Vidjagame Apocalypse 72 – Weird Wrestling


“Pro Wrestling” doesn’t always mean “beefy dudes in Speedos.” Sometimes it means insultingly gratuitous panty shots, four-armed monsters, and Bart Simpson suplexing Moe Szyslak. This week, we take a look at five of the strangest wrestling games of recent years, after which our brief discussion of this week’s paltry new releases gets completely derailed with talk about movies with apes and Transformers in them. Then we talk about the worst jobs you’ve ever had. It’s fun!

Question of the Week

Who’s your favorite monkey from a video game, and why?



ALSO! Have you seen the video Mikel and Chris made based on episode 67’s Top 5 yet? Watch it if you want them to make more like it:

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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 72 – Weird Wrestling

  1. I live in a bar that I co-own, thus my ability to always organically be up at 4 am every day. This lifestyle leaves little room/desire to sleep and causes an overnight boredom vacuum.

  2. Monkey from the TimeSplitters series (in particular TS2). He was so OP that my friends and I would not let anyone pick him for MP matches. Same rule applied to Oddjob in GoldenEye

  3. QotW: Donkey Kong specifically from Super Smash Bros (i know, he’s an Ape, not a monkey, but fuck you and your semantics asshole)… there are few things more satisfying than connecting with one of his absurdly strong smash attacks, or picking someone up on your back and suiciding off the edge and taking them with you.

    Honorable mention to George from Rampage.

  4. QOTW: Skrunch the alien monkey from Ratchet and Clank 3. Besides only having one eye he is a regular monkey that ends the game as an action movie star replacing Ratchet in the Secret Agent Clank show, second in command of the spec-ops Q-Force, and as the Vice President of the Galaxy.

  5. Man I loved the Kinnikuman Wrestling Games, Anime, and I have read the full manga series. So great.

  6. I think people hate Wrestling for the same reason that people hate NASCAR and other things.

    Also, wrestlers are not the only people who wreck their bodies for the sake of our amusement for not a ton of money. Watch the 30 for 30: Broke documentary. IT will depress you. Also the fact that most NFL careers are 3 years long and generally are ended by debilitating injures, oh and they don’t get healthcare after they are out of the league (see: concussion lawsuits and brief lockout three years ago). So your career is over after 3 years, your body is wrecked, and you probably made 40,000 a year (avg for non-star football players) for those 3 years and oh hey if you have a longer career you are BRAINDEAD by 40! Why is this sport allowed? and how is it a “charity”? Man that sport is BULLSHIT

    Sorry Nebraska guy, I know that sport is all they have there, and corn of course…

  7. QOTW: Lanky Kong from DK64. Why? Because his design is so damn weird even in comparison to the rest of the Kongs from that series, and I always got a kick out of playing him back in the day. Plus, Orangutans, man.

  8. Those monkeys from Sonic 2. They were robots. Damn near everything in that game is robots. I thought these bastards were harmless, till they started throwing coconuts at me. I’m still not sure if they’re ACTUAL coconuts or some kind of ROBOT coconuts. Ok, I’ll stop drinking in a couple of hours.

  9. I think free-to-play games are an interesting concept that simply doesn’t work most of the time. DotA 2 and LoL seem to have gotten the formula right (I don’t play them, but they seem hella popular), but most other games just fall flat. Honestly, I think the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer would’ve worked really well as a standalone free-to-play game, and I’d love to see more games use that formula.

  10. My WWE create a wrestler, current world champion Gorilla King of Earth. I love that you can actually get the announcer to say all of that to.

  11. QOTW: Bubbles in Bubble Safari I guess. He had an actual story that was supposed to get told over the course of the game and as players finished more levels. He was a bad ass astronaut monkey with an evil clone who kidnapped his girlfriend. I really wanted to get a plot line in there where Bubbles discovers shame and became very aware of how naked he was in the Jungle. I wasn’t really allowed to make any creative decisions after that. Very little narrative ended up seeing the light of day for various development reasons sadly. I should mention that I’m biased as the Ex Franchise Producer.

  12. Can you please take it easy with the wrestling episodes. Both this and laser time are wrestling episodes this week and cape crisis probably is as well. Sorry for complaining

  13. During the whole 20 minute free to play conversation I was just repeating League of Legends and Hearthstone in my head. It can totally work, but you gotta be smart about it.

  14. The last four episodes of this podcast have been SOOO funny. Not that it wasn’t funny before, recent episodes in particular have been fantastic. 🙂

  15. On the subject of the new smash characters. Fire Emblem is popular in japan and awakening was popular worldwide (for a 3ds game) also their release perfectly coincides with the start of the games development, the characters were announced last monday but they obviously werent added to the game last monday.

  16. I don’t get much opportunity to get on here, my apologies, but here we are.

    Not sure if it was lasertime or VGA, but at one point Michel kept trying to prove the importance of story in games by relating them to movies and books. Passive Media. I agree. It was the story in the original Mario, Doom, Contra, etc that drove me to completion. The same goes for other GAMES that are PLAYED… football, soccer, even games of tag. The drama pulls me and I can’t stop playing. Wait… no that’s bullshit. Sorry. Yeah, it turns out I disagree with you Michel. The games that we always cite and refer to that we grew up on (besides RPG’s. I totally agree there.) were not story heavy, they were game heavy.

  17. I am going to have to go with the monkeys from Timespliters 2. I remember working at hollywood video and playing it with co workers on Monday nights when we were supposed to be stocking new release vhs movies. For some reason a guy I worked with would play Bow down from westside connection every time he would win a death match. Is it just me or did the gamecube version look and play better than the ps2 version?

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