Cheap Popcast #30 – Last Duckman Standing


Did you know Duckman and the WWE had a whirlwind romance in the mid-90s? Every audio clip of this offbeat pairing has been captured so that Duckmen Dave and Chris can talk about it. Also on tap; TNA’s dire straits, stories of wrestlers making poop pranks, our La Ventura commentary pack, and much more!

If you’re liking this retro goofery with a twinge of wrestling, you should pick up the La Ventura commentary pack!. Any donation up to $4.99 gets you two of the best action movies of the 1980s (Running Man and Predator), while giving $5 or more unlocks the greatest wrestling movie of all time… No Holds Barred! Act soon, because they’re gone once August rolls around!



7 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #30 – Last Duckman Standing

  1. Hey all! I goofed a bit with the file name when I originally posted, so if the episode labeled 30 in your podcasting client is a repeat of the Battleground episode, just delete it and refresh!

  2. No Chris. Men are not awful. Shit Steve is awful. And you’re awful for ever being friends with that guy.

  3. Great episode guys. Hearing all those clips and such from 1995 really makes me wish I would wake up in the morning back in 1995.

  4. Hearing you guys talk about Greg Berger and Duckman reminded me of a story he’s told. Greg was working on Police Academy: Mission to Moscow in Moscow and recording lines for Duckman in his hotel with a DAT recorder. When he went to send it to America, it caused him some trouble as he postal workers took him for a spy sending information on the recorder back to America. He’s a great guy, I’ve met him at Transformers conventions (he’s also Grimlock).

  5. that Duckman DVD is 50% super disappointing, they cut all the licensed music from it so it looses a little something in a lot of episodes. But most times it’s just veeeery dated humor/topics. ah well.
    Duckman and Wrestling, what a weird crossover of universes.

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