Vidjagame Apocalypse 73 – Comics Without Capes


With Comic-Con in full swing this week, this episode revolves around our favorite games based on comic books… that DON’T FEATURE SUPERHEROES (at least not in a traditional sense). Then, following an unhealthy number of digressions, we lay into Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, the Destiny beta, and your favorite digital monkeys.

Question of the Week

What’s the saddest game you’ve ever played, or a game that made you sad for an outside reason? (Thanks, AwkwardLoser!)



ALSO! Have you seen the video Mikel and Chris made based on episode 67’s Top 5 yet? Watch it if you want them to make more like it:

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27 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 73 – Comics Without Capes

  1. Shadow of the Colossus throughout kept taking an unceremonious dump on every one of my victories, building up as less of an epic struggle against giant monsters but a lesson in moral ambiguity…

    …also temporary horse death.


    The fight with The Boss in MGS3 made me very sad because it forces you (the player) to pull the trigger and kill Snake’s mentor. The fact that you have to hit a button to do it and the event doesn’t just happen in a cut scene (like most other things in MGS games) gives it more meaning.

    Especially when you consider that at the end of the game that The Boss didn’t defect to USSR but instead was on your side the whole time. The bit where Snake salutes at her grave and you can hit R1 to go first person to see Snake with tears in his eye (he only has one because of earlier events in the game) made me cry actually tears.

    The ending credits song “Way to Fall” ( perfectly sums up how I felt when the credits rolled. “I have got something in my throat”.

  3. Damn beaten to Shadow of the Colossus! Besides that I’ve got to say Telltale games The Walking Dead, it left me with tears for hours to follow. As always, fantastic episode guys.

  4. QOTW: Alright I admit it!
    The ending to telltales walking dead made me cry a little…
    but…but…they were MANLY tears that a man would, ah forget it.

    1. No shame in bawling like a baby at the end of that game. Tears were definitely shed on my part as well. I’d venture to say that if you didn’t tear up even just a little that you might be some sort of robot.

  5. I’m going to cheat just a bit on this QOTW and mention a game that isn’t out yet, but that I know will lay me low once I get my hands on it.

    I’ve yet to even make it through an interview with the creators of That Dragon, Cancer without tearing up a bit. My personal history with that miserable fucking disease makes the subject matter really hit home, though I’d argue that all you need to be is human for it to touch you.

  6. Nice long episode. Thanks guise.

    The Braid demo made me depressed because it was so artsy and I was a freshman in high school.

  7. I have not been a big Halo fan since the original, but when I made it to the ending of Halo Reach and realized I wasn’t going to finish the fight, it really teared me up. The way the orchestral music slowly builds at a somber tone and my visor starts taking rounds and my vision faded and cut away to a shot of my helmet lying on the ground. One of the best endings to a game that hardly ever gets mentioned.

  8. I cant get sad from games, unless I lose progress or dont save(pokemon) or get let down by the story(bioshock infinite).

  9. QOTW: I don’t often get super emotional when it comes to games, but Metal Gear Solid 4 did legitimately feel for the characters, in particular Snake, during the final couple of acts. Having played through the whole series and then having to sit and watch Old Snake get beat up, burned and slowly die, I felt terrible for our hero, and though the ending was satisfying it still had an aura of sadness about it as Snake would be dead, Meryl was marrying someone else, and Ocelot had never been as evil as any thought. It was a great (supposed) send-off to a franchise I loved, and by the time it was over I had wished it wasn’t.

  10. Long time listener (we’re talking since TR episode 1), first time commenter.

    Saddest game of all time for me was Majora’s Mask.

    Link helps character through sad, dark stories about moving on. Whether through circumstances like death, abandonment, or self-sabotage, everyone in that game from Skull Kid to the goofy Deku Salesman are experiencing denial, anger, bargaining, and the other stages of grief, ultimately coming to acceptance (achieved by Link putting on masks and going through painful physiological transformations and overcoming puzzles and life-threatening challenges). Even though the endings are all ultimately “happy,” they are bittersweet, and the path to get there is difficult — just like the process of grief itself.

  11. Also, as potentially the only person alive who read the Turok comics:

    Turok comics aren’t that bad. They started out as a comic series in the ’50s from Dell/Gold Key called Turok, Son of Stone (not pulp novels), then were rebooted by Valiant in the 80s/90s as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Then the whole Acclaim thing happened, and the series slowly took a turn for the worse. After the games came and went, Dark Horse rebooted Turok: Sone of Stone, along with several other Valiant stories in 2010, which were all cancelled due to creative issues with Dell/Gold Key. The series went away for a few years, until last year when Dynamite re-re-rebooted Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and so far it’s not too bad.

    Just like the game series, it’s a mixed bag of quality; I’d suggest starting with the short Dark Horse run (kinda goofy but gets the spirit of the original stories) and the new Dynamite series. If you find all that palatable, then maybe try out the Valiant line (which is what the first game is based on) but some of those stories can be pretty rough. Avoid the Acclaim crap. Dell is fun from a historical perspective, but they’re not worth reading beyond that novelty.

