The Spectacular Posters of Comic-Con 2014!


Big ass art for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Park and more exclusives straight outta the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con!

For the first time in half a decade, the San Diego Comic-Con is being denied the presence of yours truly. Sad, I know. From the perspective of someone who’s rigorously worked the con, I’m more than happy to take a year off from the lines, impatient security guards, and general smell, however, one thing I’m already missing is the SDCC exclusive goodies. I almost never buy comics or toys anymore, unless its extremely rare/cheap, and one of the things I’v gravitated exponentially more towards is exclusive art, prints and posters. My shelves long ago reached Manbaby capacity, and yes, there’s an instant, almost unfair elegance that comes from any item you can matte and stick in a frame. I’ve been keeping my eye out for such things, and here’s the best mass-produced art I think Comic-Con has to offer.

There’s probably no way you can do any write up on poster and not mention Mondo, so let’s just rattle off everything they’re unspooling right off the bat.┬áMondo’s minimalist style and coloring always seemingly brings out the best in everything they do, and I can’t imagine their SDCC lines won’t curve around the entire convention center. Enjoy these JPGs because its likely the only place you’ll ever see them.

The Joker, Jason Edmiston


Fuck! I love that the Batman 60s TV show is finally back in the hands of DC and being celebrated with all the post-ironic sincerity it deserves. Love the detail in this poster, especially in the barely hidden mustache Cesar Romero refused to shave off during the 1960s filming. In addition to this piece, Mondo’s also got actual physical figures this year, as well as some Batman: The Animated Series vinyl I could never justify picking up.



While Mondo is branching out, they’ve also created their first-ever VIJAGAME poster, and it just happens to be for one of my most anticipated game’s of the year, Sunset Overdrive and objectively fucking GORGEOUS!

Sunset Overdrive, Matt Taylor


Last but most certainly no least, Mondo’s got these brand-new Guardians of the Galaxy posters. Fucking stunning…

Heavy Metal, Killian Eng

mondo heavy metal poster comic-son laser time

While I’m probably a bigger fan of damn near every other property Mondo’s pimping, this is without a doubt my favorite design, the one I most want to see in my bathroom. Every time I drop a duece, I want to be reminded of both Dr. Manhattan/John Candy.

Rocket Racoon, Kevin Tong


Groot, Randy Ortiz


Tree Hugger, Mike Mitchell


The Rocket Racoon poster is the most expensive of the bunch, which is understandable because it’s the most righteous. Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, attendees who manage to make it into Marvel’s Hall H panel will receive one of these. It ain’t made by Mondo, but it certainly wants you to think it is!


Okay, we’re done with the Mondo circle jerk (for now?) PEEP THIS:

Jurassic World, Mike Englert


Outside of a couple dino-less sets pics, Jurassic World still seems like a far off dream. That said, I’m given great comfort to see a raptor standing tall with an official logo. Furthermore, it opens up a couple things to speculation! I’m light on the 2015 movie’s plot details, but they background suggests a thriving, possibly operational Jurassic Park (that’s clearly a cargo helicopter, not a military one bent on dinosaur genocide), yet the raptor standing atop a Ford Explorer eludes either a new breakdown, or possibly even revisiting the wreckage that nearly killed Dr. Grant and the kids.

Toy Story: The Toys That Time Forgot, Mike Mignola

toy story that time forgot comic-com 2014 laser tiem

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Pixar commissioned Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola to create this poster for their upcoming Toy Story short. While we’ve come to expect cool art from Pixar, getting it from a fairly famous outsider is a bit outside they’re norm. They Toy Story shorts have been nothing short of phenomenal, and nothing thrills me more than the introduction of MORE DINOSAURS. If anybody’s there ans listening, this is the poster I want. Thanks in advance!

The Explendables 3

expendable 3 comic-con poster stallone

The Expendables 3 has unleashed an astounding SIXTEEN Comic-Con Exclusive posters, all colorized with all the immortal swag of 1990s Levi Jeans commercials. Which will prove to be the crowd favorite? Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren? No, I think we all know the answer:

the expendables 3 comic-con poster kelsey grammar


Ant-Man, Andy Park

marvel ant man comic con poster laser time 2014

Okay, you’ve waited long enough! Marvel had a new Ant-Man poster to show off. Lovely, but even better is the character poster set/concept art for Avengers: Age of Ulrton Marvel is drip feeding fans throughout the weekend. Here’s Iron Man:

avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-iron-man 2014 laser time

Captain America

avengers age of ultron captain america comic-con poster laser time 2014

Scarlet Witch

avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-scarlet-witch 2014 laser time

Black Widow

avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-black widow 2014 laser time

Perhaps you noticed that giant green arm to the right of Scarlett Johansson? Oh yes, each poster is but a piece of a larger collage, which dutiful dorks on the web have gone to the trouble of partially assembling





avengers age of ultron hawkeye comic-con poster laser time 2014



avengers-age-ultron-comic-con-poster-quicksilver 2014 laser time


Uuuuuuh… is that VISION BACK THERE?! I thought I remember hearing a rumor Jarivs (Paul Bettany) would be Vision, but was that confirmed? Either way, this is the first we’ve seen of him. Apologies to Quicksilver for not caring more (but that’s what you get for lettin’ dis poster steal your thunder, dawg!)

As of this writing, it looks as if we haven’t even seen half of the final promotional puzzle, but we’ll try to keep you updated in this here article. Speaking of which, was there anything missed or do you have have a favorite Comic-Con exclusive poster? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep updating this article throughout the weekend.






10 thoughts on “The Spectacular Posters of Comic-Con 2014!

  1. Loving the Avengers art so far. Can’t wait to see it all completed and put together. The Ant-Man poster is cool, too.

  2. All I know is Jurassic World Jurassic World Jurassic World.

    I mean, c’mon, Jurassic World.

  3. The Ant-Man poster is awesome, especially the fact he’s riding an ant, but that movie worries me.
    And I can’t wait for that completed Avengers poster too.

  4. After watching Expendables 3, the only good thing to come out of those movies is that poster of Kelsey Grammer

  5. My favorite part of the Ant Man poster is that it’s got Paul Rudd’s face giving a typical Paul Rudd expression of “huh?”

    I also like that the guy in this video gets his own marvel super hero movie and I hope this is what sold the head of casting on him being the star.

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