FINAL DAYS: Laser Time’s LA VENTURA Commentary Pack is going away July 31st

Help support a good cause (uh, us!) and grab your commentaries for The Running Man, Predator and No Holds Barred before they disappear

Apologies for yet another reminder, but we wanted to make sure you were aware that this is final week to Donate to Laser Time and receive your “FREE” gifts, the La Ventura Commentary Pack! You have until MIDNIGHT July 31st and who knows when you’ll see ’em again. We usually try to archive them on our Bandcamp page, but on certain occasions, the just ain’t possible. Obviously, we could really use your help now more than ever, so head here to see how you can make all three commentary tracks yours for as low as $5

5 thoughts on “FINAL DAYS: Laser Time’s LA VENTURA Commentary Pack is going away July 31st

  1. Hey Chris, could you check the google drive. Says I need access from you to play them. Same thing happened last time. David Batarseh I donated 2 weeks ago thanks.

    1. Do you have a Google account? Something you log into YouTube with? Sign into that as well, then try clicking the link.

      Did you not get the HATE pack either?

      1. Il try today and I had same problem with the hate pack as well. I have a gmail account but not a youtube one. Il update as soon as I get off work. Thanks

  2. Received my commentary pack tonight, thank you for the fantastic content. I can’t wait to watch The Running Man, my favorite Schwarzenegger movie.

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