Cape Crisis Annual #3 – Social Justice League


While the gang is away in San Deigo, we’ve got a little special for that ass. We’ve unearthed an ancient DC relic printed exclusively on VINYL? Plus, Henry follows up  a bit on last week’s announcement…


-Pre-order and play as Harley Quinn, featuring her own unique weapons, gadgets, abilities, and FOUR Exclusive Challenge Maps.
-PlayStation owners receive exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Pack FREE with pre-order.







47 thoughts on “Cape Crisis Annual #3 – Social Justice League

  1. Love how it’s officially called the Annual now. In any case, should be an interesting episode.

  2. I loved the cheesy music so much fun and I’m glad Henry can now feel safe and more open. However guys what the Hell, lesbians don’t hate men. In fact most lesbians have mostly guys friends especially trans lesbians and studs since there’s a a lot of shared interest much like women and some gay guys. Gay women just don’t find you sexually attractive but are just as diverse personality wise as youse guys and often times prefer hanging with men and are more accepted with dudes than they are straight women.

  3. Speaking of Comics if you can you should stream the PSX Fantastic Four game. I played it as a youngin and beat it a couple of times. It’s not bad, it has every FF villain of note and is fun Co-Op.

  4. I’ve felt like some of Henry’s Social Justicing came from the point of view of someone who doesn’t understand why you’d want to look at women. There was definitely a period when it sounded like Henry was gay, but then pulled back again. Hopefully he’ll be able to choose whatever view he wants now that he’s out, not just get roped into pushing a certain “community.”

    I look forward to the day when we don’t have to hear about someone being gay any more, because it’ll just be the way it is. George Takei was on Bill Maher, and I knew he would have to talk about being gay, instead of just Star Trek and internment camps. Presumably one day that won’t always come up in interviews. It leads to interesting stories sometimes, from people from olden times, but I think soon it won’t really be much of a story.

  5. Good on Henry for being comfortable about coming out in a public forum. I wish you nothing but happiness.

  6. Well, first,
    obviously, the constant shifts towards alternative sexuality during any conversation wasnt telling.
    who cares if hes gay, and that goes both ways towards positive and negative comments.

  7. Regarding the old Laser Time “Gayest Episode Ever” with Diana and Mikel you guys talked about, I will say that I did do a podcast double-take during this conversation:

    Hank: “I want more gay slobs out there”
    Chris: “All you have is Steve Agee and Brian Posehn”
    Hank: “And they’re not even gay!”

    Fun times. Again, good on ya Hank. You are absolutely right that people are NOT cowards if they decide to keep their sexuality private. But for those brave (and able, since being gay can be a literal death sentence in some parts of the world) enough to come out, you set a wonderful example and help make the world a better place.

    But comics! And doing stand-up! That’s actually pretty awesome to hear that you guys are trying your hand at stand-up.

  8. Jesus Christ, Henry, this episode had me in literal tears. I commend your bravery. I have always thought of you as a bit of a national treasure as far as opinionated internet personalities go. Thanks for your honesty, it must feel so great to have that out and over with. It feels very cool, as a fan, to now get a less adulterated Henry Gilbert.

  9. Good for you, Henry! Been a fan since the Alan Wake sketch on TDar and will continue to be a fan. Excelsior!

  10. thanks Henry, for filling us all in. parasocial relationships, such as a podcast audience and the hosts, can be a strange thing, but knowing more about who you really are makes me feel like you’re a personal friend. we’re all on your team, and don’t want you to be anything but yourself. it’s probably strange at first, but I hope you feel a huge relief after revealing this to us. regardless of all that, you’ll always be my #1 source on all things comics, and I value your opinion more than anyone else.

    hey Chris, where can I find a not-so-legal copy of this record in digital form? if you’re the first to rip this to mp3 could you make it available on some way? I’m sure DC won’t be knocking at your door looking for the revenue they lost.

  11. Henry, your dulcet tones are the main reason I keep tuning in to CC. Don’t listen to that guy; I find your voice melodious and oddly soothing. It is a constant in an otherwise chaotic world.

  12. Woah woah woah, what the FUCK. Chris is a vegetarian?!?! This lettuce lover has been spreading his shit without me knowing?! I am outraged I say! Outraged! Betta keep that anti-beef shit away from my podcasts or im outta here!

    Just joking! Great episode guys, glad Henry is more open with us now and looking forward to some new viewpoints on topics.

