Laser Time – Wrestling with Television


Amazingly silly guest appearances by wrestlers on non-wrestling shows! You don’t gotta be a wrestling fan to enjoy, but it certainly can’t hurt…


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36 thoughts on “Laser Time – Wrestling with Television

  1. Speaking as someone who’s worked as a chef for the last 6 years Chris is absolutely right. I finished work about an hour ago and am now listening to this whilst getting a heavy smoke on at 1am and i’m back at work in about 6 hours. It’s a brutal thankless industry

    1. As someone who has also worked in a restaurant for five years, it absolutely is. Took a long time to get my social life back together after I quit working at that place.

  2. goddamn i hate wrestling and all related material; wasn’t the reason you guys made cheap podcast so we wouldn’t have to hear about john cena or whoever for the millionth fucking time?

    1. And Henry seriously tell all those people who call you a white knight or social warrior whatever to fuck off. When did talking about what bothers you or shit you find disagreeable make you some shitty section of society? If you’re a person that thinks someone is an asshole for taking 10 seconds to try to educate you about something actually going on in the real world, I hope you die in a fire.

      1. Nah that shit is as annoying as it get’s and I fucking laugh my ass off while listening to his monthly bitching about being called that. How about a new show Hank’s Corner wherein he goes on about every “problematic” thing in the world, detailed commentary on trending hashtags on Twitter along with chatting about Newsroom and whatever the hell other politically charged shows they’ve been watching, since new “problematic” things are being found on a daily basis this would be a great chance to list the waters for doing a more than once a week format.

        1. Just now hitting me that I fucked that joke up so instead it should be called Gilbert’s Gripes or What’s Eating Gilbert?

      1. Tag me in so I can handle this guy, cause wrestling or as my Grandpa called it “Wrastling” is awesome and I find Henry to be very knowledgeable. I think Joy Behar’s podcast would beer suit this guys needs.

        1. yikes, granted that first comment came off a little assholeish (I am a passionate man with a passionate dislike for wrastlin’) but my second one was suppose to be a compliment for Henry as I enjoy his social outbursts about the plight of female characters and so forth. I love the show and I don’t want to seem like some dick just writing crap on the response board (too late, I guess?)

          1. All love brotha and im a Henry fan as well so its all good. WHats your favorite Stallone movie?

          2. All love brotha and im a Henry fan as well so its all good. WHats your favorite Stallone movie?

      2. Indeed, it barely is, can we have more conspiracy episodes instead? Love me some Venutra crazy nonsense.
        P.S. I live in Denver, so last time I was at the Airport to pick someone up, I definitely spent some time wandering around looking at all the crazy murals there.

  3. I listen to every podcast every week because I love you guys and enjoy hearing what you have to say. That includes your interests. All of your interests, including wrestling. Having a theme for each lasertime episode is great, but ultimately the podcast is entertaining because of the hosts, not the theme.

    1. I should mention that I don’t know a thing about wrestling, and that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the show.

  4. I am not a wrestling fan I was when I was 12 I LIKED this episode it was fun to remember seeing these ‘actors’ in different performances, I would have liked a little more rock he has done some great movies and some TERRIBLE Disney films, Chris don’t you remember how pissed you were when you saw the witch mountain remake?

  5. Despite little to no interest in wrestling, I always enjoy the wrestling themed episodes. Must be a testament to the good ol’ LT crew

  6. the idea of your neighbour Jesse Ventura coming outside and yelling BODYSLAM in the morning is both terrifying and hilarious.

    great episodes. whiners, go eat dicks. I’m not a wrestling fan either, but wrestling personas where they don’t belong is very entertaining

  7. Hey Hank, if you didn’t know, the new Hercules movie is based off a pretty well done comic “Hercules: The Thracian Wars”. It’s from Radical Publishing a few years back. I hope the movie does well so we can get the sequel, “Hercules: Knives of Kush”, which has Herc and his group in ancient Egypt fighting crazy pharaohs and magicians.

    Radical is pretty much defunct and hasn’t published anything for a while but all their stuff should be on Comixology. I very strongly recommend the two Hercules series, with “Hotwire” and “Last Days Of American Crime” being pretty good too. Their flagship book, “Caliber”, was Arthurian legend in the Old West It was good but never got a second run for closure and left off on a eternal cliffhanger.

    1. I doublechecked and Comixology only has the first issue of Knives of Kush but every other book seems to be up there.

  8. Great episode, buff men horribly acting in bad sitcoms is pretty up there among the funniest things ever. The Macho man one just seemed depressing though given what happened to him. Although…I’m kinda hoping this means that you guys are “wrestled out” so to speak. Once Diana pointed it out it became pretty obvious. Either way I’ll listen to literally anything you guys make so keep at it!

  9. What about Mean Gene and your own Jesse “The Body” Ventura from the Leslie Neilsen film “Repossessed”?

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