Fuggin’ X-WING revealed in latest Star Wars VIII set video


JJ Abrams, blah, blah, blah, charity, blah, blah, blah JESUS CHRIST A REAL ASS X-WING

Look, there’s certainly something to be commended about Abrams/LucasDisney using Star Wars solely to promote philanthropy thus far, and I’m sure this Force for Change is an admirable charity. I dunno, you tell me, I was too damned distracted to by the MOTHERFUCKING X-WING to hear anything else:

My apologies to whatever this good cause might be. Coulda sworn I heard something about winning an advanced Star Wars Episode VII screening… But who’s to say?! Shit like this does weird things to my head, and my ADHD ass already blathered on and on (and on) about the magic of Star Wars set pics in this previous post, so I’m sure a couple of you at least understand.


5 thoughts on “Fuggin’ X-WING revealed in latest Star Wars VIII set video

  1. Beautiful, and I love the blue streaks over the red ones too.

    Plot aside, Abrams has already been more faithful to the spirit of Star Wars than anything in the prequels ever did.

  2. Just to put my nerd glasses on for a moment, the X-Wing seems a bit…off. The X-Wing I know has two engine ports on either side, even with the S-foils closed (not one). I was about to say that it looked like a Z-95 until I saw the two laser cannons on either end. It’s very possible that he’s redesigning the ships for the movies, or that the X-Wing was redesigned in the books (I admittedly don’t follow all of the lore).


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