  13. So I cannot resist anymore… that opening song… can we get a new one? It sucks, it literally is grating my ears off piece by piece, just CHORD CHORD CHORD, slightly different CHORD CHORD CHORD, first CHORD CHORD CHORD. That song always shits on my “YAY MORE CAPE CRISIS” parade. There are tons of better comic-book esque songs out there and we are stuck with some generic grunge rock.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    1. Respectfully, I couldn’t agree less with this. I dig the hell out of the Super Meat Boy riff.

  14. I know the Internet is never hurting for hyperbole, so I hope that doesn’t cheapen my feeling that the opening of this episode is the best, the most fascinating, and the most important half-hour you guys have done under the Lasertime umbrella.

    Thank you, sincerely, for it. Cheers, gentlemen.

  15. This was a great episode. I enjoy all of the Laser Time crew, but Chris and Henry are my favorites because they remind me of myself: Chris for his crass, some might say ribald, sense of humor, and Henry for his unabashed, unapologetic liberalism.

    To hear you two engage in such a personal moment was a thing of beauty. They joy and relief at finally coming out heard in Henry’s voice was only overshadowed by the happiness in Chris’s voice, clearly beaming with pride.

    I never would have discovered Laser Time had Ryan McCaffrey not left OXM for IGN. Otherwise Dave Rudden would have never taken over that podcast and introduced me to Chris, who had a brief stint as co-host. I quickly became an instant fan and have listened to every episode of LT and CC. I would say that you guys have provided my with countless hours of entertainment, but that would not be true. Mostly because we can actually add up the running time of all the episodes I have downloaded and calculate the exact amount of time, down to the minute, but that is neither here nor there.

    The point is, in a small way, my world is a better place for having Laser Time in it. And if Henry is happy, then I am happy.

  16. man, I hate that it sounds like Henry is still a bit apprehensive about having come out to us. it makes me feel bad that it has to be that way, that people have to be anxious in any way about such things.

    I work with a straight guy who is VERY into musicals, but he’s also a musician so it appeals to that part of him i think. i’m not a big fan, but i think it’s because my mom is such a big fan and watched them constantly when i was a kid. i like some… but not a lot. does Jem count as a musical? cause I LOVE Jem and the holograms.

    sadness, another example of wonder woman getting the short end of the stick in comics history. we really have to correct that, she’s a treasure.

    also, that Metamorpho song was AMAZEEENG!
    I want an old 60’s style cartoon now! why don’t we have that?!
    metamorpho always looked like a villain to me. always.

  17. That Aquaman song…… “He can swim faster than the fastest thing”. I laughed so had I almost ran into to oncoming traffic. Amazing and descriptive song writing guys. I love Henry’s voice btw.

  18. Guess I should have listened all the way to the end of the 100th episode. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to come out to your listeners and really understood how important it was to you after hearing you and Chris discuss it this week. Sounds like your in a good place and keep up the great work here and at GR.

  19. I first began listening to Talk Radar at…the 99 episode. The image of Ethan Mars holding Chris and Mike was just too good to pass up. It was my first podcast, and the Radar popped it.
    To say you guys influenced me would be a lie. You guys are the reason I love art, pop culture, and just everything so much. Got me through high school when I had to deal with being a loner, and I can never repay that back.
    So when Henry Gilbert, Hank the Tank, told the podcast audience about such an important part of his personality, I felt a genuine sense of awe and admiration.
    Henry. You are a wonderful and inspirational person, and you have friends that are just like you all over the world and in your vicinity. To overcome your fear just to make your audience feel more welcome…I cannot express how I feel. Only admiration.
    Also…*Cough* *Cough*…Brunswick Bowling?

  20. Oh man that album is the biggest hunk of dogshit. Metamorpho having the best song is hilarious.

    Also were you guys really insinuating that Marvel has better villains than DC? Call me when Marvel has more than 5 villains that people actually care about.

    – Love, a DC fanboy.

    1. They’ve definitely said in previous episodes that while Marvel has arguably the better range of heroes DC has the better range of villains. So it’s odd that they seemed to suggest otherwise this time.

  21. I’m late on on this, but wanted to echo everyone else’s congratulations to Henry. That’s a brave thing to do. (And I like Henry’s voice for what it’s worth.)

  22. Henry,

    A little bit about what kind of listener I am: I don’t really follow comic books at all, I just listen to podcasts on my daily commutes to and from work. The subject matter of the podcast matters less than the passion and knowledge that the host exhibits, which is why I enjoy listening to your podcast. You seem pretty knowledgeable about comic books. I enjoy it the most when you guys talk about comic book movies, since those are the most accessible to me.

    I was (pleasantly) surprised when you came out. It’s refreshing to be surprised about a person’s sexual preference, because to me it suggests that they have a sense of individuality that doesn’t rely on stereotypes. Nothing about the way that you talked or the subject manner you talked about lead me on that you were gay, which in my opinion is the right way to go about it. Each episode (as best you could) you would keep things topical and mostly apolitical unless it had something to do with the comic-book topic at hand.

