Which Laser Time Member Are You?!


Take this here Laser Time quiz and find out exactly where you stand!

You know, we here at Laser Time love our stupid, seemingly arbitrary quiz downs. I can fondly recall many an on-air Laser Time quiz happening in the past, most recently in Cape Crisis’ 100th episode, undoubtedly the most memorable thing to occur in that episode. But if you’re looking for something more intricate, dare I say MOAR IMPORTUNT, you owe it yourself to take the Which Laser Time Member Are You? quiz.


Why not annoy your Facebook friends with this painstakingly scientific and intricately shareable questionnaire? Are we not worth it?! I never participate in such things, but I took the quiz as nothing more of an act of professional calibration, and wouldn’t you know it? I scored ME! This should attest to the quiz’s authenticity, but for some reason I found being me to a crushing disappointment… Oh well, be sure to grab our La Ventura commentary packs before Thursday, and perhaps we can put some of that aside for some much-needed therapy!

Big ups to Andrew Roebuck for putting this together

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36 thoughts on “Which Laser Time Member Are You?!

  1. It turns out I’ve been Henry the whole time! My money was on Brett, but of all the buzzfeed quizzes I’ve never filled out, this is the most relevant.

  2. I figured I would either be Grimm or Chris. Looks like my desire for DarkBubsy420 tipped the scales to Mike Grimm and I’m totally fine with that.

    Reminds me of another username I saw one time that I still talk about:

  3. I got Brett, I don’t like Zelda (except Zelda 2) Simpson’s or Spider-Man so go figure. Do like dat vidja games music doe

  4. evidently I’m most like Chris. more concerned with entertaining others and providing a good time, rather than than being the most knowledgable, most organized, etc. checks out. I lack a certain showmanship, but the effort is there

  5. Michael Grimm baby! Let’s talk cars and shit! I just got mine out of the shop, which sucks since I had rented an electric in the mean time. Also something about wikia.

  6. I’m a Henry Giblett, yay!
    is… is that Dan FUCKING Harmon in that pick with Henry?!
    did he do a special Harmontown from SDCC? oh I hope so!

  7. Ooh, I like how mysterious my photo is! For a second I thought it was from “Vertigo,” which would’ve been an amazing. Link

    Apparently I’m the intellectual of the group? ‘Cause I like old movies and don’t care about wrestling? Or because I’m Jewish? Or the bar’s pretty low?

  8. Mike Grimm is on the mic, though I must confess, the only car knowledge I have stems from the Redline anime… so maybe not too accurate.

  9. It appears I am Mikel. Interesting because I seem to share his view point most of the time and my humor seems to be more like his. I gotta ask my Dad if he had any side things going on…

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