By popular demand, we’re streaming Fantastic Four today

[UPDATE: Youtube archive of the stream embeded below, but if even if you don’t give a shit, seriously check out the hilarious intro above]

As the remaining Comic-Con residue drips away from our collective consciousness, we’re returning to bizarro comic games of yore with your most requested of antiquated turds, FANTASTIC FOUR! Plus, we really need to atone for yesterday’s Last of Us shitshow.┬áBut the real question is… WHICH Fantastic Four game will we be playing? Will we in fact only be streaming one FF game today? Tune in at 3:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Eastern to find the fuck out!

7 thoughts on “By popular demand, we’re streaming Fantastic Four today

  1. God damn that intro was painful to watch. Why did they think that the Invisible Woman would be a good match for the burning building? Why did she go invisible, there weren’t any enemies? Why did she even go in there at all when there wasn’t anyone to save? Why not send the guy already on fire into the burning building? So many questions that will never get answers… until now at 3pm PST? We’ll see.

  2. Just ask for more!

    I remember a Game Informer article on this for some reason. It was interesting how they mentioned how to register Mr. Fantastic’s large hand…Did it hit harder? or Did it spread out it’s attack damage?

  3. You know what, you guys could play Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (with everything unlocked, of course, can’t forget fully voiced Joe Fixit) and PS1 Spiderman’s What If mode.

  4. I’ve had a shitty day and boy am I excited to watch this stream when the youtube version is uploaded.

  5. That intro looks like it was made by a 50 year old man who took a free animation class but wasn’t sure what video games or comic books were.

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