    Or just don’t read ’em. There’s probably better stuff out there.

  12. Final Fantasy 6 has a number of story elements that I find sad. Biggest examples I can think of include when you discover Gau’s father in the second half of the game and learn how he abandoned his kid to the wilderness. Or that the reason Locke is such a schmaltzy ladies man hero is because his first girlfriend died and he blames himself. Not to mention Terra being brainwashed, the deal between Sabin & Edgar, Cyan’s family being murdered and then him watching their ghosts leave on a train.. eh, the game – it gives me ‘the feels’. The music and nostalgia factor I have for it probably help too.

  13. QOTW: I feel like I might have used this before, so forgive me. This is really embarrassing, but I love fighters, play them all the time. I didn’t really start learning about them until Street Fighter x Tekken. Through that game is where I met small community of dedicated players and the fundamentals of fighters in general.

    It’s my FAVORITE fighter. So, naturally it being hated by almost everyone and their mother didn’t make me feel too well. The game isn’t perfect, but most of the problems of the game were ragged on were either fixed or players found a way to deal with it. My biggest struggle was me not feeling like I was good enough to actually support the game or play with the remaining good players, that combined with the fact that I had a bunch of players I respect crap all over it, ACTUALLY made me cry once. I had to just look at myself in utter confusion.

  14. I loved the game and movie but after reading the first two books I just couldn’t get into Scott Pilgrim, do they get significantly better at some point?

    QOTW: Nier is probably the saddest game in existence, the world is cruel, humanity is slowly winding down to its last breath, and every character is broken. Nothing doesn’t end in heartbreak, the average sidequest to find some kids mother will end with you finding her dead alongside a man and all their money – she ran out on them. The best part? You have to choose what to tell the kids.

    Not only that, but the game has one of the greatest Newgame+ implementations ever, I won’t get into spoilers but you play the second half of the game again with one difference that completely changes the context of everything that happens, turning what was a once a bittersweet tale at best into full on tragedy. When Yoko Taro, the guy behind Drakengard and that infamous ending, cites 9/11 as his biggest influence you know you’re in for a sad old time.

  15. SPOILER ALERT: I think that the moment Dom dies in Gears Of War 3 was my saddest moment because I shared it with my fiancé because we would play Coop together and she thought it was equally as sad as I did. When you play video games, you start to grow somewhat of a bond with the characters, and when they die it is like you have lost a close friend. I also found it sad when Cortana died at the end of Halo 4.

  16. SPOILERS FOR LAST OF US:I played Last of Us and Ni no kuni back to back and both of those endings(ish) areas made me pretty damn sad for a while. Last of Us for obvious reasons but just the part in the hospital with Ellie, Where I realized that in order to make progress I had to make Joel murder these innocent doctors. At first I just stood there and looked for other options but there was nothing else I could do. Then I realized “Oh yea, this totally makes sense for Joel to do. Joel would do this considering his past decisions.” So I sucked up the somber moment for a second and then brought out my flamethrower and made sure Joel made these innocent life savers deaths as slow and painful as possible. Also just the giraffes, basically telling you “yea this is the last happy moment in this story”

  17. Anne if you don’t want that Scott P. Poster name your price and it shall n longer burden your walls.

  18. Anne if you don’t want that Scott P. Poster name your price and it shall no longer burden your walls.


    I know that it’s not a game, but the moment at the end of this film when all of the apes bow to Caesar and the camera pans across the apes and closeup to Caesar’s eyes, I let but a single tear slip out. That was filmmaking at its finest. It’s Chris’ notion of a beautiful and joyous moment being more emotionally powerful than an inherently sad moment.

  20. Halo 4 where cortana dies jk it would have to be the opening to the last of us. or non video games fry dog from futurama or the last episode of futurama. And when will laser time give us another reference episode the Simpsons one was amazing.

  21. QOTW: Truth be told it was Skies of Arcadia. (There is a spoiler of course) The story between Drachma and the Rhaknam may easily be decifered as a JRPG take on Moby Dick at first, as when you board the Little Jack (name of Drachma’s airship) and he’s devoted to hunt down this demonic flying whale, things change later on. After disappearing from your team from a freak instance in pursuit of the great beast while being attacked by the enemy’s onslaught, Drachma is found later in the game with the dying Rhaknam and tells a tale involving the loss of his son Jack to the Rhaknam, how killing it would somehow be a life goal, and how Drachma was in debt to the great beast when it saved him in the attack. Drachma then found peace of mind as the monster quietly died and found unspeakable clarity from then on.

  22. Mass Effect ending isn’t ambiguous.

    A: Space magic makes everything robots.
    B: Space magic indiscriminately kills all robots.
    C: Space magic makes Shepard control some robots.

    Unconditional: Mass relays blow up.
    Normandy crew is trapped in a jungle.

    Indoctrination theory is superior to baby choose your path adventure ending. (Mass Effect 3 ending was for babies and robots)

  23. The only time a can remember that a game made sad is with Metal Gear Solid 3. The ending really got me, the story of The Boss is trully a tragic one.

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