions, or send me the commentaries I would really appreciate it! I can prove that I paid for them. I had trouble downloading the Hate commentaries too…but I do NOT at all blame Chris for it. As far as I am concerned Chris and the gang provide hours of free content every week that helps me get through my work day. So I am happy to donate!!!

    1. That’s one of those tech supporty questions I spoke about above, but thankfully I think I have an answer. The Commentaries come as a zip/rar folder that you need to extract and that’s probably why iTunes won’t instantly accept them. Download, extract the mp3s, do your iTunes business

  26. Does La Ventura commentary pack cause cancer or shrink testicles? I’m very interested as long as it doesn’t cause both of those

  27. Huzzah! Just donated, my message was “More Podcasts?!” (meant to say “more commentaries”)

  28. I sent a message on twitter. My name is David Rhodus. I can’t access the gold pack on Google Drive.

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