Gonna try and stream the shit out of the Destiny Beta at some point today


I’ve been trying to load up the Destiny Beta all morning, to no avail. But when I can get it working, rest assured we’ll be live on Twitch channel throughout the day. [UPDATED with multi-part YouTube archive embeds. Get a good long look at the single-player, hub world, and multiplayer. BEWARE OF BUTT PUNCHING]

GT: AnisJustice! Keep it tuned to our Twittrarz and Fakebooks and we’ll let you know as soon as we go live. If you dont have Destiny Beta access, who knows, we might have extra keys. Of course, you can ensure you get one by pre-ordering the game. And If you’re gonna do that, might as well do it through Amazon and get a shit ton of FREE bonus content!



3 thoughts on “Gonna try and stream the shit out of the Destiny Beta at some point today

  1. I said it during the streams yesterday and I’ll say it again here: unless you guys plan to stream it on PS3 or PS4, it’s not gonna happen today since Xbox platforms don’t get it until next week.

  2. Watching the archive now, these pre-rendered cinematics are awesome.
    My internet isn’t fast enough to stream at source quality while without being able to let it buffer so I appreciate the opportunity to watch someone playing the beta without youtubes decreased framerate.

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