Cape Crisis #101 – Tales of San Diego Suspense


Henry is back from San Diego Comic-Con and has a shitload of stories to tell about it, plus Chris has some controversial thoughts on the Simpsons, and special guest Tony Wilson has to listen to way too many stories about Comic-Con…


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Cape Crisis #101 Question: What will happen in Guardians post-credits scene?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #101 – Tales of San Diego Suspense

  1. Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal and Harrison Ford as Han Solo will high-five each other, then look the camera directly in the eyes. The camera will zoom in on their high-five, and reveal that Han Solo is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. Men will faint, women will cry, and somewhere, Patton Oswalt will whisper to himself “yessssss.”

  2. I think it might be leaked what the post-credits scene is already (figures) but if it has any truth, it’s very exciting news for Guardians 2/Avengers 3!

    My personal hope: Nathan Fillion will finally be revealed that he’s Nova like we all want. That, or maybe something leading into Hank Pym having created the Ant-Man suit, to set up Ant-Man for next year.

  3. that Harmon picture is fantastic. he’s cradling you like you’re his own, and you look oddly comfortable doing it.

    1. Wow, I feel like a terrible person, because i kinda thought that was Peter Jackson he was with.

  4. Welcome to the greater LT network Tony.

    Don’t leave us like that beautiful traitorous bastard Cooper…

    1. Tony sounds a lot like Coop (and nothing like Steve Coogan.) And why shouldn’t Coop be on more Laser Time shows, now that he’s unaffiliated with any other show?

  5. Can I make a request? Who ever edits Cape Crisis (Im guessing its Chris) could you lay off on adding that one song in the back ground with the baby screaming? I tend to listen to this at night and every single time it just totally takes me out of the podcast and creeps me out a bit. I swear that song is used on every episode.

  6. This is my first comment! I love the show. It got me into reading comics, which is the highest praise I think I could give.

    I did feel like Hank calling Kevin Smith a directionless stoner, was really off base on this episode though. If you are not a fan of his work that’s fine but if anything smoking weed has only made Kevin more prolific and happier. Hank you loveable scamp, I love you but reconsider your position.

  7. Jesus fucking Christ does Henry need to cool it off with the Scott Aukerman shit. With this most recent episode, the intro seems to have veered from a comic book-style quote to a “CBB catchphrase” style intro (“boy are my podcasts tired”). Same delivery, same faux-corny sense of humor… then, later in the episode, we get the “Entertainment Weekly’s my bible” line? Get your own identity dude. I like Scott Aukerman, but if I wanted to listen to CBB, I’d listen to CBB.

    1. Sorry, it just kind of comes out some times when I hear an opening for an Aukerman quote. In my defense, I do admit to stealing from CBB immediately afterwards

  8. Talking about comic con makes me want to go, but I remember when Chris referred to it as a “cattle herd” on an earlier podcast (might have been TDAR) kind of puts me off. I used to have to go to conventions because I worked at a comic shop for 13 years so they kind of felt like work. Great part time gig, less than satisfactory full time job. For post credits I was thinking that they might have done a stinger about the upcoming Netflix series, but we all know what it is now because spoilers for this movie are impossible to avoid.

  9. So I was thinking about something you guys brought up about Janet Van Dyke (The wasp) and her role in the early Avengers and that in this universe that doesn’t seem to be possible. Well allow me to retort, what IF hank pym and janet were both members of shield early on AND janet was the one who brought up the avenger initiative (remember this project was named before ironman and such as revealed in the IM stinger). Therefore she would technically still be the one to name them the avengers (although I suspect the team that would be the avengers wasn’t fully known yet) and could have been one of the founding members to try and get the project started.

  10. side note, just had a dream I met you lasertime folks much better to me than meeting any celebs, keep up the great podcasts!

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