    I hope that you continue on and that the podcast stays the way you’ve made it so far.

  23. Yo Henry, that intro is probably the most important thing you’ve ever recorded.

    I’ve been’ out’ online & I’ve been trying to come out to friends IRL for over a year now & I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but you might be the last push I needed.

    Me & a long-time best-bud are going to Guardians soon, & that’s gonna be when. Thank you for getting me into comics for the first time back in 2012 and for everything else.

  24. I remember some of the conversations on Talk Radar about homosexuality and now the context is funny. I remember a conversation where Henry mentioned “gay slobs” and now I see part of his reasoning. I always agreed that being gay shouldn’t be limited to a few stereotypes and that people of all personalities should feel comfortable if they are gay.

    It’s now obvious why Henry likes watching WWE wrestling so much.

  25. Hey Henry, I’m a long time fan and from day one I thought your voice was very unique and part of your charm. Glad to hear you say that it didn’t phase you when a listener complained. Your like the Vin Diesel of podcasting brotha.

  26. Hey Henry. I have been a fan ever since your segments on Talkradar. Cape Crisis is the only way I keep up on Comics. And the only reason I follow them right now is your enthusiasm for them. I want to say it’s great that you’re out and you don’t have to mentally keep track of who knows and who doesn’t. I am most happy/ proud of all the folks who commented to support you. I never had to come out as ‘straight’ so it’s unfair that someone should come out as ‘gay.’ Honestly, I’d be happy to mind my own business and never know anyone’s sexual orientation. “To each his own,” I say. However , as a father, I grateful to you and everyone else who has the courage to come out. I don’t know whether or not my kids will ever have to come out but it’s nice to think that if they did it wouldn’t feel like the death sentence that it did when I was growing up. Anyway, good for you Henry. I posted a message of support on my Facebook page when Ellen Page came out. So I had to support you here because believe me or not I’m a much bigger fan of you then I am of hers (no offense to Ms. Page intended).

  27. I’m so glad you guys did a follow-up discussing on coming out. I love how you can hear the admiration in Chris’ voice and how happy Henry is for all the support. My heart grew three sizes. I sort of want to do a follow-up to Gayest Episode Ever from this new and improved perspective.

    And I got two shout-outs! Yay!

    – Diana

    PS – Why I listen to Cape Crisis: I just love hearing people talk about things they know a lot about. I like getting the Cliff Notes on things I’m interested in.

    That’s why I talked to Henry about all the wrestling tangents – it’s something I have zero interest in, so I really noticed it when it came up. I assumed CC was recording at the same time as Cheap Popcast and they had wrestling on their minds. Turns out I was wrong, but I was worried it was turning off listeners.

    It’s like if every time I’m on LaserTime, I talked about boring old movies you’ve never heard of and no one cares about. Oh wait…

  28. With all the wrestling content lately maybe you should consider doing a crossover with cheap podcast on wrestling comics, sort of like your retronauts episode about wrestling games.

  29. Jesus, these songs are so white I’ve gone blind. I need watch a blaxplotation flick to balance it out.

    Also, long time listener since TDar, good for you Henry, seriously.

  30. Just wanted to say that even though Henry and I rarely agree on a lot of pop culture stuff, but I’m glad he feels comfortable coming out to the LT network audience. I’m happy for you. 🙂

  31. This is what I get for listening to episode 100 while vacuuming; I missed the news. Congrats Henry! Really happy for you! Respect!

  32. I’d like to think that the entire LaserTime community are your friends Henry – I may disagree and even get angry at some of the opinions but I always come back because you all seem a nice, friendly, funny bunch of dudes and dudettes.

    As for coming out, it’s sad that it has to be considered such a big thing but I’m still proud of you for doing it – you didn’t HAVE to say anything to us Henry and you wouldn’t be in the closet because of that, but if it was holding you back from saying things it’s good to just let it out the way you did. Kudos!

    Not at all the same thing, but when I was 12 I started getting near-sighted and discovered I’d had to start wearing glasses. I was terrified, I was one of the least popular kids in my year and was certain they’d give every other kid a beacon to pick on me more. I eventually had to, wore them to school, and after a single day where the worst I got was “oh, you’re wearing glasses now? Okay” no one paid them any attention at all. I still got ripped on constantly, but absolutely never for wearing glasses – and the one time someone did I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it, shutting him up forever. Point is – often the fear of other people’s reactions is far worse than the actual reactions. But now all that shit’s over and done with. Yay!

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